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Akoz Oct 22, 19 11:19 am

Avios & Barclays Current Account
Just got emailed the following, anyone else?

As a valued Member of the Executive Club, weíd like you to be the first to know about a new partnership and special offer weíre launching with Barclays Premier Banking.

Youíll receive 25,000 bonus Avios when you open a Barclays UK Premier Current Account and switch your banking to Barclays before 19 November 2019 (Barclays Terms and Conditions apply). Thatís enough for a return trip for two to Europe*. You could be exploring the canals of Amsterdam, enjoying an Italian sunset or skiing down the slopes of Switzerland this year.

In addition, once your account is opened, if you turn on Barclays Blue Rewards before 30 November 2019 and pay a £4 monthly membership fee, you will receive triple rewards for a year - worth up to £252.

chris1922Mk2 Oct 22, 19 11:55 am

Yep, me too.
I've been with my current bank since I was a boy of eight (c. 40 years ago !), but am slightly tempted, as my Avios balance has taken a hammering of 700,000 spend in the last few years !

chistery Oct 22, 19 1:06 pm

£252 not £2522

Akoz Oct 22, 19 1:16 pm

Originally Posted by chistery (Post 31655777)
£252 not £2522

Sorry, amended

drwook Oct 22, 19 1:23 pm

I guess us mere silvers aren't valued then ;)

DoctorCopper Oct 22, 19 1:23 pm


...switch your banking to Barclays before 19 November 20191 (Barclays Terms and Conditions apply)...


Thatís a long time to wait!

Doc Copper

Akoz Oct 22, 19 1:44 pm


Originally Posted by Akoz (Post 31655373)

...switch your banking to Barclays before 19 November 20191 (Barclays Terms and Conditions apply)...


Thatís a long time to wait!

Doc Copper

Doh. Edited again. Cut and paste fail.

DoctorCopper Oct 22, 19 1:51 pm

It happens!

Doc Copper

TTmex Oct 22, 19 2:09 pm

I'm tempted, but being tax domiciled in Mexico, I'm not sure my gold status will be enough to convince them I'm worthy of a premier account.

TTmex Oct 22, 19 2:13 pm

Plus there is this eligibility....
To join Premier Banking, you need…

An annual gross income of £75,000 or more paid into a Barclays current account


£100,000 or more saved or invested with us.

Just moving the latter overseas would probably cost about the same as buying the avios outright

BrianDromey Oct 22, 19 2:39 pm

It looks like itís a welcome bonus, but no ongoing rewards?

jeremyBA Oct 22, 19 3:13 pm

Barclays premier is diabolical.

I used to have the most amazing manager. They wanted me to go to private banking. I declined.

He left. Since then it had been terrible. There is nothing personal or premier about it sadly. Handelsbanken are reported you be decent.

Greenpen Oct 22, 19 3:19 pm

It has been terrible since they dropped Patisserie Valerie as a partner. I enjoyed the free cup of coffee, and sometimes a cake or mince pie, on my journey home.

SavvyTravel Oct 23, 19 10:54 am

So apart from the non-premier service this looks like it *could* be quite interesting from a points and £££ point of view. Basically you get nearly £500 for switching (half in Avios, half in real currency).

The numbers -- I pay my >£75k salary in and set up two direct debits (to utility companies, for example) under the "Blue rewards", I get 25.000 avios and £252 (£3.50 for each DD times; £7, tripled for 12 months). That costs me £48 in fees - net gain approx £250 in avios plus £200 in real cash.

In month 13, I'll switch my current account to another bank and maybe earn another £100-150 in incentives to do that - such is the chase for new retail customers in finance. It almost seems too good to be true.

I won't actually do it because my current bank's app is SO much better than Barclays' app (Mrs ST has that) that even a £40 per month net benefit to me isn't worth the hassle.

PS I am already being tracked by the offer as ads are appearing for Barclays :(

Frequentflyer99 Oct 23, 19 2:02 pm

Although I have income well over £75k, I don't receive a "salary" but am freelance self-employed and receive irregular payments from clients, Does anyone happen to know off-hand if that would suffice, or does it have to be identifiably a salary paid by a single organisation ? I can check with Barclays, but thought someone on here may have been through the issue.

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