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07:55 departure from JFK-LHR in F: catering ?

07:55 departure from JFK-LHR in F: catering ?


Old Aug 10, 18, 4:24 pm
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Iím confused by BA.

It costs how many hundreds of thousands of pounds to fly a 747 across the Atlantic (fuel, plane costs, staff costs etc), and savings of the order of maybe £50 pp are being made in F; which have a fairly significant impact on the entire flight.

People pay up to $10k for a ticket on these flights; for heavens sake load one of every possible meal, enough drinks for a flight twice as long and have a decent meal plan in place to start with!

Rant over 😂
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Old Aug 10, 18, 11:46 pm
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Originally Posted by Tobias-UK View Post

That is a shocking offering and a definite downgrade. I hope you complain about it.
I have now tried BA F a few times and been pretty underwhelmed... so my complaint takes the form of simply never paying for BA F again

Where previously I was looking for paid J tickets with F upgrade space, now it's W for cash and Avios or GUF into CW.

I have been perfectly happy with the CW seat even on the KUL route so have no interest in spending more for a lacklustre experience up the front.
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Old Aug 11, 18, 12:00 am
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That is F??? Wow, times must be harder than I thought.
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Old Aug 11, 18, 1:48 am
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Wow, that truly is meagre and miserly. I thought the J offering was a bit naff, but this takes the biscuit.

Once again BA forget the passenger's journey doesn't begin when they board the plane and end when they get off it.
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Old Aug 11, 18, 2:07 am
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I took this flight two week ago and was likewise shocked by the menu / quality & quantity of catering offered. Luckily I also had breakfast in the CCR beforehand, which saved the day somewhat. I estimate that over 90% of the full F cabin did likewise.

Wouldn't it be so much better if the menu offered 1 or 2 breakfast options for those who choose or can't eat beforehand, and then a proper full F style lunch 3-4 hours into the flight. This would negate the need for the woeful pre-arrival snack currently offered. A cheaper alternative would be to bring back the bistro menu (a pasta dish, a burger, etc) for this specific flight. Oddly as stands the full wine & spirits menu is offered... just nothing to go to with it. The excellent crew (who were night and day from the shambolic crew F outbound but that's another story) were visibly embarrassed as to what they had to work with and commented that there were quite a few disgruntled pax. They added that not enough mains were loaded relative to a full cabin and the portions / quality were poor. The advice was that CW was better catered on this flight.

I'm not one to actively complain but I was actually so appalled by the catering on the flight that I sent in a complaint to BA, less out of a desire for compensation but more out of curiosity at what BA had to say and a naive hope that some action might be taken. In the event it took over a week to produce a cookie cutter response along the lines of "I can appreciate this would have been extremely frustrating and I'm sorry we've let you down" and a promise to pass it on to catering. As if to confirm the new penny pinching regime not a even a few token avios were thrown in as a form of real apology.

I guess BA rightly assume that for those wanting a daylight flight back in F from JFK there really isn't any other choice. The later AA flight is J only. Based on the full F cabin they are clearly right in the short term. However, based on comments from (non-flyertalk frequenting colleagues / friends) they have to be careful. So many who have no interest in the service minutiae actively comment on how poor the airline has become and how they go out of their way to avoid BA. I wonder how this will all play out in the long term...
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Old Aug 11, 18, 3:00 am
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The height of good taste

We've worked with some of the world's top chefs to design the perfect menu and bring you the full restaurant experience at 35,000 feet:
  • delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners and a classic English afternoon tea, featuring only the finest quality seasonal ingredients
  • a wide selection of fine Champagnes, wines, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks to savour throughout your flight
  • dine when and how it suits you from our signature ŗ la carte menu or choose from a range of lighter options
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We took the 178 in F this week.

The breakfast service was offered after take-off and then nothing else was offered for the rest of the flight. The 5 breakfast options include three which contain pork, and two veggie options (pancakes or frittata). The frittata was small and similar to the one that used to be served in Club Europe. No further meal/food was offered.

I didn't see the "canapes" offered to anyone. When we later asked for a drink and were there any snacks, we were brought the plate of mini cakes. That was it, for a flight landing at 8pm - nothing other than a Club Europe style breakfast and a few mini cakes,.

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Oddly the BA238 from Boston is slightly better in F.
However, it is only once you flip to the AA142 from Jfk (their J is better than BA F in too many ways to list here), or use the Virgin day flight in J you realise just how much BA is trying to sell very little product for so much.

Perhaps The BA JFK strategy relies on customer inertia- but there is only so much meagre product one can take for an exorbitant price.

Still you pay your money and take your pick.
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Old Aug 11, 18, 12:35 pm
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Originally Posted by subject2load View Post

It all looks pretty poor, must say ; especially when set against the context of an F fare running into several thousands

One of the main attractions for me of travelling QR J is to be handed a (quality) menu at the start of the flight, with the assurance that I can request any of the items shown, at any time, and in any order.
Well at least in theory - this morning when requesting breakfast "mid flight" I was met by "the crew won't be heating the breakfasts for an hour". And when it came, as usual, it was tasteless, not a patch on BA albeit the latter may well be because of the saltiness of the grill. Lots of things are excellent about QR J but it isn't perfect.
A couple of weeks ago we were over the Czech republic by the time QR had served an after take off drink and that was for an overnight flight. The menu came at the same time.
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Old Aug 12, 18, 6:57 am
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I fly both the AA 142 option and the BA 178 option (although more CW than F) and thought I'd provide a data point. These are the mains for AA 142 offered for my upcoming September 2018 flight (in J since there's no F):
  • Porcini Crusted Filet Mignon
    chanterelle mushroom corn pudding, roasted asparagus, Cafť de Paris butter
  • Bourbon-Glazed Salmon
    fig and roasted pepper orzo, sugar snap peas, cherry tomato
  • Pommery Mustard and Honey Baked Chicken
    wild mushroom and pea risotto, giardiniera
  • Santa Fe-Style Enchiladas
    roasted squash, baby spinach, queso fresco, grilled corn
Catering is only part of the equation, of course. A daytime flight with no Wifi is extremely difficult for me to justify and the fleet upgrade is still far from complete on those 747s... and yet, schedules mean I'll take BA178 sometime later in September.

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we took our first morning FIRST JFK LHR a week or so ago. The 7.55am one I think it was.

Our thoughts can be summed up - NEVER AGAIN. Luckily the crew were fantastic and we were very tired so slept most of the way.

Food options were poor especially for a veggie. Will always go for the evening flights in future.
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Old Aug 12, 18, 2:14 pm
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This is a bit nuts really as this flight effectively leaves at 13.00 UK time. Some people try to synchronise to the destination ie sleeping on this flight isn't a really good idea given the ~20.00 arrival. Going back into the mists of time, this used to be a full 'bells and whistles' lunch service flight with a snack pre-arrival. So unless you are planning on hitting town and going out for dinner when you get in, you should be eating a proper meal on the crossing. An alternative might be to offer a light breakfast on departure, with a more substantial meal before arrival. Perhaps others will disagree or BA's research has found otherwise.
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The BA178 in F was my first First experience and I am glad as it set expectations and made me think yup I’m happy in AA J.

Top make ale things worse the chef didn’t turn up at JFK so the CCR catering was cereal, yoghurt, fruit salad, bagels, cream cheese, salmon, cold meats and cheeses.
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Got a response from customer relations... 6500 avios compensation lol.

Thanks for taking the time to contact us about the experience you had when you travelled from New York, JFK on 07 August. I'm sorry for the delay in responding to you.

I realise how disappointed you must have been with the food you were served on board. It's concerning to hear about the small portions you were served for your breakfast and lunch, and you felt the pancakes were tasteless. I know this isn't what you expect when you travel with us, especially in our First cabin.

The Catering team constantly review our menus and catering proposition and work hard to ensure that our customers enjoy their on board dining experience. They monitor and utilise customer feedback which allows them to design meal choices around current trends. I am sorry that on this occasion our menus did not meet your expectation.

We're grateful you've taken the time to raise this with us. To show you how much we appreciate your support, Iíve added 6,500 Avios to your Gold Executive Club account. Please accept them as an apology. Subject to availability, you can put your Avios towards future bookings or use them to upgrade your class of travel next time you fly with us. They can also be used for hotels and car hire. Please visit www.ba.com/executiveclub to find out more.
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Originally Posted by megaloman View Post
Got a response from customer relations... 6500 avios compensation lol.
glad they reacted. That dayflight catering should really go back to the former far more reasonable offering.
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