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It is March 1986. Diana Ross is number 1, with Chain Reaction and I am 5 years old! We are off to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins in Australia and it's my first ever flight. Dad has been working for BA for nearly 17 years (Yes, that's 50 years this summer!) and it's our first stab at staff travel as a family. We were with my mum and 18mth old sister, who we discovered later had an ear infection!

On this occasion, we have firm tickets booked LHR-MEL.

I have some distinct memories from the flight- as you can imagine, 35 years on some become muddled so some of you may be able to fill in gaps from your knowledge!
  • Sitting playing games in a bulkhead seat on a large (seemed it at the time) table- I am imagining this was a bassinet position.
  • Going up the spiral staircase to be shown the flight deck
  • Spending time looking out of the window (night) and watching another plane flying in parallel (obviously a few miles away!) - fascinating for a 5 year old!
  • We were in Club. I didn't fully understand what that meant at the time- until Dad and I got bumped back after one of the stops. I found I had a lot less space to play in!
  • I didn't care much for the food. I'm not sure childrens' meals were available to book then (and perhaps not for staff anyway?) Vaguely remember eating bread and maybe a bit of meat!
  • Stopping multiple times on the journey. I think potentially 5 times. I remember Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Adelaide- but not sure of the others. I think mainly middle eastern? (Does anybody have a timetable or remember the stops?)
  • The flight terminated in Adelaide. There was some kind of embargo or strike related to fuel or baggage and we had to take a 12 hour bus to Melbourne.
  • A bag of goodies from the "stewardesses" as they were known back then!
Despite the bus from Adelaide to MEL, this was our most straightforward trip. Suffice to say we only went on 4 overseas holidays during my childhood. More about the others if there is the apetite for it- but I'm sure the regulars on here have seen, heard and experienced it all before!
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This might help. I imagine you were on flights BA11 and BA12
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Originally Posted by Crampedin13A View Post
This might help. I imagine you were on flights BA11 and BA12
That is a fascinating route list. Thank you very much for sharing this ^
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Brilliant. Interesting that they were flying to Baghdad, as this would have been during or just after the Iran/Iraq war, which presumably explains why Tehran is not on there.
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Yes, that’s a fascinating link. Thanks for sharing
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While answering another question, I've just had a look for the routes of BA11/12 from my copy of the BA Summer (March-Sept) 1985 timetable book, so from some 6 months or so before your flights, but hopefully this will add to the information above

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Nice memories OP.

Looking at the timetable, how few nonstops there were back then. How much progress now! And on the other hand, SSC doesn't fly today.
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Surely they are still called Stewardess. Much nicer than being called FA!
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Thanks @Crampedin13A and @AwyrCymru for sharing those bits- yes, certainly looks like we were on BA11/12 of some form. As @MarkFlies says, it's interesting how much routes have changed now, I had always assumed the stops were driven mainly by the need to refuel, but I guess demand was lower and so it was more efficient to serve multiple destinations with one flight.

I also remember that we returned to a newly opened T4... and My grandad's car had been towed away and impounded!
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