Multi City Multi Cabin Booking?

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Multi City Multi Cabin Booking?

Folks is it possible to book a DUB -LHR - JFK - LHR - DUB where the outbound is J and the inbound is Y?

I can only get J both ways or Y both ways using the multi city book option on the site.

Can it be done online?
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You may not need the multi-city tool to book that as it’s a straight return, try DUB-JFK in the regular booking process.

If if you do need multi-city and multi-cabin then yes you need to call.
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Thanks, I am looking to fly into London the night before the JFK so for that reason I can only choose single cabin as I need to use multi city to book it.
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Kayak allows you to specify different classes per sector - sometimes this seems to give more flexibility & allows you to click through to the airline's site to get a fare that isn't normally quoted directly to users.
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Just confiming what drakepassage states, with BA direct multi city with multi cabins definitely needs a call and mind state you can't get the website to do it and they may waive the phone booking charge.
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I resorted to landing from ITA into AA using Powertools this week for just this scenario (BA flight numbers on AA metal throughout). BA wouldn’t land at all - I don’t think it likes MCMC. You have to use the European AA sites as the US/UK link interprets any economy as basic fares AFAICT, giving you the option to change which then puts all legs in main cabin.

AA then made a right horlicks of cancelling one and ticketing the other - going so far as to claim repeatedly it wasn’t an AA booking (said it was BA) despite having both myself and BA on the line telling them it was an Germany booking! Finally managed to escalate sufficiently to someone who, while never acknowledging that they’d been wrong, managed to sort things out. I need to write in to BA to commend the agent and manager who stayed on the line through what turned into a two and a bit hour call.

Moral of of the story: make sure you chase until you get a ticket - I’m pretty sure had I not done so I’d have found my booking cancelled after a few days. As it turns out, calling BA would have been rather less stress!
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