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Go-around... how frequently does this happen?

Go-around... how frequently does this happen?


Old Dec 12, 18, 1:59 pm
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Three this year alone (out of 42 flights in 2018)

DFW, last minute gust of wind took the aircraft off to the side.

ACE - on Jet2, the captain was far too high on the approach, being a charter holiday flight, passengers were a bit more on edge and I had to reassure the person next to me.

PHL - Aircraft still on the runway.

Always a bit of fun, though not when you are on a tight connection.
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Old Dec 12, 18, 3:39 pm
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I haven't kept a record, but I only remember 2, out of 1770 or so flights. (I've just totted up the total). One was ABZ, the usual crosswind. The other was GIB, flying on EZY, in a stiff easterly with concomitant katabatic nastiness over the Rock. Apparently BA gave up that day and went to AGP. (And one that maybe should have been, PA into the old HKG just as a typhoon warning was lifted -- one wing in the air for a long way down the runway).

Once I was waiting to meet my wife at ABZ, coming in from LGW on BE. Eventually I got the call --- I'm at INV. TWO go-arounds at ABZ, then diverted. I drove out to Inverness to pick her up. Nearly got blown off the road on the high point of the A96 over to Huntly.

My 1770 flights doesn't include helicopter flights in my early oil-industry career. Arguably I had a 24-hour go-around. Fog offshore, we tried to locate the rig and gave up and came back in. 24 hours later tried again and made it with no trouble. They said they could hear the helicopter the day before, but couldn't see it.
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Old Dec 12, 18, 3:50 pm
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I must be very unlucky as had 3 go rounds this year alone. The most spectacular was SYD to HBA when we were literally on the tarmac before engines spooled and we were suddenly on a steep ascent.

Apparently aircraft on runway had failed to clear!
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Old Dec 12, 18, 4:09 pm
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Just one for me on a short puddle jumper from COS to PHX. The current ATC flow resulted in a slight tailwind landing pattern. We were on the final when the wind came up and as the tailwind was outside the flight envelope, the captain aborted and did a few circuits and landed in the opposite direction.

I also had an aborted landing on a CLT-SAN flight where SAN was experiencing some fog in the area. The pilot hung around for about 30 mins and the fog lifted a little, so he decided to make an approach to see if he could find the runway. (SAN requires 1 mile visibility due to terrain) I’m not sure if he ever was close to trying to execute the landing so I don’t class that one as a go around. That one ended up at ONT so a pretty easy drive home which was a lot better than the previous fog diversion when they opted to divert to PHX which resulted in a 300 mile drive home.
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Grand total of three.

MD80 into HSV, late at night in bad weather. Pilot made the prudent decision.

777 into DFW, from NRT I think. Pilot said someone got confused on the runway ahead of us, didn't make the taxiway exit.

A321 I think, into CLT, from MCO most likely. Similar story.

I take them in stride. Having spent a lot of time playing in a 737 simulator, I've gotten a fair amount of practice at them. My instructors for a while were very fond of setting me up to have an airplane take the runway for takeoff RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, to the point that I've gotten into the habit of looking up and down the runway and checking both hold-short points. (I was really annoyed about one of them, as it loused up an absolutely BEAUTIFUL final approach.)
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2 out of nearly 600 flights, both BA (not counting my own touch&go's).

One SFO-LHR when the aircraft in front hadn't cleared the runway - no drama.

2nd was FCO-BHX (back in those days) in torrential rain when the aircraft in front skidded off the end of the runway - we pulled up just as we were over the threshold, circled for a bit, and ended up at East Midlands ( EMA) where we sat for about 3-4 hours before a very quick trip back to BHX (much to the surprise of the dozing immigration folks!).
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Originally Posted by Yeoman5 View Post
Had an eventful landing on the BA flight from LUX last night. The aircraft was on final approach on 09L and had passed T5 on the starboard side when the pilot revved up the engines for a go-around. Apparently there was an aircraft on the runway (as the pilot calmly announced as she completed the left turn).

Curious to hear from those who may know how frequently go-arounds occur (it's my second such event in 30 years of travelling).
4.22 times per 1000 landing attempts in normal weather.
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1 into Dubai with Tarom- fog
1 into Luxor with EgyptAir - no idea why
1 into Luton with Easyjet - another plane on the runway
3 into Riyadh with BMI - windshear
1 into Amsterdam with AirAstana - wind (wheels touched down)
1 aborted takeoff ex LGW with BA

So 7 go arounds in around 600 flights.

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Originally Posted by notakeenflyer View Post
From a relatively low number of total flights (probably average less than 2 a year) I've experienced 2 go-arounds. One was Aer Lingus into Dublin with no reason stated (presume aircraft on runway) the other was far more "entertaining"....Coming back from GIB to LGW some inebriated guy would not sit down despite the repeated requests from cabin crew and rather stern PA from the captain advising that we would be going around if he did not sit down. Someone stood up to try and 'persuade' him to take his seat just as the captain throttled up so they both ended up in a heap at the back of the plane. Waiting for the old bill to board and take him away was not what I wanted at 10PM with a 2.5 hour drive home still to come!
If this was about 15 years ago, iI was on the exact same flight.

And on my way to GIB the pilot had two weather related go arounds with one touch and go before giving up and landing in Malaga
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4 that I can remember in a couple of thousand flights. Most recently a couple of weeks ago at LHR in an Air Belgium A340 operating for BA from DXB (previous aircraft not clearing runway). That’s the biggest aircraft on which I’ve experienced it, quite interesting.

I guess it could be a lot more if you were a regular at certain airports. I always appreciate the skill of the pilots who ensure so many landings in difficult conditions don’t require them.
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Originally Posted by Orange.Man View Post
This will be what you're referring to

Brilliant! That was the day I referred to in my post above.

I was onboard BAW11J (BA174), inbound from JFK. Interesting to hear this and that we were the first to go around.

Interesting morning by all accounts!
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I had a memorable one earlier this year on arrival from SIN on a BA A380 – the entire, very long flight was supremely smooth and boring for want of a better word until right at the very end when we were quite far into our descent when we headed back up again accompanied by the great rush of noise from the engines, which was the first bit of excitement anyone had in 12 hours+….certainly we were all awake after that! Captain came right on to explain that it was “a little windier than we were expecting”….
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I have had 5 over the past years of flying. Not sure how many segments I have done.

Three were for aircraft on the ground PHX, ORD, LGA
One was for weather PVG
One for a gear indicator light did not come on. One the go around pilot told us the gear down indicator light was out and he thought it was a burned out bulb. They changed the bulb and landed without incident. That was at LGA.
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Originally Posted by JTK View Post
They changed the bulb and landed without incident.
In that order?
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Originally Posted by babats View Post
As often as pilots think necessary to ensure a safe landing
According to the pilot it was actually ATC who made the call.
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