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vintagepilot 2019-06-19 05:59:52

(Wikipost) The babybus (Sweden<> East Coast) Fare meetup thread
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Jul 31st
1700 BA782 LHR>ARN vintagepilot

Aug 1st
1255 AY808 ARN>HEL bisonrav, mtikky, Wozza2404, squawk
1300 AY864 GOT>HEL awoxp, gosha
1315 AY804 ARN>HEL IFE Wizard
1435 AY810 ARN>HEL vintagepilot

1600 AY1337 HEL>LHR bisonrav, mtikky, Wozza2404, squawk
1635 AY814 ARN->HEL tsmnc, Selador
1700 AY1341 HEL>LHR awoxp, IFE Wizard, gosha
1930 AY1339 HEL>LHR tsmnc,vintagepilot, Selador

Aug 2nd
1240 BA1 LCY>JFK awoxp, bisonrav, IFE Wizard, vintagepilot, mtikky, Wozza2404, KARFA, tsmnc, gosha, squawk, Selador
1850 AA2580 JFK>CLT IFE Wizard
2053 AA1240 JFK>MCO [ CANCELLED? ] awoxp, bisonrav, mtikky, Wozza2404, gosha
2040 AA2272 JFK>AUS awoxp, bisonrav, mtikky
2145 AA4454 JFK>DCA
[ CANCELLED? ] squawk, Selador
2232 AA2092 CLT>MCO IFE Wizard

Aug 3rd
0630 BA4362 JFK>MIA tsmnc
0635 AA1479 MCO>MIA IFE Wizard
0842 AUS>DFW bisonrav, awoxp, mtikky
0850 AA2657 MCO>MIA awoxp, gosha
1011 AA2278 DCA>MIA Selador
1125 AA260 MCO>MIA Wozza2404
1219 AA388 JFK>CLT vintagepilot
1253 AA2314 DFW>MCO awoxp, bisonrav, mtikky

1259 AA291 JFK>MIA squawk
1409 AA1609 CLT>MIA vintagepilot
1937 AA1194 MCO>MIA awoxp, bisonrav, mtikky

Aug 4th
0700 AA1571 MIA>JFK awoxp, gosha
0831 AA2199 MIA>CLT vintagepilot
0849 AA291 MIA->JFK bisonrav, mtikky
0900 AA260 MIA>MCO Wozza2404
1224 AA1002 CLT>JFK vintagepilot
1315 AA2352 MCO>JFK Wozza2404

1830 BA112 JFK>LHR bisonrav, mtikky, Wozza2404, vintagepilot
1900 BA174 JFK>LHR awoxp, gosha

Aug 5th
06.50 AA1495 MIA-ORD IFE Wizard
0825 BA794 LHR>HEL bisonrav, mtikky, Wozza2404
1020 AY832 LHR>HEL awoxp, vintagepilot, gosha
11.44 AA272 ORD-JFK IFE Wizard

1155 AA1340 MIA>DCA IFE Wizard
1405 AY909 HEL>ARN bisonrav, mtikky, Wozza2404
1455 AA4532 DCA>JFK IFE Wizard
1600 AY865 HEL>GOT awoxp, gosha
1600 AY813 HEL>ARN vintagepilot
1610 BA6080 LHR>HEL tsmnc
1830 AA6133 JFK>LHR
IFE Wizard
2345 AY825 HEL>ARN tsmnc

Aug 6th
0825 AA6538 LHR>HEL IFE Wizard
1600 AY813 HEL>ARN IFE Wizard

Aug 8th
0849 AA291 MIA>JFK squawk
1830 BA112 JFK>LHR squawk

Aug 9th
1020 BA6032 LHR>HEL squawk
1600 BA6043 HEL>ARN squawk

Aug 10th
1215 AA145 MIA>ORD Selador
1735 AY10 ORD>HEL Selador

Aug 11th
1155 AY863 HEL>GOT Selador


July 31st: Cockpit Suite, Jumbo Hotel (in around midnight, so unfortunately no cocktails on the terrace or playing with my knobs)
August 2nd: Staybridge Suites, Austin Airport

All times are GMT -6. The time now is 5:40 pm.

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