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Your worst (human) seat companion stories, please

Your worst (human) seat companion stories, please

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Old Jul 5, 18, 5:01 am
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I was next to a pig of a man in NCE yesterday in group 5 that refused to move, well in fact moved more into the way, to prevent pax passing him by. His attitude was disgusting !!
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Originally Posted by Woodbinerich View Post
I once had 2 Kg of swiss chocolate fall onto my head due to a badly packed overhead locker.
The lady was most apologetic and ended up offering me a lift into town when we arrived.

Aaarhh how sweet
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Old Jul 5, 18, 5:27 am
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Flying to Bali last year on CX with my boyfriend, I took the middle seat and he took the window. A middle-aged American woman sat at the aisle and started to unpack several Tupperware containers full of food. I glared at my bf, as this, to me, was proof that we should have flown business as I had suggested. It went downhill from there.

He fell asleep during takeoff, as always. I started watching Get Out on the IFE. It wasn't long before I had that feeling of being watched, and I realized that my neighbour was watching the movie on my IFE. I ignored her until she tapped me on the shoulder to ask about what had just happened in the film! She did this at least 5 times throughout. Near the end, she decided to watch it herself, and continued to tap me on the shoulder to ask questions about what was going to happen next.

I am very non-confrontational, even for a Canadian, so I answered each question politely, all the while boiling on the inside and planning revenge on my bf for forcing me to fly economy.

To top the flight off, when we landed in Bali a number of people stood up before we were fully stopped and the CC were shouting at them to sit down. Tupperware leaned over to us and said "This is what happens in these Asian countries", even though most of them were white!

Needless to say, I took the window on the way home!
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Old Jul 5, 18, 5:44 am
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Originally Posted by newyorklondon View Post
Haha, years ago we hit bad turbulence, and upon arrival the guy next to me - who turned out to be a numismatist - opened the overhead, only to brain me in my seat with what seemed like hundreds of very heavy coins. I felt bad for him, as the last I saw of him he was crawling around the floor. No free lift to town for me!
Could have been the same OP that wanted to carry $10,000 in cash!

Connecting LHR with over $10,000
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Folks, with apologies, this thread is locked for moderator review as to its suitability for the BA forum in view of the volume of non-BA incidents reported.

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