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Welcome to the thread. This is a continuation of the highly popular 2018 Tier Point thread (found here). We keep track of other prices, as well as useful reference information for those planning tier point runs.

Please read the first few posts in this thread first as it contains lots of information which may answer your question.

This is a community-maintained wiki post. Please add important information to it or correct outdated information by clicking the "Edit" button below.

Current Promotions of Interest
Sale Fares
  • from JER to PDX IKN8T1S6 reported in this post, e.g. PDX £1,082, needs to be booked by 8 May, see linked post for details

Advanced Promotion Fares
  • from OTP to PHX ILW8C8S6 reported here, e.g. PHX - £1,200, must be booked at least 28 days in advance.

See here in post 9 for a 2019 archive of exEU sale fare, and see this post in the 2018 thread for last yearsí archive of exEU sale fares.

This thread lists attractive tier point (TP) runs under £3 per TP grouped within different (departure) geographies

Please note that current availability is not guaranteed and all prices include taxes. Please use the following convention when adding tier point runs to this wiki post:
Date fare checked Price per Tier Point Total Price Total Tier Points Route Booking Classes Booking Channel Credit Notes (if applicable) Airlines

Please remember to:
  • Convert currencies to GBP, rounding to the nearest pound.
  • Post full routes and full booking classes.
  • Note any restrictions on booking in the Notes section.
  • List in order of price per tier point within the relevant departure area.

Please see the links at the bottom of the wiki for archives of runs from previous years.

From Europe

24 Feb £1.90/TP £152 80TP MAD-FRA Z/Z LA (available Feb-Mar 2019, immediate turnarounds possible)
10 Aug £2.06/TP £329 160TP LHR-MAD-RAK RAK-MAD-LHR I/I/I/I IB (available August, Sat night stay), note hotels on offer until 26 March
3 Jul £2.99/TP £2,758.45 920TP DUB-LHR-JFK-LAX-HNL-LAX-JFK-LHR-DUB J/I/I/I/I/I/I/J Fare basis INX4C3S4 and INN4C1S4. Booked on AA via ITA Matrix Powertools script

From North, Central and South America
10Jan £1.52/TP £668 440tp JFK-BOS/CLT-LAX-LAS-LAX-BOS/CLT-JFK I / I / I / I / I / I HPN-HRL AA (find with ITA; probably have to book via a TA)

From Middle East, Asia and Australasia

04/01 £0.95/TP £479 560tp AUH-CMB-CGK-CMB-AUH I / I / I / I cgtechuk UL
1FEB £1.49/TP £1,673 1,120tp PER-SYD-SIN-TYO-BKK Return (All book in I Class) timcjp BA (Ticket sold by BA, flights are on QF, BA & JL and lie flat seats available for all sectors)
23/04 £2.07/TP £2,112 1020TP CAI-LHR-JFK-LAX-HNL-DFW-ORD-LHR-CAI I/R here (All flights must be BA numbered)

From Africa
04/01 £1.80/TP £721 400tp CPT-JNB-GRU-JNB-DUR-CPT I / Z / Z / I / I ubiest LA

Need a year-end TP run (ex-LON) to make / retain status?
Some tips for searching for the year-end TP run for newcomers, the below is indicative only, but hopefully provides a bit of guidance for relatively straightforward runs ex-LON. Some information on how to use ITA matrix is in post 4 of this thread (or just click here) along with these ideas, might come in handy. Feel free to share results, problems or general questions in the thread as these may not always work and there might be better deals out there...

For overnight trips remember to check BA and Iberia for their flights and hotel option as well, can get hotel for almost no extra cost at times

Need 80 TPs or fewer
Club Europe return somewhere close by is best - DUB, AMS and JER usually cheapest along with UK domestic returns. Additionally you may find that trips in to mainland Europe require a one night stay whereas the cheapest domestic CE returns do not have any minimum stay so can be booked as a same day return. If doing a back to back AMS and JER can be easier than DUB for an immediate turnaround - more information can be found in the back to back thread listed in the forum dashboard. The low fare finder can be very useful.

If you need as few as 45 TPs you might consider booking economy flights and hoping for a proactive online upgrade offer - but they're not guaranteed to materialise (so not one if you have no more time left in your TP collection year). Alternatively, booking a return to one of the 40 tier point destinations with one way in CE and the return in ET (or vice versa if cheaper). UK domestic route, Bilbao, Jersey and Amsterdam seem the most cost effective for this.

Need 85-120 TPs
Iberia flights via MAD to regional Spanish airports will get you 120 TPs as the domestic Spanish flights are 20 TPs in business. Under £300 including hotel can be available. Check BIO, GRX, VLC, BCN, SVQ etc. Example here

Need 125-160 TPs
Take a look at the shorthaul plus routes earning 80 TPs each way in business listed in the first post of this thread (here), MLA, IST, HEL and RAK are usually available. If time sensitive take a look at BA flight and hotel option to HEL, where you can usually get the last BA flight out on a Saturday, airport hotel and first return Sunday for well under £500.

Alternative options include positioning to JER and flying JER-LGW-XXX (AMS usually works well and avoids switching airports).

Need more than 160 TPs
You'll most likely be heading north then - OSL or VNO via HEL will get you 240 TPs, as will JER-LGW/LHR-HEL e.g. LHR-HEL-OSL for £520.
DUB-LHR-HEL return (or return to LHR) is currently a very efficient way of hitting 200-240 TPs
Historic information
2018 Archive
2017 Archive
2016 Archive
2015 Archive (6 months Jul to Dec)
2015 Archive (6 months Jan to Jun)
2014 Archive
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Originally Posted by RG1X View Post
I did it via google flights. For some reason the AA page it sends me to seems to be UK focussed.
Have a try at ITA Matrix and copy/paste to
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Originally Posted by onobond View Post
Surprised over your experiences. I'm EU-based and use either of my two cards, registred on my home address, for all reservations, be it BA, AA, AA, CX, MH, RJ or UL. Never had any problems in completing reservations. If the problem in your case is not having a US address, just put in the address/postal code of your favourite US hotel. Nobody will send you any snail mail anyhow.
Hi, so you don't use your GB billing address of your credit card?

When I try it defaults to the US billing address and the State is mandatory...

Am I over complicating this?

and when I try to redirect to the UK site, it just barfs...

Cheers, Stephen
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Originally Posted by stephenjc View Post

Am I over complicating this?
Yes, massively

Don't click the link for change country / region. Enter a New York address for a hotel - choose your favourite, and your UK card details and it will process just fine. I have done this many, many, may times (except for a UK card, it is normally a CH card).
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You can use ITA Matrix powertools - that allows you to use AA Europe to book - which in my experience has less problems.
Starting point:
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AMEX tends to be a little less strict on address checking, put in your usual address then postcode 90210 and should work OK.

Of course factor in any foreign exchange fees on your card, I've used my Lloyds Avios card in the past so no fees and it worked fine.
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Not hugely different from recent previous fares, but some decent Qatar fares from Stockholm to Far East...Bangkok at £1257 via DOH for 560 TPs + positioning in Sept to Dec. Not bad if you aren't hanging around as its Monsoon season.
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Originally Posted by LondonAndy View Post
Good spot! Seems to be a minimum 120 day advance purchase, and outbound TATL has to be MON/TUE/WEDS with inbound TUES/WEDS/THUR/FRI so not good for a very short stay. However, to get an even better bang for the buck, you can go INV - LHR - HEL - JFK - LAX - LAS return for £1,376 which, at 880 TPs, works out about £1.56 per TP, rather than £1.78 per TP for the trip above.....

So long as it's booked 120 days in advance, and by 30 April 2019, then it seems like there is no "travel by" restriction (I was trying for next January).
Thanks for this. Anyone got an insight into good routes that tend to work for a LAS originated TP run to nest into this?
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Not bad for same day turns... $328 for 160 TP

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Originally Posted by Gino Troian View Post
Not bad for same day turns... $328 for 160 TP

That's pretty good. I may be looking for a TP run or two originating in the Bay Area towards the end of the year. My time is valuable to me, so what I call "flights to nowhere" that come back the same day are very attractive. Hopefully something like this will be available if/when I'm looking!

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Originally Posted by Woodbinerich View Post
Thanks for this. Anyone got an insight into good routes that tend to work for a LAS originated TP run to nest into this?
Beyond my expertise I'm afraid - I've never booked a TP run bouncing around the States...... I did book an AA flight which LOOKED like it was booking into F on the JFK - LAX, but it actually ticketed in I, so I ended up cancelling :-(
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Originally Posted by Gino Troian View Post
Not bad for same day turns... $328 for 160 TP

Will two legs both on AA1555 not limit the TPs to 120? (I've never seen the same flight number on both outbound and inbound legs before!)
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Originally Posted by dsf View Post
Will two legs both on AA1555 not limit the TPs to 120? (I've never seen the same flight number on both outbound and inbound legs before!)
I think you can route back via PHX if that is an issue
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Just got back from an INV <> SFO run and I have to say that on most things, the experience with AA outclassed the BA experience. Especially as they were on time for all of their flights (half an hour early on one), whereas 3 out of my 4 BA flights were late. Oh, and BA managed to mishandle my wife's checked bag (yes, I know having a checked bag on a TPR is stupid, but I couldn't get her to go without one). Their flagship lounges were nicer than BA's lounges, though I found BA's onboard food to be better (even with regard to special meals).

Safety was a bit concerning though. They didn't seem to care much about bags being left in "no stowage" areas during takeoff / landing and on one flight we took off / landed with all the blinds down... disconcerting!
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Advice re AA Schedule Change

Originally Posted by gcuk View Post
American Eagle do earn TP. I've used them many times.
Original routing credit is for IRROPS during the journey.
Any re-routing prior to the journey due to a schedule change doesn't qualify for ORC in my experience.
A schedule change on AA though is a bit like a blank cheque and provided you research your options, you can pretty much achieve any reasonable reroute.
So, based on the limited info provided, if your original routing was SFO-ORD-JFK, that would have given you 80 TP.
Assuming one of those legs is subject to schedule/equipment change, you could ask for SFO-JFK as you suggest and that would give you 140TP, being >2000miles.
An even better option would be to combine a >2000 mile sector with a shorter sector, giving 180TP eg SFO-CLT/PHL/BOS-JFK.
What is your routing and potential change?
Need to tap into the wider wisdom here.

My JFK-PHX has been moved back by 55 minutes and I called AA to ask for a rebook to JFK-LAX-PHX. The Agent couldn't get the system to rebook to AA341 connecting to AA2318. She called the AA Support team and then told me the 55 minutes change is not significant and the system doesn't allow her to rebook. The new flight would have arrived about 2 hours earlier than the original pre-change. However, it seemed that connections other than LAX / SFO such as ORD, CLT or DFW were ok.

Is this a "Hang up and call again" or am I out of luck here? What other options do I have?

Thanks in advance.
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I'm new to the world of maximising tier points so please be gentle! (and feel free to tell me to go elsewhere). I need to travel from LON and arrive in KIN by 23 April, departing KIN on 7 June or a day or two later. I am time rich but cash poor. By default work would book me on a £1,600 PE ticket direct with BA. Is there anything I can do to better maximise my points? Many thanks in advance.
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