BA Galleries lounges

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BA Galleries lounges

After haven fallen out of grace with the BA God's, or just simply not flown enough, and hence arrived at silver, I find myself in Galleries South. It is not that bad for a short period, however today I am overdoing it with 6-ish hours stay and suddenly seats are not that comfy, especially the ones with high backs, hard to find a power outlet, crowded, breakkie do not get me screaming with excitement.

So whatever complains there is about GF, be thankful for what you have coming into Xmas season, and if things go according to plan I will be back there come Xmas and will never complain about the breakkie or that it might be slightly crowded from time to time!
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Message received and understood.
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GC South was very busy this morning. Our usual strategy of turning right and going to the far end until it's quiet still required dragging stools to sit together by the window.

Weather was play today, with both NCL-LHR and LHR-GVA running about an hour late due to fog at LHR which may have made things busier.

As an OT, when did the window at the North end of GC South get covered in a big London skyline transfer? It used to confer excellent views of South security, and more widely, which I suspect is why it's been covered up. It wasn't there at the end of August.
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Because of public and school holidays in many places this weekend, this is a busy Friday, with a particular peak on Silvers.
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Since becoming Gold a couple of years ago I’ve not ventured into Galleries Club much apart from the odd quick visit to the B lounge when departing from a B gate or to go to ticketing. The breakfast offering is vastly improved with beans, hash brown, fritittatas , smoothies, cleansers and other things.

im not sure what the lunch offerings are like though pretty sure the salad bar was out earlier last time I popped in.
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