Does BAEC Hate TP Runs?

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Does BAEC Hate TP Runs?

I know it's perfectly accepted however an airline must recognise when someone is on a TP run to achieve a certain status for as little as possible.

Or would this not even be on a radar for an airline, other than a soulless computer?

Like a buffet restaurant. They bank on people having say 2 plates or less because their breakeven point might be 1.5 plates to leave some profit but when a rugby team rock up and eat 5 plates each... they lose out.

See where I'm going?
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Generally I think they don’t care. It makes very little difference to their profits. They even gained a little publicity at least once with a story in the media about delivering a new gold card to a punter as they landed at the end of a TP run.
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The percentage who TP run is probably very small and if they tried to introduce Ďmulti sector ticketing with reasonable stop over periodsí it probably wouldnít save them much.
Last leg dropping fare abuse may be slightly more significant.
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Iíd suggest that those people are a minority in the overall scheme of BAEC, the view gained from these pages may somewhat distort the impression of how material they are. Other airlines have moved their FFPs to be more spend-based, BA has not (yet) done so, but has other ways of identifying high value (as opposed to simply high status) customers. IAG thinks with its wallet, if it became convinced that moving to a spend-based programme was more lucrative overall (and I would imagine thatís a pretty complex calculation to make, full of what-ifs), I guess it would happen.
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I would guess that, given those on TP runs do so to genuinely enhance their follow-on experience of BA, itís a win-win. The runner gets better travel and the airline ties in the runner to using BA more regularly (or perhaps thatís more loyally). Outside of the airline at most levels the status is otherwise pretty useless.
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I think they probably see the intrinsic value in TP runs for them as an airline.

In doing a TP run you are still buying inventory that they have for sale so still are getting revenue.

Everyone I know that has done a TP run mainly for BA but also for VS do so because they are already a high user and want a better experience and so channel more spend to BA!

Case in point a friend of mine is BA Gold for leisure and does a TP run every year! I know there’s at least 3 people who have increased their spend on BA because of him including myself, because they see his benefits as aspirational! I have chased and got BA Silver as a direct result of being influenced by him!
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How would they know? I've done more long haul day trips for business than I have TP runs. As long as they have their money, why would they care?
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On an average week, 900,000 passengers land or depart from LHR, LGW, LCY and STN. So it's like BA are moving the entire population of Exeter every day of the week. So long as they get their 900k passengers (and they pay for the privilege), I doubt BA know or care what happens next.
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BA sell seats, and price them to sell in different markets. They neither know or care the purpose of the purchaser, just give us your money.
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Considering how indifferently BA treat many Gold and especially Silver members, why would BA be anything other than thrilled if certain people want to spend money to reach status?
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Originally Posted by eugegall View Post
See where I'm going?
Probably depends on the TP Run. I could imagine BAEC not being all too happy about you flying 3 times to Asia on a cheap QR fare and then flying 4 BA legs to get to BA Gold. If, however, you're making a TP Run on BA, then they've sold another seat that may have stayed empty.

Considering that BA transports over 45 million passengers annually and that a tiny minority of those passengers will do TP runs, I seriously doubt that BA cares.
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Originally Posted by richardwft View Post
The percentage who TP run is probably very small
This. I imagine the percentage is microscopic and not worth wasting time on. FT is not representative in this respect.
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Even doing a TP run, you are buying seats from BA at a price BA is happy to sell them to you for - your buffet analogy doesnít hold up here as youíre not consuming more seats.

Furthermore, with newly-achieved status, youíre more Ďlocked-iní to BA - as are, potentially, your family.

Why would BA not be happy?

Sure, it will cost BA a couple more bowls of slop in GC, but thatís already factored into its pricing model (though your buffet analogy is perhaps more relevant here - someone with a propensity to TP run may be more likely to consume greater quantities in the lounge!).
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While there are quite a few genuine TP runners, some on here aiming for thousands of TPs per year in reality from posts on here is that an individual's spend is often higher because of the TPs and the status chasing than it would be were status not available. While the overall profit from these individuals isn't going to be particularly high, the revenue generated is higher than it would have been had there been no status to chase.
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They clearly liked this TP run enough to deliver the gold card by hand and enjoy the publicity.

A British Airways passenger has travelled 18,479 miles on 12 flights in five days to earn an Executive Club Gold card.

Adam Rowland, 30, flew with three airlines and travelled through nine airports, three countries and seven cities. He spent 45 hours in the air and stayed in two hotels.

The online marketing manager from Epping, Surrey, was presented with his Gold card in the First lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 5 yesterday....
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