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Tredders Dec 15, 18 3:15 pm

Club World LHR-DXB return - refurb 747?
Getting towards the end of the travel year, and I have a couple of final work trips; HEL tomorrow to Tuesday, and then DXB on 21st Dec, returning early on 24th. I'm in Club Europe / Club World, and wondered if anyone knew whether the Dubai trip will be on the refurb 747? I've seen reference to "High J" and "Super High J" refurbs - if anyone is able to explain the differences, I'd be grateful.

Thanks in advance, and safe travels to all.

mwp1 Dec 15, 18 3:17 pm

I done dxb a few months back in CW and both sectors were on 777

Tredders Dec 15, 18 3:18 pm

Originally Posted by mwp1 (Post 30539531)
I done dxb a few months back in CW and both sectors were on 777

It was a 777 when I did it in the summer, but it's now a 747 both ways. It's been a while since I've been on one, so looking forward to it.

rockflyertalk Dec 15, 18 3:22 pm

There are 2 refurbed versions of the 747 now in the fleet. The super hi J version are all done and flying. These consist of 80+ Club world (CW) Seats and premium is rows 33-36 on seat maps to identify correctly on seat maps.

Then there is the Mid-J refurb which is on-going. This version consists of 52 seats in CW. This is slightly different in that some are getting different refurbs due to imminent retirement. More on this in this thread...

So Mid-J and Super hi-J. Iím not sure what DXB is getting at the moment. Others will know Iím sure.

corporate-wage-slave Dec 15, 18 3:36 pm

At the moment the Dubai route is a mix of 86J (Super J) Club World and 52J (Mid J) Club World 747s going to Dubai. The main difference at Club World level is the superior Panasonic IFE system on the Super J. The seat is otherwise the same, in WT and WTP the newer seats is a lot more obvious, they also get power and the better IFE screen too. You can check this for yourself via:
British Airways Route Tracker
There are more 86Js than 52Js recently. Some 747s have Wifi but that just adds to the complexity since this is in mid rollout at the moment.

Tredders Dec 15, 18 3:41 pm

Thanks both for the info. Much appreciated.

Oaxaca Dec 15, 18 4:43 pm

The 744 operated flights on the OP’s dates are both currently scheduled to be Super Hi-J 744s, so with Panasonic IFE. Be prepared for a very full lounge in DXB if that flight is busy...

our_kid Dec 16, 18 3:14 am

Like the esteemed CWS has said 86J is what Iíve flown now and good to get a non TATL ride in 64K :)

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