Toronto YYZ British Airways Lounges

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BA lounges at Toronto Pearson

Terminal 3 departures, near Gate C30. Entrance location shown on the map below:

  • BA lounges reopened in June 2018. Now managed by Plaza Premium
  • Normal BA access rules apply. No avenues for entry via Priority Pass/Dragonpass or cash booking
    Further road testing may be needed to ascertain if this can be treated as a oneworld lounge
  • Preflight dining available in the business class section, accessible to all guests (for now)
  • Small dining room located in the First section available to First ticket holders
  • No showers but guests may use the shower facilities belonging to the Plaza Premium lounge next door
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Originally Posted by Crampedin13A View Post
Okay thanks. I'm through in a couple of weeks and will have a look around then
Assuming it is open by then ... it was completely boarded up on Friday.
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YYZ lounge updates?

I'll be there in a bit over a week and can't find any 2019 reviews. Has anyone been there recently? Is the food any good, is it worthwhile to be there a bit earlier? I'll be traveling in Club and am GCH if that matters.
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Toronto YYZ British Airways Lounges
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so, I travelled Friday night and can provide the following information

About 18 months ago, the existing contractor operating a BA branded galleries lounge lost the contract to Premium Plaza. They moved the location to their own lounge but a sectioned off area by the windows with a section further sectioned off for first / gold. First / Golds (who complained so much that they were moved to a second plaza lounge just for them. It was awful, but the lounge moved back to a redecorated Galleries lounge which was then short lived and it's now back to the old Premium Plaza first class temporary lounge.
Staff are so so, the food is more buffet style - pile it high canteen good. Friday night it was butter chicken or gnocchi (or something similar) cooked to order. Some nibbles but cheap and nasty and uninspiring. Poor choice of wines, Canadian lager on draft and no IPAs. I think there is a decent coffee machine.
Decor is ok - no windows, bathrooms smaller than the original lounge, terrible elevator musak and no ambience. With the absence of windows - no aircraft noise would actually be better than the musak!
There is a larger poster advertising a refurbished lounge and on leaving the lounge friday night with a nice artist's impression but no idea of location and no hint of a date, the original lounge is now boarded off and appears to be a work in progress. I really hope that they re-open it. BA staff give conflicting info as to whether the new temp lounge is permanent or it's moving back.
Whichever beancounter in BA thought the whole exercise was a good idea needs to take a good hard look at their decision - what were they thinking could possibly make this an "enhancement". BA staff are fed up for the complaints and customers sit in the lounge bored and underwhelmed. The old lounge needed a lick of paint and new furniture. It was well run by Tony and his team, good food, nice views out the window and friendly staff. It wasn't broken!!! There is no BA front desk and so no-one to talk to flight issues about.
If you're up for canteen style food and cheap and nasty wine then thats great. It is worth going there as a quiet space, and to eat and drink - the alternatives on the C gates are grim and expensive. Do go still and enjoy the perk that the lounge is meant to be. I'd be interested in your view after, and please join other of us who use YYZ on a regular basis and voice your views.
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Mikey Mike Mike,

totally agree with what you have written.
We used the 'old' lounge in July , no complaints what so ever, great food, lovely staff and amazing views over the runway, we were very impressed.

We used the PP Lounge in January and thought it was dire, lounge was packed, and one of the most uninspiring lounges I have ever used.

All being well, we will passing through in April and I was hoping the 'old' lounge would be re opened by then, but it doesn't sound as if it will be.
I will report back with an update.

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I have been there a few times . Always nice hot food prepared on spot by cheif as you watch
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Thanks to Mikey Miike Mike for a great post.

Having travelled annually to YYZ for more than 20 years, I agree that the last couple of years has been a disappointing state of affairs.

I thought the beef dish I had last year in the separate F/GCH lounge was ok but agree that the lounge is so uninspiring, I thought the staff were friendly and tried hard.

Will probably not be back to YYZ until much later in the year - I hope, but do not expect, that the situation will have improved.
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Any updates on the lounge? Am passing through next week so will report back myself...
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Originally Posted by williamn78 View Post
Any updates on the lounge? Am passing through next week so will report back myself...
Temporary lounge still as of 4ish weeks ago. As mentioned up thread, there is a new BA-specific, Plaza Premium-operated lounge due soon. I was told to expect this to open in May.

Service in the First/GCH dining area was excellent, IMO. Food was fine at best. I saw interactions that other pax would probably consider sub-par but "it takes two to tango" and some people have themselves to blame.
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was there a week ago. It’s small to be honest. The table service area is huge. Bigger than the rest of the lounge: but it’s only available to F passengers and Gold/emerald and considering F is significantly reduced on the route and there are dozens more CW and silver passengers competing for seating and absolutely below par buffet food it was quite disappointing as a lounge considering it was one of the best outstation lounges......
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Really unbelievable that it’s still ‘temporary’ given the old lounge closed over 18months ago.
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BA Lounge returning to YYZ

When checking in today, agent said as of next month, BA will be back to their own lounge at YYZ.

Just passing on what I was told (Apologies if old news)
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Recent conversation over here:

Toronto YYZ British Airways Lounges
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The Montreal lounge situation is just as bad.
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Originally Posted by footballfanatic View Post
The Montreal lounge situation is just as bad.
I don't even venture in there anymore. I just have a couple of beers at one of the airside bars
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