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hungry Jun 26, 18 11:47 pm

Bumped from my seat
flying on BA2631 today Alicante to Gatwick, in CE.

Me and Mrs were in 2A&2C. At T72 I clecked and 1A &1C were available so snapped them up.

Checked the app this morning and we have been bumped all the way back to row 5 (last row of CE) !!

Called Silver Line and bloke (UK) says according to his system were still in 1A &1C , he suggested trying online check in. I did this but it showed us still in row 5, and 1A&C unavailable, so I cancelled the online check in process.

He said ask at be airport and they will sort it out, but Iím very worried now ! Were on way to airport.

Any ideas??

mclachlan4321 Jun 26, 18 11:52 pm

Does it really matter?

hungry Jun 26, 18 11:57 pm


Andy49 Jun 26, 18 11:59 pm

I would be annoyed if I had paid for them, did you pay?


SFO777 Jun 27, 18 12:05 am

Originally Posted by mclachlan4321 (Post 29910825)
Does it really matter?

Uh, yes... considering that the row 1 bulkhead seats are the only good seats in BA's garbage CE.

sammyg901 Jun 27, 18 12:12 am

1C is allocated and 1A is blocked

Possible that they were faffing around between the G-GAT config and the "standard config" and someone plonked themselves in 1C whilst they were doing it, or you've been trumped for a VIP (though I would have expected that to be 2D/F - 1C is a pretty crap seat in that config)

Cotumely Jun 27, 18 12:21 am

I've had the same thing happen to me. However, I thought, no biggie, and just checked in for my new seats.

Kleaver Jun 27, 18 12:27 am

Happened plenty to me. Likely to be either crew, a VIP or a allocated to a vulnerable passenger.

armouredant Jun 27, 18 1:55 am

I bet it's crew.

hungry Jun 27, 18 1:56 am

Got to airport check in woman was really rude, she said it’s not her problem I have to call BA.

got to lounge called silver line got someone in India, explained the whole scenario, he nearly understood and asked what assistance I need? Then just told me the flight is slightly delayed, and to ask someone in the airport about my seats !!!!

its shocking customer service.

Scots_Al Jun 27, 18 2:00 am

I can understand being irritated - I would be too. But if the seatís gone, itís gone, itís probably not worth the effort and stress youíre putting into it.

rossmacd Jun 27, 18 2:00 am

Originally Posted by hungry (Post 29911065)
its shocking customer service.

Maybe my expectations are much lower (I've been flying with BA and many other airlines for years), but I fear you are expecting too much here. Sometimes things happen for reasons unknown. As a GGL/CCR, I've been around long enough not to get worked up about things like this if they don't go my way. LGW-ALC is a short flight, so I wouldn't be making much fuss. That being said, if I was turfed out of a prime CW seat to a middle on a 12hr flight, I would not be flying - but then again, I am unlikely to be found in BA CW for such a flight anyway :)

ThatT1Feeling Jun 27, 18 2:17 am

Yes, I understand your frustration - there are a few areas of the plane where you're at greater risk with seating. Row 1, the row just behind the CE curtain and also the exit rows.

For Row 1 there does seem to be more chance of being bumped. I can't explain why but it's happened to me on and off over the years.

For the row behind the curtain, the curtain can move and then move back again.

For exit rows, even if there is a TS seat block, the exit rows seem to be most likely to end up with the middle seat occupied.

They're all frustrating but BA always uses their catch-all which says seats can be changed. You're still in CE, and there are only 5 rows so you won't be waiting too long to be served. I assume Row 2 has gone now?

hungry Jun 27, 18 2:19 am

It’s the fact that I am 6ft7 and I know it’s a gamble getting row 1, but I had it and was looking forward to a plesent flight home. Now it’s going to be miserable.

further, I was in row 2 so the whole thing has made it worse, if they had bumped me back to row 2, fair dos.

And lastly, the fact BA don’t even have the courtesy to tell you or answer my calls when I try and find out, really bad customer service.

LTN Phobia Jun 27, 18 2:34 am

Originally Posted by hungry (Post 29911105)
further, I was in row 2 so the whole thing has made it worse, if they had bumped me back to row 2, fair dos.

If it is any consolation I do not think there is any difference in legroom between 2AC and 5AC.

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