Order from the BoB menu for free in CE

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Order from the BoB menu for free in CE

Was flying from Spain to LHR in CE earlier today and had ordered a Asian Vegetarian special meal.

The AVML turned out to be three of the finger sandwiches with a thin slice of pepper on them and some fruit. As this was clearly going nowhere I ordered the mushroom toast from the BoB menu. After a while it was delivered - and nicely plated too.

When I enquired about paying, I was told that it was free, as clearly the actual main course was disappointing. I queried the crew if they were sure (read about the crew potentially being personally liable for missed sales - clearly not something I would want), senior crew member told me he would check again, ten minutes later came back to confirm it was genuinely free.

Mushroom Toasty
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Was this from Madrid? They recently changed this route to be served a more substantial meal. I think this is still the case. If it is then perhaps they made an error in loading your special meal so were bulking it up from the BoB menu.
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There was a change in policy a few months back, that allows the SCCM to use BoB items (to a £10 limit I think) for customer remediation purposes in CE. This was more for when there was insufficient catering on a flight rather than "not very good" catering. Still, as someone else pointed out today, gift horse-lamp and all that. MAD now gets hot meals as a not very long Long, despite it being a bit of a challenge for the crew if - as there often is - a big CE cabin.
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I've been on the receiving end of this twice when I was let down by CE catering. I think it is the right thing for BA to do in these circumstances.
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Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave View Post
There was a change in policy a few months back, that allows the SCCM to use BoB items (to a £10 limit I think) for customer remediation purposes in CE..
Good to know!

I was denied this when I found the 11:30 'brunch' inadequate on OSL-LHR a few months ago, The crew were sympathetic, but pointed out it would depend on whenever the ET run completed, which it didn't.

However, they gave me some tasty chocolate biscuits.

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That's a good change in policy. I remember the guy sitting next to me in CE last year, for whom they had run out of catering, and offered him the option of buying something from the BoB trolley behind the curtain. He did point out he'd paid £500 for the ticket.
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