How much extra is Club Europe worth?

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How much extra is Club Europe worth?

If you had to put a figure on how much extra you'd be willing to pay for CE, what would it be?
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Originally Posted by magnagraecia View Post
If you had to put a figure on how much extra you'd be willing to pay for CE, what would it be?
It hugely varies on a number of factors for me: length of flight, how much economy cost, what meal will be served, do I need the TPs, is the flight the 777 to MAD.

Also now I am Silver and have access to the lounge, I value the upgrade considerably less.

Each to their own I guess. Those £50 and under POUG I will always take. More than that and that's where I have to have a think. Hugely depends on what I paid for the Economy flight though.
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I guess Iíd say:
Short flight, lounge access anyway: £50
Longer flight (>2 hours), lounge access anyway: £150
If Club Europe adds lounge access: add up to £50 depending on whether itís before a business trip or a holiday!
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If you are BA Silver / Gold already...
you already quality for Priority check in, security, lounge access and boarding
​​​​​​so the difference in club europe is free drinks and an airplane meal
it's the same seats, except no one sitting in the middle


unless you were chasing the tier points.....
then maybe £1 for every tier point so £40 or £80 depending on the you have already purchased the economy ticket
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Worthless if you have silver or gold. Get sloshed in the lounge and reserve an exit seat. Much better seating in Y than J. (Steal some sandwiches from the lounge if you need food on the way.)

I do fly CE when the ticket costs less than the Y fare or when Y redemption is not available.
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As mentioned above my Silver card does feed & water me before each flight & so makes CE less important.

It does greatly depend on status & route. CDG would be a different story to LCA !
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I'd say at about £7.50 when on a Reward Flight Saver it's worth it. On a POUG offer when in need of tier points it's worth it depending on the cash outlay. My usual leisure route to Spain can be had for under £200 rtn in CE so that's worth it to me and a non brainer. Anything north of £400rtn to any long Euro destination is completely stupid and out of the question for me. I'd say anything north of £300 for a short Euro destination would equally have me changing my plans or booking elsewhere.
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Hard to quantify !! I donít agree with those that say no value - for us when we travel as couple the extra space , personal service etc is a world of difference ! The middle seat free makes a huge difference on a longer flight (we are just off an AGP). I enjoy the regular champagne top ups and interaction with the crew but appreciate this isnít for everyone!
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Ignoring status for a moment Club Europe offer the following benefits in my view:

Lounge access at many airports
A little extra space on board due to the middle seat
Some complimentary food and drink
2x32kg checked baggage

Obviously status negates some of these but the extra bags can be very valuable for some people. For someone without status on the right route and needing the luggage allowance CE could easily be worth a couple hundred more than economy.
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Isn't that a subjective question which depends on how much money in real funds and then what those funds mean to you? If it means that your children won't eat, it is not worth the premium. If it is what you spend on lunch out with friends, it is worth it.
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I would pay £0 unless I wanted the TPs, in which case I would pay about £1 per TP. But if a Y redemption was not available and there were no alternative airports or airlines to try, I would happily pay the J redemption price.
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It also depends on how busy the flight is and how many people already in Club.

Fifteen rows of Club will never be good but if Y is jammed and Club isn’t, you’ll be very happy to be there.
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If the extra TP are needed to get you from Bronze to Silver, or over one of the other boundaries, then the extra Avios to be gained in the following year's flights could be a consideration.
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I'll agree with Greenpan - extra value is zero given that I have lounge access et al; I'd rather take an exit row seat

If exit rows are in business, then I would pay a small amount for that.

BA is currently trying to offer me a special deal of GBP75 extra for LCY-AMS , which I am happily declining
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Originally Posted by Dave Noble View Post

BA is currently trying to offer me a special deal of GBP75 extra for LCY-AMS , which I am happily declining
so about £1.50 per minute. Ouch
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