Travel agent UuA issue

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Travel agent UuA issue

Sorry for a new thread but a lot of the previous ones I found were from a while ago. I just booked a WTP return trip to the US (to ORD and back from AUS) and then tried to upgrade with avios over the phone to be told this was not possible. Itís all on BA metal with a 125 ticket number. Is the BA contact correct here or have the travel agent sold me a lower fare class of ticket? The fare class of ticket was not advertised anywhere (aside from being WTP) and now they are trying to sting me with a £75 cancellation fee, saying that no travel agent tickets are upgradable. Extremely frustrating!
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Have you met all the conditions as per the guide in this thread

Your guide to spending Avios | 2019 edition

Itís possible your TA sold you for example a consolidator fare which arenít upgradable

As to the cancellation fee thatís down to the TA charging that even if BA wouldnít due to cancelling within 24 hours (another reason for booking direct with BA)
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From the dadshboard

02 UuA on BA only flight, booked through a travel agency

The ability to upgrade Travel Agent (TA) issued tickets is possible since 17 July 2012, with corporate net tickets from 24 July 2012. Unfortunately, marine fares are not eligible. There are a number of criteria, and broadly follow the same terms and conditions as Upgrade Using Avios (UUA) on a normal booking:
  • The country in which the TA is in must be the same as the address in your BAEC profile for you to be able to UUA. So if your TA is in the USA and booked the tickets from there, and your BAEC profile is in UK, unfortunately you're out of luck.
  • Tickets can be upgraded into the cabin immediately above the cabin booked. Note that for EuroTraveller and World Traveller bookings, O, Q and G fares cannot be upgraded.
  • The flights must be BA-coded and on BA metal. For example, a QF-codeshare on BA metal will not be eligible. If your booking includes non-BA flights, it will not be eligible for UuA
  • A booking that has already been part flown will not be upgradeable.
  • You can upgrade using the Manage My Booking (MMB) facility and select the Upgrade this flight using Avios.
  • Upgrades are only possible if there is redemption availability in the cabin you want to upgrade into. Bulk Ticket and Included Tour tickets cannot be upgraded.
  • You will pay for the fees associated with the upgrade using Avios, eg, additional taxes.
  • Once the upgrade takes place, BA re-issues the ticket and is then responsible for servicing the ticket for any changes for the re-issued ticket, not the travel agent.
  • This means BA will be the contact for communications regarding any changes to the upgraded tickets. However, BA will not take ownership of the PNR and any other non-flight arrangements.
  • If the upgraded ticket(s) need to be cancelled, then the passenger must contact their local BA centre.
  • The travel agent cannot make changes on behalf of the passenger unless the TA is a nominee on the passenger's BAEC account.
  • Generally, if any changes are to be made to an upgraded ticket, it is advisable to contact both BA and the travel agent, in case there are elements of the PNR that require action by both parties.
  • If you change your flights, your upgrade will be preserved if there is award availability in that class for the new flight, even within 24hrs.
  • Otherwise, miles will be refunded, subject to "redemption charge" if outside 24hrs, or tough luck; nada within 24hrs.


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Originally Posted by UKtravelbear View Post
It’s possible your TA sold you for example a consolidator fare which aren’t upgradable
This would be my first guess too.

It's this bit of the post in the sticky thread that hanmer has posted: "Bulk Ticket and Included Tour tickets cannot be upgraded."
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