Amending Comair flights booked on Expedia


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Amending Comair flights booked on Expedia

I'm trying to amend my itenerary of a booking made through Expedia.

My current itenerary:

LHR - JNB with VS - flown 11/08/19
JNB - VFA with Comair - 18/08/19
LVI - CPT (via JNB) with Comair - 20/08/19
CPT - LHR with VS (via JNB with Comair) on 26/08/19

I'd like to remove the JNB - VFA; LVI - CPT flights (and make my way to CPT on a separate booking.)

When I spoke to Expedia the agent said I can't make any changes and that if I were to speak with BA they would just direct me back to Expedia. Another reason not to use Expedia.

​Would BA or Comair agents be more helpful?
I saw something on FT about OTAs typically handing over control of the itenerary to the airline 24 hours before the flight. Does this mean it's worthwhile calling BA/Comair 24 hours before my JNB - VFA flight?

I'm keen to hear thoughts and suggestions.

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Essentially one books on Expedia when you are 101% certain not to make changes.

You are correct that BA can amend the booking directly once you are within 24 hours of departure, but they will nevertheless enforce whatever the fare basis says about changes and I guess you're not sure of them. So it will be what it is, and if you miss a leg the rest of the booking will be automatically cancelled, including the return to London.
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(Edit: Apparently this is a mistake in the OP)

are you in South Africa at the moment? I have found comair very easy to deal with in person at the ticket desk (and reasonably priced), however I admit their first question is “did you book with a travel agent?” (My answer being, no)

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Ticket booked on expedia and presumably issued by VS. I'd be very surprised if BA/Comair could even see the full rules which they would need to touch it (many expedia fares are negotiated fares, even when they really resemble public fares, and BA is unable to see the full rules for those and will not do any changes without first checking with their fare department which could take days to find out and confirm).
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I notice that the OP has been amended, so that it no longer quotes the same itinerary as it did before. So those who are looking at this thread for the first time may want to be aware that the OP may not be telling the full story any more.

A VS-issued (932?) ticket, the rules of the VS fare, the way that they combine with any BA fares used for the short-haul flights, and the rules of any Expedia negotiated fares are obvious issues.

But if the currently-ticketed itinerary is that which was originally posted by the OP, then any fare/TFC recalculation on a ticket reissue may pose an additional problem even if the OP can get someone to do this.
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The OP constructed a ticket with a spurious tiny segment at the end in order to trick an online travel agent's system into not charging a Carrier Surcharge, A.K.A "Fuel Dumping". Even if the OP could get an agent who was empowered and capable to make the changes, any agent worth their salt is going to spot this immediately and ensure the OP is charged the full extent of any fare change and fees involved.

OP, the chance of you getting what you want here is approximately 0.002%. Either fly what you booked, or forfeit the rest of the trip, it just isn't worth the effort trying. Expedia won't want to touch it with a barge pole, Comair won't want to get involved with a VS ticket, and VS will be less than impressed at not getting their YR/YQ.
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