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Do you prefer to sit on the port or starboard side?

Do you prefer to sit on the port or starboard side?

Old Oct 1, 18, 4:27 am
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Do you prefer to sit on the port or starboard side?

So, on CE flights I used to always opt for 1A for the additional leg room but since it is essentially the same on most SH aircraft now, I tend to sit 1F for outbound and 1A for inbound as I still love seeing the views of London when the Met allows and that has left me curious as to what others do and the reasons behind it?
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Old Oct 1, 18, 4:31 am
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Port side. Not sure why, perhaps because i'm right handed, but i find it more comfortable to lean against the window to my left.

If it's a long flight i will sit opposite the sun so i can keep the window shade open.

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Old Oct 1, 18, 4:32 am
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Errr.... let me think about this for a second.

After due consideration, I've decided that I prefer to sit on the A side
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Old Oct 1, 18, 4:38 am
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For me it is all carefully planned according to the views to be had at origin and/or destination. There is nothing worse than landing at somewhere like NCE, GIB, SYD etc. and realising you should have sat on the other side!
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Old Oct 1, 18, 4:38 am
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F seat. I'm almost 100 percent deaf on the left side and leaning my head against the wall on my right side makes for some very tranquil flights.
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Old Oct 1, 18, 4:39 am
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Same as WotAs ... tend to go for the low numbers! Although, for some unknown reason, on AA TATL we seem to go for the starboard side (1H/2H). i have told myself to book the A seats next time.
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Old Oct 1, 18, 4:42 am
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I got in the habit of asking for an A seat back in the days when you couldn't select your own seat. It was easier to ask for an A seat each time than try to figure out what letter the other window seat might be. Every plane has window seats at A

As a result of much long haul travel in A seats, I learned to sleep leaning on the wall to the left and now it's second nature. Occasionally I have to pick a window on the other side and it feels rather strange. I have one such coming up this week.
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Old Oct 1, 18, 4:44 am
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As per Jetstreamer it depends where I am going. When I went to Nice last year it was on the right hand side for the approach that skirts the beach. Flying out of London last month to Europe it was the left as that flight normally takes the departure where you turn 180' and fly across South London.
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Old Oct 1, 18, 4:45 am
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I choose the side away from the sun.
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Old Oct 1, 18, 4:48 am
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Seems to be usually port side, and wierdly that doesn't hugely depend on whether I'm forward or rearward facing. No particular logic to it although if I'm in longhaul J on top deck of A380 or 747, with side bin area etc, it's an even stronger preference for that side in term of where to put laptop, food etc...
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Old Oct 1, 18, 4:54 am
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My preference on SH is with the "A-team", mainly because the bulkhead overhead bins on the starboard side more than often is occupied with plane stuff and CC bags. Being right-handed, there is also more leeway during meals, with an empty seat instead of a wall/window

Regardless of what seat I use, I still miss port.
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Old Oct 1, 18, 5:13 am
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Always an aisle (and even better a window and aisle simultaneously)
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Old Oct 1, 18, 5:24 am
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Until recently my wife and I would always select, when available, 1A/1C when flying BA CE. However we’ve been bashed too many times in 1C by the bags of other boarding passengers, so for our next two BA CE flights this month we’ve gone for 1D/1F (in fact BA assigned us these seats automatically). If travelling solo I still prefer 1A.

In summary, travelling together - starboard; travelling solo - port.
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Old Oct 1, 18, 5:38 am
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Depending on SH or LH. Tend to prefer which ever works best for my drinking hand (soft or alcoholic). Also depends on my mood as since I smashed my wrist I learnt to be ambidextrous for kicking (rugby) and drinking.

Serious answer, Row 1 on SH. LH row 1 or (773 row 16 A or K), A380 rows 53 A or K or 59 A or K. Not too much other experience.
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Old Oct 1, 18, 5:40 am
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Don't know as I've never tried to drink starboard!
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