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Recently enjoyed the smoked salmon sandwich on a flight to the states, and I, for one, thought it a massive improvement on the previous offerings. I made sure to write into BA to voice my approval with the meals now being served in WT, and I specifically used the smoked salmon sandwich as an example.

Dont think there is an airline that beats BAs food offerings in the back across the Atlantic (and tbh Id be hard pressed to find any airline doing a better job, perhaps JL and SQ).
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Cheese, one of my favourite subjects and I believe I may well be FT's most accomplished cheese smuggler (though for obvious reasons this is difficult to quantify).

In Europe (where GMOs) are tightly restricted most commercial cheese uses Vegetarian curdling agent, both for the cost and for the fact it makes the cheese sell-able to vegetarians and to omnivores. Cheese Connoisseurs tend to opt for animal rennet because it does impart a better flavour and many of the more traditional cheese makers produce animal such as the raw milk blue cheese Stichelton of which I am particularly fond of. Stichelton is an interested as it is made in exactly the same way as Stilton, and made in the region specified by the EU Protected Designation of Origin, but is made with raw rather than pasteurised milk and thus is not classed as Stilton.

Commercially produced cheese homogenises the milk using powdered proteins to start with a standardised product. Craft cheese does not do this so the product can vary.

For most cheese the process is fundamentally the same, bacteria cultures are added to the milk. The bacteria eat the milk sugars and produce lactic acid which then coagulate the proteins in the milk forming curds and whey. The degree of acidity of the milk has a radical effect on the cheese. Left a long time the resulting cheese will be hard and crumbling (like Parmesan) as the calcium is leached out by the acids. So cheese makers check the acidity levels to make the sort of cheese they want. Then rennet is added to complete the floccation. The curds are cut and then the whey is drained off and then various processes of salting, pressing, cooking, cultures of molds are added etc to achieve the required cheese type.

Most cheese the rennet is added after the cultures but cheddar is different and rennet is added first. The curds are then cut and cooked before a unique processing called cheddaring where the drained whey is repeatedly stacked to squeeze out the moisture while the bacteria culture acidifies the cheese, preserving the cheese and impacting the flavour. Salt is then added to stop the acidification and preserve the cheese.

Comte is made in the same process and may have been brought to France by monks fleeing Viking invasions.
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Cheesus! Brie-lliant post
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Thank you Worcester for explaining the whey cheese is made
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Feels like it might be a Gouda idea to blow the dust off the classic

Is cheese a gel?
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Originally Posted by Woodbinerich View Post
Coming back from Turkey (with copious amounts of their eponymous gel product). The checkin staff gave me the wise advice "Don't worry about it"
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I am on a long haul flight in the day in Y next month - i always order the special veggie meal because they generally actually taste better than the meals you get. This has me a bit worried. I might have to ask for an sandwich.
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