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expateacher Dec 20, 18 1:25 am

Confused about a flight delay message

So I just randomly logged into the BA app as Iím flying out in the early morning hours of December 21 and I see this message (hoping the picture uploaded properly)

my connecting flight to YYZ isnít until 17:05 from LHR so Iím not worried about that but really spending the night sitting in CAI airport isnít exactly what I want to do.... but I have no contact from BA directly (just the standard itís time to check in for your flight)

I thought Iíd post here for any advice or even sympathy at this point.... I just feel so damn lost.

windowontheAside Dec 20, 18 1:28 am

The picture hasn't loaded, so you'll need to tell us what it says and then I'm sure someone will be able to help.

expateacher Dec 20, 18 1:33 am

yes I just was able to edit the post and put the picture in it, thank you

windowontheAside Dec 20, 18 1:39 am

Ah, there it is :)

Well, the official advice is to get there as normal. If the delay is caused by late inbound aircraft then you *may* consider turning up later as you can track the arrival time of the aircraft. They're not going to magic another plane up in Cairo. That said, it is your risk and if you have checked bags they may close checkin at the usual time so bear that in mind.

Otherwise, it may be a case of just suck it up. Sometimes delays can disappear as quickly as they appear.

expateacher Dec 20, 18 2:04 am

Yeah Iíll keep watching all day but currently the flight to CAI is set to arrive on time... so Iím not even sure where this delay is coming from

Can I help you Dec 20, 18 2:10 am

I have a feeling the delay will disappear.

UKtravelbear Dec 20, 18 2:18 am

I really wish that BA didn’t send this sort of alert they appear to confuse more than inform!

i had an alert last night for my flight later today - your flight is delayed but we don’t know by how much - but this morning it had disappeared. I’m savvy enough to be fairly relaxed about it but not all passengers are.

I wonder how many phone calls from confused passengers there are that could be avoided by BA not sending these notifications out until a delay has been confirmed.

expateacher Dec 20, 18 3:01 am

Okay appreciating the input...

vga Dec 20, 18 3:29 am

I feel the page of the picture is not completely loaded!

Richmond_Surrey Dec 20, 18 3:32 am

Info like this may show if the aircraft that was scheduled to operate that flight got delayed on a way. In most cases, aircrafts are swapped and flight is on time. Had it from Gevena on Monday. Delay showing in the morning, aircraft delayed on LGW-AMS-LGW route but was later swapped for different one and it was on time. It even arrived 20 minutes early at Gatwick.

scottishpoet Dec 20, 18 3:58 am

My flight from GLA to LGW this Saturday is showing as delayed on the app because the aircraft is supposed to be flying to Algiers at the moment but has not get left LGW. Assuming the runway reopens before Saturday then I suspect this delay will vanish. You may find something similar happens to your booking.

scottishpoet Dec 20, 18 4:05 am

I see the aircraft scheduled to for your flight was a couple of hours behind schedule coming in from Moscow and then later cairo yesterday. this delay may have been being reflected on your app, the software is really simple!!

however the aircraft was on time to Moscow today to the delay may now have gone from your app

expateacher Dec 20, 18 4:18 am

Yeah I followed the plane a bit to see if there were any delays... but my app still has the delay showing... Iím just going to keep watching it

expateacher Dec 20, 18 7:39 am

I just got an email from BA that was 1 sentence. And just said your flight is significantly delayed please keep checking for flight information.

Going back a few days it appears that the Wednesday flight got really messed up? Not sure if this could be the consequence of that...

expateacher Dec 20, 18 2:53 pm

Received a confirmation email that the flight is st 7:00 am and airport check in ends at 6:00 am... problem is I got the email when I was already at the airport... flight isnít even on the screen yet so I assume I have at least 2-3 hours before check in opens... Iím spent :(

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