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7 hour LHR T5 Layover: Concorde Room or Sofitel?

7 hour LHR T5 Layover: Concorde Room or Sofitel?

Old Jun 28, 18, 5:23 am
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7 hour LHR T5 Layover: Concorde Room or Sofitel?

Flying JFK-LHR-DEL in F with a 7+ hour layover at LHR from 11 AM to 7:30 PM. Does it make sense to go to a hotel, or can I kill the time in the Concorde Room? Hotel expense not an issue since I would be reimbursed on my expense report.

(I realize 11 AM to 7:30 PM is 8.5 hours, but with security, trains and walking, I could easily waste an hour+ with these formalities)
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Old Jun 28, 18, 5:24 am
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Hotel if you want a rest, for sure.

- You are subject to various noises (mostly fellow passengers) in the lounge which may stop you from relaxing
- You can't book the Cabana for that long, and there is no proper bed there
- Shower facilities are better at Sofitel

What I'd do would be to relax at Sofitel, catch some sleep, have a shower, and then get to the CCR well-rested.
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Old Jun 28, 18, 5:25 am
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Book a cabana for a few hours to nap and shower and spend your time at the CCR.
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Old Jun 28, 18, 5:26 am
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Book a cabana - get a nap then back into CCR for food and drinks.
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Old Jun 28, 18, 5:27 am
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Personally, I could not stay in a lounge for 7 hours - it would drive me demented. More than an hour and I am bored.

I would definitely use the hotel option - go for a sleep, go to the gym, decent shower etc. Much more appealing than an airport lounge (however it good it may or not be).
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Old Jun 28, 18, 5:37 am
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I'd go for the Sofitel, if there's no cost implication.

Personally, I cannot rest in the CCR cabanas for fear of not making it out alive on account of passing away from being infected by whatever the hell it is rotting in there.
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Old Jun 28, 18, 5:39 am
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No question in my opinion. Sofitel for a decent shower and some sleep.
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Old Jun 28, 18, 5:57 am
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100% Sofitel. It will make a significant difference to the quality of your trip. The opportunity to catch some sleep in a clean room with a proper bed (and take a good shower) is invaluable.
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Old Jun 28, 18, 6:14 am
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Probably hotel for a rest. If you are a spotter type there are other airport perimeter hotels with good runway views (clearly time is on your side).

I am assuming you are ruling out heading into London. Heathrow Express can have you at Paddington in 15 mins so if you wanted to book into the T5 hotel (ie so handier for the trains than the aforementioned perimeter hotels) you'd still have ample time to go and stretch your legs in town if you wished.
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Old Jun 28, 18, 6:18 am
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The fact that you would actually have the cost re-imbursed makes this a no-brainer : Hotel, no question.

More than around two (three max) hours in a lounge - any lounge - and Iíve really had enough.
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Old Jun 28, 18, 6:19 am
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if you want to sleep go Sofitel, If you want to stay awake you could go heathrow express and spend 2-3 hours in central london.

still give you a few hours in CCR before the flight
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Old Jun 28, 18, 6:19 am
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Sofitel if your main objective is to rest and cost isn’t an issue here - security as a first class passenger at T5 will take you no time at all and you’ll find it much easier to sleep there. Cabanas in the CCR are a second option as pointed out above but with a 4 hour max usage rule and are nowhere near as comfortable as a good hotel room. If you just want to work and stay awake then the CCR is by no means a bad place to do it.
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Old Jun 28, 18, 6:23 am
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Sofitel, if it's your thing there's also a gym and you can book massages and things too - and you will get them unlike the BA ones. You also get to go outside for a while too. Inside for all that time would drive me crazy.
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Old Jun 28, 18, 6:48 am
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I have spent 6 hours in Galleries Club South before. It can be done! Trick is to keep yourself busy.

Go for a shower, Drink lots of water and don't go overboard on the alcohol if you can help it.

CCR has great reading materials and the table service is good. You will be able to fully relax there too. The terrace I find has the comfiest seating arrangements however also has the terminal noise which some would find bothersome.

Still I would choose CCR! Or Go Lounge Hopping around T5!
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Old Jun 28, 18, 7:06 am
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Check-in at the Sofitel is advertised as 14;00 - reduces the time available to use the facilities.
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