"But All Seats Are The Same"

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Talking "But All Seats Are The Same"

Boarded my flight to BLL earlier this week towards the end of the boarding process and found someone already in my seat - a coveted Y exit row aisle.

"Excuse me you are in my seat" I said politely.
"Oh all seats are the same aren't they?" he replied. "Just take mine, I now have all my luggage above and my things in the seat back so that will just be easier for everyone"
"What is your seat number" I asked and after he found his boarding pass he replied, "18B"
"Ummm no, all seats are not the same" I replied, "so I prefer to sit here as per my boarding pass"
Cue much huffing and puffing and deliberate awkward slowness getting his stuff out of the overhead and seat pocket whilst looking round to other pax for their support.
"Thanks" I said after he had got everything. "F-Off" his reply to me

The FA at the exit row smiled at me and raised her eyebrows, probably thankful she did not have to intervene. Meanwhile our seat snatcher sort could not fit his carry-on in the overhead anywhere near his proper seat and it went even further back than his seat, almost to the rear galley it seemed.

Things aint what they used to be on BA, clientele really going downhill
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Like so many things, its the customers who are contributing to the malaise - dirty planes (like trains and buses) require dirty customers in the first instance!!
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Itís frustrating when people behave in such an entitled and cavalier way - well done on tackling it gracefully.
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Wow, that's pretty ballsy. I've had people ask me to swap seats before but never had someone actually in it and get all huffy when you ask them to move.
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OP what was your seat number vs his? I mean the cheek of some and then to say F-Off. Has common decency died a death completely?! (But letís not drag the thread into that discussion!)
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Well done and bravo to the op
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"All seats are the same are they? Fab - then you won't mind f**king off back to the one on your boarding pass then will you" might well have been my response...
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Jusí off load Ďem.
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Sounds like a complete bell end. I apreciate that the CC want to get the A/c off on time, but if I were the Captain and knew about this passenger I'd say this behaviour was worthy of an off load.
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Great that you dealt with it so gracefully.

It's so sad to see the decline of etiquette and common curtesy. I've encountered a similar issue a few months ago and cabin crew had to intervene. Shockingly, the pax was a gold card holder, as she boarded in group 1 and I was in group 2 with Silver! She was a nasty woman, told me she has priority due to a higher status.
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If all the seats are the same, what on earth are you doing in mine???

Well handled by the OP!
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I may have been inclined to say, loudly enough for everyone to hear - "I'm sorry, why did you just tell me to F___ off when I simply asked you to let me sit in my assigned seat?"
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Originally Posted by Hilde View Post
If all the seats are the same, what on earth are you doing in mine???
Wish I had thought of that response at the time ^

It was amusing more than anything in trying to suggest they all the same. Got to admire him for trying though
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I've had people sit in my seat before when the seats were basically the same (e.g. across the same row in a 1-1 config) for no good reason and not bothered to evict them, but in this case I definitely would have.

What an absolute *******.
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Ha ha ha

at least in this instance if the chancer hadnít moved they would of been moved.

Compare that to cross country trains

you appear to be in my seat

- yeo

can you please move
- F off

hmm. Excuse me nice mr member of train staff, thereís someone in my reserved seat and they wonít move.

- what do you want me to do about it ? The trains full, I suggest you get comfy on the floor


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