Is 64K better than First Class?

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Is 64K better than First Class?

I flew BA177 last week (LHR-JFK) and was fortunate to have reserved 64K. This seat was all that everyone here has raved about. Extraordinarily private with amazing storage space. Compared to the mass of humanity that BA stuffs into its F cabin, the upper deck and especially 64K is an oasis by comparison... far more private and with much more accessible storage space than in F. Even better today as the only unoccupied seat in the UD was 64J. Fantastic service from our two UD flight attendants. And the DO&CO catering was very impressive. All in all, a terrific experience and a bargain compared to what BA wants for an F ticket. Some pics from my first 64K...

Followed by a glass of Burgundy, unfortunately not much better than room temp.

Showtime, BA Club World style...

For my starter, I went with the Spice-roasted cauliflower with beluga lentils, lime cream and fresh mint. Delicious.

My main, the Braised breasts of corn-fed chicken, braised pearl barley risotto, wild garlic. This was very good.

For dessert, the Warm stickey toffee pudding...

... was fabulous.

The cheese plate was really good.

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It's a great seat (as are a few others on the Upper Deck - 62A/k, for example) - with the new catering and bedding, I really don't see much to prefer First for...I do like F for overnights since I sleep better on the F seat; and for a "treat" it's nice to have CCR and more fussy catering and better champagne/wine in First; but for many business trips I'm honestly happier in the better Club World seats, left alone and without too much complicated meal service
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You could have asked for ice with the wine...
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On 747 it’s close but I’d always choose F.

Im not one who needs a lot of space or the levels of privacy a CW window seats offers over a 14 seat f cabin
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I still like F.
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This used to be a bigger issue during Old First's final days (e.g. no direct power supply), such that I would hope not to be upgraded to First. I'm more in 64A but essentially is why I have never paid or UuA'd into First, the right CW seat is a great way to travel. Even now I'm reluctant to accept opups to First on 747s. However two components also fell into place here, good (or at least reasonable) food, and a good crew. Even in World Traveller - and the OP will have to take my word for this - these components make flying a lot more enjoyable.
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Although I very much like the CW seat, I think the comfort - particularly sleeping - in a F seat is still significantly superior. To me nowadays that's the key reason for doing First.
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No, sorry. For me an F window seat, at the moment, is still better than 64A/K
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while i agree that everything on this trip really made it especially wonderful, i am still prone to choose first purely for personal reasons:

no eye contact with neighbor,
larger seat area,
USUALLY better and more personal service

that said, i'd never pay a significant premium on a LHR-JFK flight for F over 64A/K!
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One of my nicest BA flights was in an UD window seat - both because of the privacy and because the crew were fantastic. The other was in the nose when I had both 1 A and K, chasing the sunset over the Atlantic, but with poorer service than on the UD experience mentioned above.
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No, F is still better, even on the 747. Is it better by the same margin as the typical price? Er... not compared to the upper deck, probably not even the £200/20k avios sale fare that you can get sometimes. But I wouldn't turn down a free upgrade.

Meanwhile a good crew in CW is miles better than a bad crew in F, even on a 777.
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I would always choose F over 64K. I find the F seat very much more comfortable for sleeping on.
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"Compared to the mass of humanity that BA stuffs into its F cabin" get a grip.
Head down to Y on a 787 and that might be stuffing people in.

Last week was my first BA 789 F and the aisle felt as tight as it gets, similar if sat in the middle on a 744 but I wouldn't call them stuffing people in. I didn't feel stuffed in today on a 777 either. 64K is nice yes but I wouldn't pick it over F UNLESS I wanted to decline all service and just sleep but then I find the seats rock and move if the person next to you moves a lot.
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Is 64K better than First Class?

Truly the 64K question!

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