First to NYC, worth an extra £400?

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First to NYC, worth an extra £400?

A number of months ago I booked a BA Hol for 5 nights flights in J and hotel to NYC (around thanksgiving). I subsequently used Avios to upgrade the outbound to F. Iíve now found flights costing an extra £450 which are out and back in F (both BA & AA metal available). Theyíd give me an extra night in NYC (albeit with a late evening arrival) using the same original hotel.

Is £450 worth it given Iím getting an extra night, F both ways and my Avios back? And if so, Iím thinking out BA, back AA. Thoughts?
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Does the £450 include losing your deposit on the original booking?
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Iíd say yes on the whole for £400.

the increased Avios balance and TPs
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Yes - if you are a lowly Blue like me and would have to take seat roulette in CW or pay for seat choice.
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If you're looking at F for the return it's a very short overnight flight and if you sleep well enough in J then it seems expensive to me - I wouldn't do it. But then again, if you plan to stay awake and avail yourself of all that F has to offer (albeit most likely in a very quiet and dark cabin) then you may feel it's worth it.

Only you can decide what £450 means to you. Do you also have to pay an extra night at the hotel?
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Always purely subjective. What does that amount mean to you? I would pay it without looking back. Others see it as excess and would rather spend that sum on a nice weekend trip at another time.
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Also in F you get the LHR CCR and if on BA on the return the JFK CCR. If in AA in F you would get Flagship dining in T8.

I would probably go BA both ways ( have not been to the AA t8 flagship dining so cannot compare with BA)


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Did this 4 months ago, £400 extra for both ways for 1st time in F. Much more comfortable than J and enjoyed it so that in the recent 2 for £2019 paid only £250 each extra to travel in F.
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For only F on the return, I personally wouldn't since I would he happy in CW (64A/K in 747 UD) for the very short crossing.

F on an East Coast to LHR night flight is a waste of money/Avios to me personally. Most of the cabin will want to sleep, hence any service you may wish would likely be expedited.
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I would definitely go for F for a return supplement of £400. You get back some of that in extra Avios, earn an extra 140 tier points for the roundtrip, have access to the CCR at both LHR / JFK and most importantly I think F is a significant step above CW, especially if on a 777. On the 747, less of a step up from upper deck, but still worth £200 each way in my opinion.
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That is a great deal to upgrade to F on both segments (but only you can decide what that much money mean to you). If you do decide to do it, I'd go with BA both ways.
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I'd have no hesitation....wouldn't be too keen on having to spend an extra night in New York though.
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I would say itís defintely worth it, considering you get your Avios back and you will get extra Avios! Go for it!
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Thanks for the advice everyone.

Iíve flown BA F before but only to CPT & LAS so Iíve never experienced the CCR so definitely BA out.

Iíve only ever flown AA J and love the Flagship lounge at JFK. Should I try out their F product and Flagship dining or stick with BA on the way home?
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If you do a morning flight to JFK like I did just this past Sunday, you can enjoy a serene and quiet CCR and watch the sunrise from the Terrace while the 777/747/A380 come in to T5. I got there at like 5:15am and it was great!

I hear the JFK CCR is even better than the one at LHR (havenít tried it yet but will in November)

Iíd do BA both ways.

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