British Airways 100 Years - My Flight Path

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British Airways 100 Years - My Flight Path

Dear all,

In light of BA's Centenary and the email that was sent out this morning regarding their new "Made by Britain" advert, the email informs us of the miles flown, including how many times around the world this would be.

So I thought I would start a new thread sharing the "My flight path" infographic, as its interesting to share (I hope) but also doesn't give much personal info away, unless you consider it personal, which I'm sure we will respect. I know there are similar threads detailing more about which class you fly etc, etc but I quite like the infographic so I thought I'd start this to see the flightpaths up until 100 years of BA.

I have to admit this won't be the greatest start to the thread...I'm not a massive flyer (I'd like to be) but it's also personal/leisure and I still bloody enjoy it. So I hope more of the interesting ones are shared...

If you are not sure how to find this infographic, on the desktop website its located in the left menu after logging in, 3rd option down, called My Flightpath.

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BA less than half my miles but by far the biggest solo company.
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I wasn't planning on posting here but decided to check up My Flightpath currently based on the post. Another triumph for BA's IT:

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I didn't't start using BA until 2007, and there's about 100k on other airlines ... sorry, BA!

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I never really looked at this before, but my next flight will get me to cross over 1 million miles flown that have been credited to BA (most of my lifetime flights have not been credited to BA, so in reality the miles I have flown with BA would be much higher) and it's kind of nice (?) to know.
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I have admit, i use other airlines along with BA both LH and SH
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My wife's only comment to the e-mail I received for BA100 was :- "You've flown 14.2 times round the world. Unfortunately you keep coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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BA web-site won't display any of my flights prior to 2015.
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I didn't get one....

Just as well for BA my mum isn't still alive!!
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Another one to the left hand side of the curve...
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It's interesting and somehow comforting that BA is using exactly the figure that I use to estimate miles travelled: 500 miles per hour.

On that basis, BA tells me a little less than a million on BA, and my log tells me it's a little more than twice that.
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