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Krisz Aug 7, 19 12:35 am

Originally Posted by Krisz (Post 31388264)
I donít seem to understand the logic. Or the normal entrance as well turning people away? Or BA expecting mass cancellations?

I guess someone above just confirmed my suspicions about cancellation is coming

fluffymitten Aug 7, 19 12:36 am

FLY is down. The following have been cancelled:

JimEddie Aug 7, 19 12:37 am

From BA's Trade Support site:

A system outage is currently affecting FLY check-in and Pegasus Reservations globally.
∑ Update as follows:
Silver Command is sitting due to a system outage affecting FLY checkin and Pegasus Reservations
Customers are having difficulties checking-in online
Systems are erratic and freezing or staff unable to log-on
Following flights are now being cancelled:
Further 15 more flights to be cancelled shortly

plunet Aug 7, 19 12:38 am

Notification on now

We are experiencing some systems problems this morning which are affecting check-in and flight departures

Please check and manage my booking for the latest flight information and allow extra time at the airport.

ratechaser Aug 7, 19 12:45 am

Good grief, if it's not strikes it's this... just heading out to LGW now, sans boarding pass. Mrs RC berating me for not having printed them last night :rolleyes:

sunshinebob Aug 7, 19 12:46 am

App not working either....

IMetThePieMan Aug 7, 19 12:53 am

The 06:45 from BHD to LHR has just been offloaded back into the terminal. Not too hopeful for the 09:20 that Iím supposed to be on.

SWISSBOBBY Aug 7, 19 1:00 am

Can not check flight status on the website as the airport codes can not be looked up....

Great Success

Krisz Aug 7, 19 1:03 am

Originally Posted by SWISSBOBBY (Post 31388345)
Can not check flight status on the website as the airport codes can not be looked up....

Great Success

it doesnít work for flight number either.

IMetThePieMan Aug 7, 19 1:04 am

Flights seem to be taking off from LHR now though, so maybe things are on the way to being fixed?

Krisz Aug 7, 19 1:08 am

Originally Posted by Krisz (Post 31388353)

it doesnít work for flight number either.

if you have the Flightradar24 it works and shows at least some information.

corporate-wage-slave Aug 7, 19 1:10 am

Yes, BA have got flights operating to and from LHR, but with increasing delays.

From what I can make out:

- App nearly unusable for any data operation, including retrieving boarding passes
- works except for OLCI
- T5 is going to be badly affected since while they can use a backup system, it is going to need more manual assistance all the way through the system.
- LCY least badly affected, but they do have delayed flights building up now, typically 20 - 40 minutes.
- LGW has got longer delays but still operating. So the first flight, to Malta, was due out at 06:15 but departed at 07:23
- big chunk of shorthaul cancellations, noted above, spanning period from 09:00 to the 12:20 to BRU. Nothing after that at the moment.

mjack99 Aug 7, 19 1:12 am

We took off. Just landed. Good luck everyone.

ermis177 Aug 7, 19 1:12 am

App wouldnt let me book any tickets. Where is he? I missed the hi vis jacket!

MiraculousM Aug 7, 19 1:17 am

I sat there this morning thinking about how i wanted to book flights to PHL in oct and was weighing out the pros and cons of flying into Newark and getting a train as it was about £50 cheaper, flying on BA direct or flying with AA direct.

Having been stuck in one of these faults (the T5 baggage system went down when i was flying one time), this is another con for BA as this happens far too often.

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