Go around BA 1432 LHR-EDI 15th August

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Had quite a few go arounds in the air. Often you don't even realise.
Not had one re-emerge from the tarmac though so I can appreciate how scary that might be.
The closest I have been was a few hundred feet. Can't remember where it was, but I was looking out of the window thinking *f..*, there was a big surge as we drew up for the abort and go-around but the crew said nothing at all. No-one else appeared to be bothered.
Anyone native of LBA will of course be immune to any of these tribulations.
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Originally Posted by DeathSlam View Post
Anyone native of LBA will of course be immune to any of these tribulations.
only 3 of my 5 go-arounds have been at LBA

EDIT: actually here is one from January this year that I thought would be but in the end we didn't

And as watched from the ground

KLM didn't even bother trying that day
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Had my first one going into Salt Lake City last year due to crosswinds- think the plane got within 10-20 feet of the ground before the pilot pulled up, hit the gas pedal and got us back up quick. Since we then spent about a half hour in a holding pattern as Operations waited for the wind to settle down enough so we didn't have to divert to Las Vegas, there was time for the co-pilot to come on and offer a solid explanation.

Aviate Navigate Communicate

Though if Communicate isn't going to happen while the plane is still in the air, it's reassuring to get an appropriate 'Well folks....' explanation once you're on the ground waiting for the jet bridge or stairs to get attached to the plane.
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Have had the pleasure of several go arounds. Some of the reasons provided from the cockpit included:

1. "We were coming in a bit fast and had to start over" (sounds pretty honest to me)
2. ATC advised potential debris sighting on the runway
3. Deep snow on the WAW runway which resulted in diversion to Lodz
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