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How long have you been a regular flyer, how old are you and how many TPs?

How long have you been a regular flyer, how old are you and how many TPs?

Old Feb 2, 19, 3:35 pm
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28, mix of work and leisure travel (my family being based in 3 different continents!). Regular flyer since 13 but only started properly with BAEC a few years ago. 8,000 TPs
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Old Feb 2, 19, 5:38 pm
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Age 65, Only started flying regularly to see family in USA when I retired/ semi-retired last year.

I earn maybe 1000 to 1500 tier points per year on say 3 to 5 return trips per year in business/first class. All self funded.


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Old Feb 2, 19, 5:58 pm
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35yo. FF since 2014. BAEC Gold since 2015. 102 flights / 127k miles flown in 2018. All work travel in J, leisure travel a combination of Y and J. For efficiency reasons, about half of work travel is with LH Group / KL, hence always short of hitting GGL. Work in finance.
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Old Feb 2, 19, 8:54 pm
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Regular flyer since November 2017 when I joined BAEC, am 25 doing a PhD so am lucky if I get 1 long haul trip per year paid for me (in WT+ but this year in J ex-EU thanks to QR in J being same price as BA in WT+) the rest of my travel is visiting family in Singapore/Malaysia and USA and short hauls for holiday in Europe. Majority in WT or WT+. Got my first CW later this week (thanks to UuA). I hope that soon I will be able to do a lot more! Currently on 1,140 lifetime TPs
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Old Feb 2, 19, 9:47 pm
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33 now, until 5 years ago flying was all for holidays then it started to be for work but not until I started focussing on APAC did it get serious. Joined BAEC in 2014 and was gold 8 months later. Now based in SYD but commute to SIN and back home to LHR as well as to HKG but company policy (which I created and impose) is WTP for most flights although I'm starting to stretch that for the ultra frequent flyers where we have J overnight. About to hit 10,000 LTPs.
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Old Feb 3, 19, 12:53 am
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My flying history can be broken down into three periods: 'early' since 1986 through c.1998 with a 'company' policy of cheapest of cheap seats, always economy of course, no matter how far with any airline (occasionally BA, but also TWA, PanAm, NorthWest, Continental...), plus a short spell of some of my own flying; 'middle' from 1998 through 2010 where it was still a policy of flying economy, but I had a bit more flexibility for creativity (increasingly BA); 'recent', since 2010 where I can book flights myself - policy is for economy, but creativity allows some PE, and salary allows (and OH insists) occasional Business Class.

Overall mileage is probably >1.7M miles, with BA about 1.2M miles but relatively few lifetime TPs at about 11k. Age-wise, let's just say that I have to scroll down the page to check the age boxes now!
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Old Feb 3, 19, 2:02 am
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Have been flying since I was tiny (first flight I recall was London to Shannon on Aer Lingus however believe Iíd done a fair bit before that)

been procrastinating from a research paper today so can tell you Iíve done just a whisker over 500,000km on commercial since (my) records began in 2011. Prior to that iím not entirely sure although I believe I had around 2500 hours flight time when I was 18 (my father had kept a rough tally but of hours rather than distance...). Between the 2 is a bit of a blur. 3600 LTTP on BA however spent a few years as LATAM plat since then and now around 1000 QFF SC. On track for WP by mid year due to another 60000 odd KMs booked

age...a lady never tells 😉
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Old Feb 3, 19, 2:37 am
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I first stepped foot on a BA plane in 2011. Indeed, it was my first ever non-bucket and spade flight. I remember it very well: BA5 to Tokyo on a 747 that left from an A gate. I got upgraded to premium economy on the way back and I distinctly remember the first "overawed by the endless possibilities that flying offered" seed being planted by the time I'd set foot back in Blighty.

I'm now 37 and have accumulated just under 25,000 TPs in the previous 7 years (though most of these have come in the last 3).
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Old Feb 3, 19, 7:00 am
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regular flyer since 1988 (but that was with the military!), with BA and others for personal and private industry since 2000. I'm just a tad under the age where I'd say mind your business young man! I believe my lifetime TP's are around the 10k mark, not too bothered these days as last few years I have realised status doesn't bring all that much when flying J or F unless there are IRROPS so tend to be fairly promiscuous with airlines these days, however, do maintain Silver each year at least.

OT: HIDDY: you made me smirk with the 'regular' comment, assume you meant flying and not bowel movements!
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Regular flyer since 1996 as a expat brat, frequent travel for work business since 2005. Currently a GGL member on 4800 TP so far this membership year will shortly qualify for CCR card. im 34 but pretty close to my 35th Birthday
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Old Feb 3, 19, 10:28 am
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Looks like my first earnt TPs were October 2013, which would have been when I joined AMEX & BAEC, in my early 30s. No material TP-earning work travel to speak of. Can make Silver pretty easily through leisure but current Gold status not going to last as it makes more sense to combine Silver status with J sales as they arise elsewhere. 3120 TPs now; through use of CVs, Award flights and other airlines probably won't even hit 100TPs this year!
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Ah, BotB ... if only RAFAIR had had an FFP! No points for flying ‘Hercules Class’, though.
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Joined Exec Club in 1994, now 43, 61,000 TPs.
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Old Feb 3, 19, 12:06 pm
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Originally Posted by James31 View Post
19 years old. Have been a member of BAEC since 1999.
Gold since 2014 and GGL since 2017.
17500 TP so far..
Your profile needs updating, perhaps?
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Originally Posted by T8191 View Post
Your profile needs updating, perhaps?
Ah yes it does. I rarely use ft but there is such a huge wealth of knowledge on this platform that I have found it to be such a valuable resource even with my limited use.
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