Brexit and BA

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Brexit and BA

So we are flying into LHR on BA a week after Brexit. We then fly on to ATH. As someone who has been following more our own political woes here in the US, I am not sure what we might expect or run into by flying so soon after March 29th. I read somewhere that inter-Europe flights might be most at risk for trouble.

We pass through again mid-April. Thanks.
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No one knows, such is the state of the situation at the moment, but personally I wouldn't worry about it.
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In the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, based on the attached EU Press Release, things are unlikely to change for at least 9 months. The OP should not worry.

European Commission - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Brexit: European Commission implements ?no-deal? Contingency Action Plan in specific sectors
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Im on an OTP-PHX that exact weekend !! Including an OTP b2b at the end. Kind of thinking therell be no change at that early stage ?! Or is that naive ??
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There is a proposed legislation that would allow UK airlines to operate flights into the EU for limited period of time after UK's withdrawal on the condition that number of frequencies operated by the airline to each member state will not exceed the amount of frequencies they operated in previous timetables. This means BA would be able to run the same amount of flights into the Greece as they do now (if the legislation is approved), but they would be unable to increase frequencies.
Problem is that some carriers already planned to increase frequencies for next timetable and are already selling additional flights. These carriers may be eventually forced to cancel some flights. Whether this concerns BA's flights to Greece or Romania is unknown to me as I don't follow their schedules in such detail.

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No one knows, best pop this over to OMNI
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While nobody knows let's look at this with a sense of non-political common sense. At 1st fearmongers touted that all flights into and out of the UK would cease totally on the 29th. When this was both laughed at and ridiculed ( by those on all sides) it was replaced with 'only flights by airlines with an EU presence will be allowed to operate' this also didn't stand up( although worth noting that most airlines created some new holding companies to assign certain stock/ assets too just to be safe). Then there was a variation regarding companies % of stock being in X or Y location ( UK or EU). Now we are where the @the810 mentioned above where a fallback position is being publicly touted that things will carry on 'as is' for 9 months ( although that period is being mentioned as being extended already) where nothing will change but UK carriers can't increase on what they currently have.

Now lets be, no matter which side of the fence we individually sit on, be realistic for just a moment. The chances of the EU saying no UK carrier can land in any of the then remaining 27 member states & that they will prohibit EU carriers to land in the UK( obviously it's a two way thing, right ) until new legislation, standards and agreements can be sorted out ( I believe the current period being mentioned is 3-5 years) is imho beyond laughable and below a 1 point %. The impact on business both UK & EU will be far too high for anyone to stomach ( us Brits / UK immigrants are pretty big travellers on the whole) & a solution whilst apparently not known at this point will be found as miraculous as that blatantly obvious suggestion is to some. Whilst again trying to avoid a political discussion I am reasonably confident that once the day has come and it's realised, if not willingly accepted, by all then those obstacles which have been thrown around since the day after the result will find a way to either disappear or be overcome one way or another. Something of important note here is that BA, along with several UK carriers have increased not only regularity but also added new EU destination routes to 2019 schedules. Would they really be doing this if they themselves thought X destination was going to become outlawed mere months after implementation. The costs in assessing a new route, the contracts, legal implications & obligations and last but not least the costs involved would suggest that such moves were made with reasoned confidence of a resolution or maybe the heads of all those airlines have collectively totally lost the plot & placed their airlines at risk just for fun all at the same time?!

When it comes to the, notable, issue of X flight being an addition on previous quotas I imagine there are sites which detail historic flight numbers/ details for at least the last few years somewhere where you could cross ref' your bookings flight numbers/ times etc to establish if it's established or new and look at adjusting your travel pans if need be( we'd be talking a matter of hours here in the vast majority of cases) I've never paid that much attention to such things but if they do exist then FT is gonna be the place where someone knows about them.
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Like the OP (and indeed like countless others, whether FT-ers or not), I have a number of flights involving EU area travel very soon after the official Brexit date. I myself don’t have any concerns about their operation.

The simple reality is that nobody can say, right now and with absolute certainty, what will happen post March 29.

And ..... er ...... that’s it
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As do I, and it's not something I haven't worried about, I have a trip booked that takes me out just before and back afterwards. I don't assume to 'know' anything as nobody does in a legal sense but purely on my reasoning of common interest from everybody involved on all sides I honestly feel that we need not lose too much sleep over the issue of BA or any other airline telling us not to turn up as they've had to park their planes since X date and wont be flying to anywhere in the EU for the next 3-5 years while new agreements are ratified. If anyone feels this is even remotely a possibility then any attempt at conversation on the matter is pointless( general point not saying anyone taking part does) I understand concern on clarity/ moving forward but respectfully the idea of flights not happening across the board is laughable.
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Originally Posted by TWCLAM
While nobody knows let's look at this with a sense of non-political common sense...[words and words]
As well as common sense you might also want to look at it with some facts. Reading the actual proposal made by the EU would be a start.
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Folks, we appreciate the concern from those with travel on or after March 29th.

The "what will happen to my flight after Brexit ?" is a question that goes way, way beyond just BA, and until there's anything more substantive than "Nothing / We Don't Know", there's no real value in having this same question play out in multiple threads here on the BA forum.

We'll close the thread at this point.

Thank you for your understanding.

The mod team
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