T5B Galleries to T5C - when to leave

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T5B Galleries to T5C - when to leave

Apologies if this has been covered before, but I couldn't find a thread which touched on this directly.

I had a few flights last year where I was sitting happily in T5B Galleries when "Gate open" (or words to that effect) showed up on the board. I duly moved out, only to arrive at the desk to find boarding not yet started. Now I have an upcoming flight where I suspect I shall be connecting from B to a C gate. I'd hate to rush from the lounge to find myself hanging around in a crowd at the gate. I've no wish to be that guy running up just before they close the gate, but don't really need to be one of the first on either

When do you leave the B lounge?
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At T5, you need to be at the gate 20 minutes before departure.

As long as you know which lift to take to get to the walking passageway, you can walk from the T5B BA lounge to any gate in T5C in 10-15 minutes. (Itís the lift opposite Boots, but Iíd make sure youíre 100% familiar before doing this because it can be a bit confusing).

If you choose to take the train instead of walking, youíll need to leave significantly longer as you can only take every other service due to the layout of the airport.
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There are some timings in the Passageway guide in the Dashboard - and if leaving it tight I would use the passageway since there isn't the transit's "variable" service frequency with which to contend - but you can leave it to 35 minutes before advertised departure. I wouldn't use the "boarding" status off the information screens, except in respect of any delays, if they are clearly communicated (e.g. a flight departing at 11:00, if it says "now departing at 11:15", then you can add 15 minutes to the process if it says that in the final 30 minutes or so. But in the absence of that, stick to the advertised departure time, deduct 35 minutes, that's when you can leave the B lounge.

Every single T5 gate - A, B and C - is under 15 minutes walk from that lounge, using the passageways and assuming reasonable mobility and not too much luggage to cart around, so I often advocate people use that lounge, the best of the Galleries Club lounges, regardless of where their flight leaves. I would check the gate maps however, since you don't want to get stressed going off in the wrong direction. But once you have used the passageways a few times then I think people should feel in control of the process and can relax accordingly.
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I long time ago (5 years?) made a rookie mistake.

If going back T5b (or c for that matter) to T5a do not get on the transit train....

(I also learned, at thattevent, that conformance can be worked around with a willing staff member, a phone call and does help if said flight is delayed anyway)
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I bottled going over to the satellites last time I flew out of T5! I had a voucher for a manicure over at the nail bar in T5B but wasn't sure how to get back to T5A without getting stuck in the arrivals flow off the transit. Will have a look at the walkway instead next time. I don't often arrive with huge amounts of time to kill but this was an occasion when I had planned in extra time for this treat and was a bit annoyed with myself for not researching it first!
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Although I have yet to brave the C-B or B-A direction on departure, I am a regular user of the walkways. Admittedly I am a brisk walker, and generally manage GF to T5C in around 15minutes, but the calmness is just wonderfull.
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