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Krisz Aug 7, 19 1:48 am

Originally Posted by tridztan (Post 31388440)
Not all systems are down. From the news, it appears IT systems at Heathrow, Gatwick and Newcastle are most affected. And BA does confirm other Global systems are working fine.

Iím not sure itís true. The pilot on my flight just said BA head office canít dispatch any planes at the moment. They are calling BA London head office to give them the right paperwork no eta at the moment.

Omba Aug 7, 19 1:48 am is advising MMB to rebook (BA2608 NAP)....then fails to click through to any rebooking page

Oxon Flyer Aug 7, 19 1:49 am

Climate change
Folks, as with all threads where there’s significant disruption to travel, please stay on-topic and limit the throwaway, diversionary comments.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Mod team

corporate-wage-slave Aug 7, 19 1:54 am

Here is the list of cancellations for LHR and then LGW, the Newark service at the end was previously cancelled due to the ongoing 787 Trent issue. No LCY cancellations yet.

Heathrow T3 and T5


BA0950        LHR        MUC        5        09:00
BA0848        LHR        ZAG        5        09:05
BA1438        LHR        EDI        5        09:05
BA0576        LHR        MXP        5        09:20
BA0878        LHR        LED        5        09:20
BA1326        LHR        NCL        5        09:20
BA0484        LHR        BCN        3        09:25
BA0728        LHR        GVA        5        09:25
BA0712        LHR        ZRH        5        09:35
BA0346        LHR        NCE        5        09:45
BA0496        LHR        PMI        5        09:50
BA0814        LHR        CPH        5        09:55
BA0862        LHR        PRG        3        09:55
BA0700        LHR        VIE        3        10:00
BA1386        LHR        MAN        5        10:10
BA1476        LHR        GLA        5        10:10
BA0378        LHR        TLS        5        10:25
BA0676        LHR        IST        5        10:25
BA0834        LHR        DUB        5        10:35
BA0962        LHR        HAM        5        10:40
BA0546        LHR        FCO        5        10:45
BA0938        LHR        DUS        5        10:45
BA0474        LHR        BCN        3        10:50
BA0992        LHR        TXL        5        10:50
BA0308        LHR        CDG        5        11:00
BA0904        LHR        FRA        5        11:00
BA0778        LHR        ARN        5        11:25
BA0490        LHR        GIB        3        11:35
BA0702        LHR        VIE        3        11:35
BA0886        LHR        OTP        5        11:40
BA1442        LHR        EDI        5        11:40
BA0434        LHR        AMS        5        11:45
BA0662        LHR        LCA        5        11:50
BA1482        LHR        GLA        5        11:55
BA0394        LHR        BRU        5        12:20
BA0632        LHR        ATH        5        13:15
BA0189        LHR        EWR        5        16:45

From LGW:


BA2772        LGW        JER        S        12:10
BA2960        LGW        GLA        S        12:10
BA2718        LGW        AGP        S        13:00
BA2584        LGW        VCE        S        14:00
BA2608        LGW        NAP        S        14:25

Steve_ZA Aug 7, 19 1:56 am

Update from Trade Support:

Earliest check-in now being restricted to -3hrs for Longhaul and -2hrs for Shorthaul
Use Conditions of Carriage >
Involuntary guidelines also available for customers on Shorthaul flights that are still operating,including Refunds, see ART > Global system outage –
Contact Centre Agents
Please try logging onto Pegasus BCP, some agents are managing to use this albeit slow
You may not be able to involuntary reissue the ticket as the Airport are having problems offloading from cancelled flights
Just rebook onto alternative flights, try to reissue but if unable advise the customer to go to a manned Airport check-in desk where they will be assisted
The customer won’t be able to use OLCi once this is functioning again as the airport will need to re-associate their ticket coupons for the new flight
Alternatively, customer can call back for Contact Centre to reissue using ATU once systems are fully functioning
ETA: "Includes BA CityFlyer, BA Comair and SUN-AIR services"

Daventry Aug 7, 19 1:56 am

Canít change a flight time on MMB either. It fails after credit card verification. At least I havenít been charged for a failed purchase!

u01sss3 Aug 7, 19 1:58 am

How many issues do BA need before finally pulling their finger out and getting decent IT? Actually don't answer.

Richmond_Surrey Aug 7, 19 2:00 am

Originally Posted by mccartje (Post 31388447)
Nearly wish I was travelling today might be in for another 2 free years of status if goes as bad as last time!

Haha, I regret I wasn't travelling during that IT failure ;-)

El_Duderito Aug 7, 19 2:04 am

TXL check-in worked using an electronic backup system. While they could not check in other airlines flights (AA in my case) they could issue the boarding passes which neither AA nor BA wanted to provide earlier.
The 7:10AM BA981 just left at 9:57AM. BA992/993 is canceled but so far my BA990/991 rotation looks somewhat OK with a 30min delay.
Got to the airport early but there was virtually no queue at check-in.

corporate-wage-slave Aug 7, 19 2:05 am

If you don't want or need to travel today Wednesday 7 August, for shorthaul services only but for all flights including LGW and LCY. It also includes SUN and Comair.

There is a Customer Advisory allowing a free rebook to alternative services from 08 August to 13 August inclusive. Redemptions / Avios is included. And you can also swap between airports too. is offering a refund if you want to cancel anyway, but you will need to call in to do that.

My Manage My Booking screen has this message at the top:
Your flights are currently planned to operate normally, although you may wish to change your travel plans as a result of the recent disruption.

So that you can better manage your travel plans you have the following options:

You don’t have to do anything, you can keep your booking as it is.
You may be able to rebook these flights and other flights free of charge, subject to availability.
Please call us to check if your flight can be changed.
You may obtain a full refund by cancelling your entire booking. Please call us to request this refund.

Krisz Aug 7, 19 2:06 am

Ok. We just got pushed back here in BRU. So things keep moving.

binman Aug 7, 19 2:11 am

Originally Posted by u01sss3 (Post 31388482)
How many issues do BA need before finally pulling their finger out and getting decent IT? Actually don't answer.

How many issues do they need before they get rid of Cruz?

martin102 Aug 7, 19 2:12 am

My app has started working now

GetSetJetSet Aug 7, 19 2:16 am

Originally Posted by CD747 (Post 31388263)
Apparently all short haul flights between 9am and 1pm are likely to be cancelled.

Can you confirm the source on this? I am at NCE waiting on 2623 to LGW. I NEED to be in London tonight as I have an 840am BA flight to DME TOMORROW to get to a wedding. Are they likely to scrub my flight? If so, I will work on being protected on a later flight.

Yeoman5 Aug 7, 19 2:17 am

My flight to BRU canx, app crashed, website no use, holding on gold line..............wonderful start to my morning.

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