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HFHFFlyer Feb 2, 19 3:39 am

How long have you been a regular flyer, how old are you and how many TPs?
I've been a member of BAEC since about 1996 but most of my flying for a good 16 years was on heavily discounted economy tickets for stag dos and holidays.

I changed jobs in 2012 and suddenly started flying very regularly, to my delight (at the time) in J (less than 8 hours) and F (eight hours or more).

So I'm now late 30s, been a regular flyer for seven years and have 34,560 TPs.

How does that compare with others' experiences? For what it's worth, I enjoyed business travel for a few years; but could now live without it quite happily.

T8191 Feb 2, 19 4:43 am

Short answer ... regular s/h since 1984, l/h since 2000. Age 74. Joined BAEC in 2007, so only 11,800 lifetime TP. Greatest proportion is leisure travel, now usually 4 l/h holidays a year and one s/h.

Total mileage since 1963, when my records begin = 539,720.
Highest mileage by type = B747 (133,450)
Lowest by type = Short SD330 (252)
Waist 36", Inside leg 32".

Anything else? :)

HFHFFlyer Feb 2, 19 4:45 am

Thank you - that's plenty of information! ;)

Seat 1K Feb 2, 19 5:19 am

Since 1996, aged 48 now, TPs: 107,835 so GGLFL.

stevebintley Feb 2, 19 6:01 am

First hit double digits of flights per year in 2014; only 16 flights prior to that. Since 2014 I've managed to amass 1,705 Lifetime TPs. Laughable round here! 80% leisure travel and 90% Economy travel over 83 BA flights. I best hurry up if I'm to get to your level by the time I'm late 30's! I would love to have more business travel, in any cabin, but it's interesting to always read here that the grass isn't always greener...!

HIDDY Feb 2, 19 9:11 am

How old am I and am I regular?

62 years young and stopped being regular several years ago due to circumstances beyond my control. 5'9'' weigh 70kg and have green eyes. Anything else you want to know ask away. ^

ianfly Feb 2, 19 9:44 am

30 now.. started travelling around 18 for work/leisure but had no idea. I would just book the cheapest flight on any airline in economy.

In the past 3 years I've been only flying business and first class as the company has taken off. Managed 20,000TP in 3 years - 9,500TP in 2017 alone.

Thankfully 2019 will be a quieter year, will just be around 3,500TP

Killian_S Feb 2, 19 9:53 am

41, joined the Executive Club in 2014. I have approx 5,500 LTP's. Just changed my job to one which involves weekly long-haul travel in F, so expect those numbers to accelerate.

T8191 Feb 2, 19 10:03 am

As expected, work travel tends to dominate. Most of my work travel (10+ years) was on the Metropolitan Line!

FlightDetective Feb 2, 19 10:19 am

Joined Qantas Frequent Flyer in December 1996, flew only for leisure and have 3,999 status credits with them (lifetime Silver - aka Ruby - is 7,000). Most of those were accrued in 2005-2008ish.

Went on a working holiday to Dublin for a year (it's now been 14!) and joined Executive Club in May 2006. Since then 6,300 lifetime tier points.

I didn't switch my crediting to BA until well after 2010. My first Silver card expired 07/14 so I've been at Silver since late 2012 apart from a happy 18 months at Gold.

Virtually all my flying is leisure. I'm aged between 30 and 50 :)

TedToToe Feb 2, 19 1:07 pm

I am 52 and over the last 30+ years I have accrued in excess of 1 million miles in the air, flying mainly long-haul for business 2 or 3 times per year. I have only been flying regularly with BA since 2011 (or was it 2012?) when my BD Diamond Club account was transferred to BAEC, so my lifetime TP count is not that high.

:D! Feb 2, 19 1:20 pm

Since birth, 30, around 5000 (over past 6 years, since realising I was paying relatively extortionate amounts for economy flights and only a bit more could get me into J and/or earn status).

Would be 10000 TPs if FT had been around in the 1990s and my parents had been members, and I've also moved between various Star Alliance programs in the past.

InsomniaBA Feb 2, 19 1:52 pm

24 - frequent flyer since 2012.
Switched to BA from KL in 2016.
3060 tp's

James31 Feb 2, 19 2:44 pm

19 years old. Have been a member of BAEC since 1999.
Live in London but have been at school in the US for 5 years so have been been flying back and forward for a while. Also fly a lot of domestic AA legs.
Gold since 2014 and GGL since 2017.
17500 TP so far..

TTmex Feb 2, 19 3:28 pm

36, only started travelling regularly for work in last year or so. All in Y or Y plus as is a small company. Racked up 1700 TPs in the last year, unfortunately in two collection years. Overall only got 2000 TPs as used to do my travel on Aeroméxico. Doing about 50 flights a year now.

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