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How Much Alcohol do you Drink in Business/First?

How Much Alcohol do you Drink in Business/First?

Old Jan 9, 19, 4:30 pm
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How Much Alcohol do you Drink in Business/First?

I appreciate that there are lots of variables such as whether you're on business or not and length/time of your flight however take a typical lunchtime departure long haul route. How much do you drink on the flight?

If its a day flight to Dubai I guess I'd have a one or two glasses of wine in the lounge but not always then when onboard its 50/50 whether I have the welcome drink. With my meal and for an hour after my meal I'll probably have 3 maybe 4 glasses of wine. Possibly one before landing.

It sounds like a lot but reading trip reports others seem to drink this before departure...
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Old Jan 9, 19, 4:45 pm
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Usually either nothing or one glass of wine. Occasionally I might indulge a bit more. Once in a blue moon I'll get quite merry, but generally for me flying and booze don't mix well.
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Old Jan 9, 19, 4:56 pm
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My usual routine for leisure flights in F/J:

In the lounge:
Three glasses of champagne before lunch
Two glasses of wine with lunch
A cocktail before coffee and dessert

On board:
Two glasses of boarding champagne
A gin and tonic after take off
3 glasses of wine with lunch/dinner
A glass of dessert wine
A digestif

Then an ibuprofen and as much water as they will give me!
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Old Jan 9, 19, 5:00 pm
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I suspect this will be highly variable. At one extreme you might have @corporate-wage-slave and the other this legendary report from @macabus: 8 bottles of Dom from LAX-BKK on SQ in F

Personally, at present any business class travel is leisure-based, so I will usually have a drink or two. My most recent was a PRG-DOH-PVG and return. The outbound was well timed for PDB of champagne, wine with the meal, and post-meal whisky before Doha. The onward connection also involved some wine and a whisky (I think, my body clock was a bit screwed at that point). By contrast, the return from PVG involved nothing at all, as it was 1am and I was exhausted. I made up for this with a 4am espresso martini in Doha...

Conclusion? Too many variables: flight length, time of day, what one is doing the next day, what company one is in, general do I feel like alcohol mood, etc.
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Old Jan 9, 19, 5:08 pm
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Given I'm not much of a drinker in everyday life I suspect I would come very low on the BAEC forum boozebag list.
I prefer being compos mentis when travelling.
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Old Jan 9, 19, 5:11 pm
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Not a lot really - but a fair bit of green tea !. Not a big fan of the bubbly stuff, whether in air or on ground

Maybe one glass of wine with main meal, and a decent cognac after (Hennessy Paradis carried by EK being a favourite). If an especially long sector (say 10 hours +) will have a bloody mary too.
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Old Jan 9, 19, 5:16 pm
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Ive had four (miniature) bottles of champagne and a single baileys on a LHR-DUB. The crew were pro active and I was the only one in CE. Ordinarily its two at most and I dont believe they stock baileys anymore.

On longhaul I drink very little for fear of having to deal with a hangover on board, which is something I never want to experience again in my life!
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Old Jan 9, 19, 5:26 pm
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For people here who drink measurably more when flying than when not flying, may I ask why?
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Old Jan 9, 19, 5:26 pm
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Originally Posted by Nh1988 View Post
Ive had four (miniature) bottles of champagne and a single baileys on a LHR-DUB. The crew were pro active and I was the only one in CE. Ordinarily its two at most and I dont believe they stock baileys anymore.
Have managed 4 of the 187ml bottles of champagne a few times last year on LBA-LHR which I thought was a decent achievement. My usual is probably more like 2.
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Old Jan 9, 19, 5:29 pm
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Not a huge amount. I tend not to touch the sauce before boarding.

On long haul, perhaps a glass of the fizzy stuff while I settle into my seat, a Bloody Mary before the meal, and a glass of port to accompany the cheese n crackers.

Lately Ive been enjoying cranberry juice with a dash of tonic
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Old Jan 9, 19, 6:10 pm
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Tomato juice with Worcestershire sauce and lemon

cant get that on American
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Old Jan 9, 19, 6:13 pm
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It really depends on the time of day for me.
A morning flight and I'll not touch the stuff in the lounge. Anything after lunchtime I'll have a beer or two, might indulge in a glass of bubbly if travelling with the wife.
Once on board regardless of time of day I'll take a welcome champagne.
Again depending whether I'll be sleeping after the first meal or not will depend on my alcohol input.
If I intend to sleep (evening flights) I'll have a bloody mary pre-dinner, a G&T as an aperitif and then have a couple of glasses of wine with my dinner. Usually I won't make it through to dessert and will just then fall asleep. I find the alcohol really helps me to sleep faster...
On a day flight on the other hand it'll be a case of once on board I'll drink like I'm down at the pub on a lazy Sunday afternoon e.g. a constant flow of booze.

I don't think I change my drinking habits when flying to my usual routine...
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Old Jan 9, 19, 6:17 pm
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Its free and I am Dutch..

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Old Jan 9, 19, 6:20 pm
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LPGS is my favourite champagne and do I drink that in the ccr and then maybe 3 glasses on board. Sometimes a nightcap. In CW I havent drunk anything the past couple of times as the selection is dismal.

They need a different gin and a good craft beer.

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Old Jan 9, 19, 6:22 pm
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Just enough to be comatose from booze and food to have an onboard nap.
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