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Probably not new procedure...but I missed it...feel free to merge

Probably not new procedure...but I missed it...feel free to merge


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It sounds to me like the crew on your flight didn’t follow the service standards, and ended up making life difficult for themselves, not to mention the paying customers. On a Band 3 flight such as yours, with only 14 customers in the Club Europe cabin, a bar round with snacks should have been offered before the main meal service. Given the ample time available, the SCCM could easily have delivered the entire service by hand on their own - or used a bar trolley in the cabin (again, this could have been done solo). Further drinks/top ups are then offered with the meal service.

It’s not rocket science - the service standards are very clear, easy to understand and generally work well. I don’t understand why crew can’t just stick to them.

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....one of my ARN-LHR flights had 54 CE pax - with 3 CC - a good number didn't get served anything (fortunately I was in ET for that flight). (Cuise ships seem to provide a good quantity of CE pax).
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Originally Posted by Knodde View Post
Some questions here. So to be clear, the first drink arrived after I grabbed hold of one of the CC passing by, and no, not physically, 1h into the flight, from take off, not scheduled. I was then told that drinks would be served with the meal, meal orders had been taken long before that. I got my drink, happy with that.

On arrival of my drink several other pax went for their call buttons ordering drinks. This occurred at the same time they were trying to deliver food, coming out of the owen. In the end the gentleman in row one had finished his meal before I got mine in row 3.

My issue with this, is that it would have been easy to do a drink run, between two CC in a cabin of 14 CE. But evidently, they are not aloud, hence do drinks with food, but will do it if called for by pax. So was a rushing back and forth from the galley bringing drinks after all pax realised there would be no drink service, hence delayed food service etc. To me this sound silly in the Spence that 2 CC can take individual drink orders and del8ver without getting the trolley out, but that did not happen because they had been told to serve drinks with food.

The 28 CE pax is what they would have on their way back, then I can see a slight issue with doing individual drink orders from the galley, however, they should be sufficiently staffed, and evidently they are not in order to operate the trolley!

I am happy to elaborate on the subject! However, I want my drink after take of, I want my meal served not long after that. I would like the cabin to be staffed so they can run a drink trolley down 10 rows, period! 😋
Then you should certainly send in a complaint. In the absence of any exceptional circumstances, what you report is terrible service and a service that would have had my finger searching for the call bell - I think you demonstrated the patience of a saint if you waited over an hour to be served!
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