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How long have you been a regular flyer, how old are you and how many TPs?

How long have you been a regular flyer, how old are you and how many TPs?

Old Feb 4, 19, 2:43 pm
Join Date: Jul 2016
Location: LHR & JER
Programs: BAEC Gold, Hilton Gold
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I've only been earning since 2014, I managed to achieve Blue that year , Then Bronze in 2015, Silver in 2016 and Gold since 2017, so pretty nice progression. In total 8500TP. Annoyingly I ended my TP year through 2017 with just under the magic 5000TP so didn't quite get GGL, not that it would ave made too much difference as I finished 2018 on 1555TP!!
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Old Feb 4, 19, 2:51 pm
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Balham - Gateway to The South
Programs: BA Bronze
Posts: 2,020
Age- 21-150 depending on what time of day it is.
First flight 1963
First BA flight 1978
Joined BAEC Oct 2010
Too few tier points to bother about but silver since 2015.
All leisure self funded.
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Old Feb 4, 19, 4:21 pm
Join Date: Jan 2015
Location: Bregenz, Austria
Programs: AA, BAEC, Alaska, Flying Blue, United, IHG, Hilton
Posts: 2,813
First flight: 1979, aged 11 months, MEL-LHR.

Lifetime miles: ca. 1.5mil.

Annual flights UK-MEL in Y as a teenager, lots of Ryanair-type buzzing around Europe in my early 20s. Long-haul leisure travel started in late 20s. Occasional business travel until I ditched my career.

Now work 7 months a year and have winters free, travelling (usually solo) 12-16 weeks a year, usually split between 2-3 long haul holidays and a couple of short breaks.

Now coming up 41yo. FT handle gives a good clue to size and appearance.
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Old Feb 4, 19, 7:04 pm
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Bombay
Programs: EC Blue, EB Silver, FB Gold
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Age 42, had my first flight in 1978 and been a regular to semi-regular flyer since. At one stage or another held gold with BA, AF/KL or SK. BAEC member since 1995, not flown them since before BOB due to changes in life circumstances- dumped the British BF and took the cat with me when I left the country. Just got kicked out of the BA app, hence I canít remember how many TPs I have in total.

While AF La Premiere is wonderful, nothing beats waiting for in camping chairs when going bush flying in Africa.
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Old Feb 5, 19, 2:22 am
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: London, ARN, HEL, ..... or MAN
Programs: BA GFL, GGL, CCR, Mucci Diamond!, HH Diamond, Radisson Gold, Hertz Gold 5*
Posts: 4,689
First flight in 1979. Dan Air to Rome.

Started playing properly with BA in about 2001 according to the Exec Club. Since then have reached the tantalisingly close point of 34,560 lifetime TPs so am hoping to turn that into something more useful in the next 6 months
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Old Feb 5, 19, 2:46 am
Join Date: Feb 2011
Posts: 5,711
Early 30s.
Started with BAEC about 10 years ago.
Did very little flying until i emigrated in 2012, then was managing territories and flying once a week until last year.
Now i'm back in Europe and taking the odd regional business flight or holiday booking and likely to be back to a non meaningful status soon.
No idea on TPs but it wont be much as I avoided BA like the plague for years.
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Old Feb 5, 19, 5:55 am
Join Date: May 2012
Location: London, UK
Programs: BA Silver, Hotels.com Gold
Posts: 239
Late 30s. I've been travelling all my life but, being from the south coast, for my childhood that was nearly always by ferry not plane. Graduated to flying with my friends in my late teens on Ryanair and Easyjet, plenty of sleeping in STN/LTN as we couldn't afford a hotel the night before. Through my 20s I went to a lot of places but always in economy and on whatever airline was cheapest - I had no idea that status would ever be achievable so I didn't even try, though according to the e-mail from BA the other day I have been a member of BAEC since 2007. A few years ago with the help of FT I figured out that status could be obtained for much less money than I thought through Ex-EU, TP runs and so on, and have been Silver ever since with no real aspirations to Gold.

No significant work travel (one domestic a year to our Scottish office, perhaps one to Europe on top if I'm lucky, all most definitely economy) so it is all self-funded leisure and even Silver requires a bit of planning to maintain. Lifetime TPs are just north of 3,000 at this point and I'm unlikely to earn them any faster in the foreseeable future.
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Old Feb 5, 19, 6:10 am
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Arizona
Programs: BA (GGL), AA (statusless), HH (Diamond);
Posts: 2,813
44 / 2007. I should reach GfL in late 2020 based on current travel patterns. I don't really want to think about GGLfL, though if things stay as they are which is rather unlikely, that would probably happen around 2032-2035.

80%+ of my lifetime tier points have been earned in the past five years as I was primarily crediting to US prior to the merger with AA. There were a couple of years of BA Gold before 2014.
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Old Feb 5, 19, 1:42 pm
Join Date: May 2007
Location: Close to Heathrow
Programs: BA GGL, Gold for Life, CCR, VS Silver, HHonours Diamond
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Been flying since 1980, mostly for work. First flight was on Laker Airways from LGW to LAX.BA Flightpath starts from 1990 and shows 928,407 miles flown.I have flown many other airlines in this time. I have been logging my flights on Flight Memory since 2004 to date which shows 2,218,159 miles flown.Broken down as:
BA 44.2%
AF 19.3%
LH 9.3%
Finnair 2,3%
US Airways 2.0%
+many other bits and pieces.

I now have Gold for Life with BA at 35,885 TP’s.I’m too old to remember how old I am but flying does keep me feeling young.
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Old Feb 5, 19, 3:07 pm
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 536
How long flying: Long enough to remember when BA was good for short-haul
How old: Easy to work out
How many TPs: No idea, gave up caring a long time ago.
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Old Feb 5, 19, 7:17 pm
Join Date: Oct 2018
Programs: Airline Disloyal But BAEC Silver, HHonors Diamond, Marriott Gold, IHG Plat
Posts: 79
How long flying: Since I was a wee boy. Sadly my old man thought American carriers who treated us like crap despite him being Gold on BA was the way to go stuck in the smoking area for 'cheap seats' on Pan AM more than I'd have liked.
How old: Not 40 yet
How many TPs: I used to count but... my loyalty has been tested by AA (I fly mostly to the US)... so idgaf anymore. I do like BA though. So sad... except the not cleaning airplanes thing. .... Jesus. That's not the BA I fell in love with 20 years ago. Sure we all get fatter but you've gotta balance it with your partner. If she/he is the same as ever you can't bust out 400lbs.
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Old Feb 6, 19, 12:32 am
Join Date: Feb 2014
Programs: BA Gold
Posts: 246
Late 30s. Almost all my flying is leisure. Member of BAEC for about 12 years, 10,450 LTTP so far. About half of all my flying in total has been with BA, rising to about 2/3rds once you include Oneworld. Since discovering flyertalk my travel has become more imaginative and my bank balance a bit smaller!
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Old Feb 6, 19, 8:55 am
Join Date: Sep 2014
Programs: BA Lifetime Gold, GGL, CCR, Virgin Gold
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50. Joined BAEC in 96, but only really started racking up TPs about 5 years ago. currently on 63,200. Pace is picking up though to circa 8500 TPs per year.
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Old Feb 8, 19, 9:16 am
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: London
Programs: BA GGLfL
Posts: 1,307
Member since 1990, 53, 104k TPs
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Old Feb 8, 19, 10:11 am
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: LON
Programs: Mucci, BAEC, Eurostar
Posts: 1,406
Member since 2008, but very patchy flying back then. Started flying a bit more 2 years ago for my second LH, but nothing compared to some of the people here. Made Silver for the first time last year, and will make Gold halfway through my TP year, but it's exceptional this year (and I've been on a European TP run to round it off). I'll probably end up soft landing and staying Silver after that.
OMAAT, HfP and FT have got me hooked though, so who knows :-)
Mid-30s, ~1700 LTTPs.
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