This is a pre-judging announcement

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This is a pre-judging announcement

Interested to know when folk have been pre-judged by BA staff.

Two examples to share:

Arrived at LGW lounge this morning with 2 children. “I’m sorry sir, you can only guest one child into the lounge”. Had she checked the boarding passes she would have seen we were all in CE.

A few few years ago, travelling in F to Miami, admittedly wearing shorts. “i’m sorry sir, we are boarding by row number”, to which I politely asked if she could let me know when row 1 might be called...

No harm done and no offence taken on either occasion, but both totally avoidable...
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It’s not just BA, I have experienced once on IB...
Purser (greetings upon entering aircraft, specifically to me): “Welcome on board, please place the large item on the overhead cabin, smaller items under the seat...”
Me (young-ish solo traveller): “Erm... I’m in 1A”
Purser: “Oh... ok...”
Me: *walks past, get settled, and placed both items in overhead bin*
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Don’t think that one is pre judging - surely a numbers game?
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April this year. Twilight check-in at LGW. Was directed towards the maze of queue barriers at South Terminal. Politely said ‘I think we’ll go this way’ and went left to go towards Club check-in. Ground staff at start of barrier shouted “I’ll need to see your boarding card”.

I wandered over, leaving the luggage with my partner who was at the Club check in entrance and said “It says 1F. We are ok to go that way aren’t we?” as she was checking it. In a blatant attempt to save face she insisted on summoning over Mr Jimbo and checking his boarding pass too which involved him awkwardly wheeling three cases over. Once his was checked she didn’t say another word and struck up a conversation with another member of staff nearby as though we weren’t there and the interaction hadn’t taken place.

I get they are trying to ‘preserve the sanctity of the experience’ but there wasn’t a single person in any queue or at the self serve check-in. There was absolutely no need for the imperious attitude. I would have liked an acknowledgement that I was actually right in my actions but that would have been too much I suppose.

Once checked in and walking back towards the monorail (we were staying in Sofitel) I caught her eye and gave her a cheery wave. To my surprise she did wave back.
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Yeah i’ve copped this a lot.

Auckland airport is a prime offender in my experience, it’s easily been 90% of the times i’ve flown from there (“the economy line is over there madame”- “oh ok. Are you boarding business through the economy line today?”)

also had an irrops with LATAM where they told me they couldn’t rebook me as they were only assisting business class passengers. I’m standing there with a business class boarding pass with a platinum FF number on and she didn’t even ask to look at it just said no

as others have said previously, how hard is it to say something like “please can I see your boarding pass so I can assist you appropriately? Ah yes seat 26b, my colleague at desk 32 will be happy to assist you” instead of being a bit judgey?
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I am not sure even as we all suspect BA train the crew and everyone correctly. When a large number of people come up to you every day aggressively demanding that you let them in even though their ticket is paid for by tesco points. You get a little hesitant to go the correct route, and instead go down the non row route. Trying to save a hugh scene that not just upsets staff on the doors but other passengers and can even delay a flight.
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Stereotypes have the advantage of making a lot of interactions shorter most of the time, but come at the expense of a few people being incorrectly labeled. Would propose you all go on to enjoy looking "too young for premium cabins" - it is a problem you may wish was coming back in about 10 years time.
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All companies will have to give their staff some form of training in ‘equality and diversity’. However, that doesn’t eliminate these experiences. Presumably this is an issue with the psychology of individual staff members rather than a corporate problem.

I would just feedback directly but politely to the staff member at the time, effectively providing some on the spot retraining, ideally in front of other customers. That may actually go a fair way towards at least curbing future outward expressions of inner prejudice.
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Originally Posted by Jed View Post
All companies will have to give their staff some form of training in ‘equality and diversity’......
The ironic point here of course is that equality is precisely what F passengers are seeking to avoid!
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I have a family friend who travels in F between LHR and either MIA or LAX multiple times per year and he always wears scruffy T-shirts and has long unkept grey hair. He is constantly asked to head back to economy before they check his boarding pass.

More than 50% of the time when I head to the Business class check in desk at LHR T5 I am asked “are you travelling business?” To which most of the time I have to reply “no but I am silver” after which I am often asked to show my card. I am not exactly scruffy but I’m never wearing a suit.
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Originally Posted by LCY8737 View Post
Stereotypes have the advantage of making a lot of interactions shorter most of the time, but come at the expense of a few people being incorrectly labeled. Would propose you all go on to enjoy looking "too young for premium cabins" - it is a problem you may wish was coming back in about 10 years time.
suspect it’s less youth for me and more “absolutely not being a morning person”, looking like i’ve slept behind a bin as a result, which I am not hopeful of growing out of

this is at least partially borne out by my non scientific observation that these misidentifications don’t tend to happen on flights leaving after noon

nb not poorly groomed. Just looking extremely tired and like I hadn’t slept well
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I used to always agree about not pre judging..
But reading thru this.. Wearing scuffed t shirts and boardshorts and wild hair in f.. I realize..
I kinda like this pre judging.
Its like a relict from former times when people had some decency and dressed appropriate.
Don't get me wrong. I walk around in boardshorts a lot and sometimes fly in them and go to the opera like this when it's handy..
But I actually like it that some staff members pre judge then. And I do enjoy to dress appropriately, too and I enjoy being treated better then as well.
Wearing a summer linen suit and a straw hat in Mumbai gets me a table at the Taj.. That's how it's supposed to work. 😊
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Once I was allowed with my parents into The Pier F at HKG. One in F and two in J. The lady simply said “enjoy”. Same is for BA.
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I had a public pre judge on AC at one point as I joined the queue with my kids for the zone we were entitled for (I cant even remember what it was now). The lady on the gate desk spotted me, raised her eyebrows - I gave her a smile - and she picked up the thing for the speaker and announced "a reminder everyone we are only boarding group x now".

I, of course, didnt move. So she tried again and said "again we are only boarding group x - anyone else will be asked to sit down again"

So as I got to the check - she came out from bwhind the desk to intercept, took the passes, went through each one carefully before, clearly annoyed, handing them back and letting us through.

She obviously thought she was going to get me.
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I guess it's the way I dress that normally saves me any question. In fact this morning at the hotel I was dressed rather casually in a T-shirt (admittedly a pretty Ted Baker one), a skirt and a casual jacket that I use for travelling because it doesn't crease and the lounge people were asking me why I was going to work on a Sunday! I wasn't. I was dressed as casually as I ever have... (in fact I was even in sandals, although admittedly heels).

I get a fair bit of assumptions from other passengers though, telling me I am lucky that my husband pays for me to fly F. I have paid for him to fly F but never the other way round. I find it quite funny (although one could get offended, I guess).
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