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When Politeness Causes A Further Breakdown In Diplomatic Relations

When Politeness Causes A Further Breakdown In Diplomatic Relations

Old May 8, 18, 12:18 am
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When Politeness Causes A Further Breakdown In Diplomatic Relations

Background info. Flew on BA236 yesterday from DME-LHR in CW. Excellent flight, great crew and arrived at LHR 50 minutes early.

Incident involves male A, male B & myself on the outskirts but very close to being embroiled in the sad incident.

So so we land 50 minutes early as advised by the FO who also mentioned we would park at the A gates, she didn’t mention a bussing stand. Parked up, seatbelt signs off and everybody gets ready for disembarkation. Wait for the stairs to get attached and as I was in 1A, was at the door having a chat with the crew, thanking them for their service and discussing the glorious weather they were going to enjoy on their day off. Door opens and we all decant on to the buses. I am standing inside next to the door that we will be getting off at arrivals and the bus fills up with CW pax and a good chunk of Y pax, including male A who was a fellow CW pax who I had noticed in the lounge at DME and on the flight.

On arrival the terminal, bus doors open and male A is off the bus first, followed by a few others and myself. Usual race to the escalators taking us up to immigration. Male A is first on, followed closely by male B and myself. Male A takes up the whole width of the escalator with himself and carryon luggage. Male B is a step behind to the left of male A and I’m on the step behind B to his right.

This is where it all starts rapidly going downhill. Male B politely asks A if he can squeeze past. Male A in a loud retort announces ‘NO, I’M FIRST, YOU CAN WAIT!’. B turns to me with a slight look of amazement where we are graced with an astonishingly ignorant comment from A that B was an ‘ignorant (I’ll leave the nationality out as you could probably guess) pig’. Raised eyebrows all round, A starts defending the frontline of his escalator territory by waving his elbows around, narrowly missing B in the face which continues to the top of the escalator when A gets off and turns around in a stance that (he is ashamedly a fellow countryman of mine) I would describe as getting ready for a ‘square go’with B. Meantime, I am now at the top too and nearly get caught up in the elbow swinging of A. B tries to avoid/ignore A but A is having none of it and starts to block the path of B throwing some expletives at him in the fold. I quickly manoeuvre out of the way and leave.

What a totally uncalled for situation. As far as I am aware, A & B had no interaction before this as A was A CW pax and B was a Y pax. B was polite and held his composure for as long as I was witness to this. It wouldn’t have done any good for international relations that’s for sure.

I suppose a precursor to the cause of this was that A had been throwing rather large glasses of wine down his neck in the lounge at DME.

Sorry if I’ve bored you all but thought I would share this rather sorry and sad incident. Welcome to the UK......

Safe & Happy Travels

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Old May 8, 18, 12:48 am
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How truly bizarre - and such a thoroughly unpleasant end to your flight, even if only as a witness rather than being directly involved.

There surely has to be something seriously amiss in the character, intelligence, and mentality of any individual who behaves in this way. Large glasses of red wine cannot alone provide an adequate explanation.

Let’s hope you (or indeed any of us) never come across him again.

It can be a weird world out there.
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Old May 8, 18, 1:06 am
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It sounds like it was a most unpleasant situation altogether.

I once lived and worked in a culture very different from my own. At first I was highly discomfited to find that they seemed to interpret my Western politeness as a sign of weakness. It was only when I forced myself (at no insignificant emotional cost) to match their extreme aggressiveness (to the point, by my lights, of downright rudeness ) that I was able to get my voice heard.
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Old May 8, 18, 1:24 am
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wine or nationality is nothing to do with it.

it's just typical alpha male bulls**t and the only way to deal with it is to humiliate these people publicly so as they learn some humility themselves.
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Old May 8, 18, 2:00 am
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Originally Posted by V10 View Post
it's just typical alpha male bulls**t...
More likely a beta male overcompensating, I suspect.
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Old May 8, 18, 2:05 am
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In these situations I always recall that lovely line in Toy Story where Buzz Lightyear turns round to Woody and says, 'You're a sad, strange little man and you have my pity'. Sums up A rather nicely.
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Old May 8, 18, 2:06 am
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Ah, I have met many men like male A as I also hail from your bonnie country. It's interesting to note how many feel like acting this way hides their own insecurities, but more worryingly how many think it is okay to shout bigoted abuse. I hope male B realises not everybody in the UK is like male A and enjoys his trip, whether on business or leisure.
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Old May 8, 18, 2:06 am
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The only relevance of culture/nationality here is that indeed, people have different conceptions of escalator etiquette. At LHR (and a few other places) I'm always surprised by the number of people who do not think of leaving a "passing corridor" and I don't think they are being obstructive just that they do not realise it is a habit here. I wish HAL would put similar signs to those in tube station. Conversely, over the years, I've heard plenty of grumbling in Australia about Brits insisting of standing on the right of the escalator instead of staying on the left to let people pass them on the right!!

That's basically the end of the national/cultural incident and it seems that one follow is a simple case of a jerk behaving like a jerk (or possible like a drunk jerk). Sadly one meets jerks of virtually any nationality, gender, ethnicity, religion, profession, sexual preference, hair colour, eye colour, age, etc.
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Old May 8, 18, 2:33 am
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Glad you got 1A^
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Old May 8, 18, 2:42 am
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I doubt that there is much which could make this current relationship worse. At least no one resorted to the use of radiological or chemical weapons...
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Old May 8, 18, 3:02 am
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There was a very similar report in the DYKWIA thread a couple of week's ago IIRC. Same offender maybe?

I usually head up / down the fixed steps, which might have added a new layer of apoplexy to his behaviour!
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Old May 8, 18, 5:38 am
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Originally Posted by EsherFlyer View Post
There was a very similar report in the DYKWIA thread a couple of week's ago IIRC. Same offender maybe?
This is what I thought as well! There were two reports that sounded very similar:


Surely it's just a matter of time that the situation escalates to the point where the police gets involved?
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Old May 8, 18, 5:56 am
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How sad. I've not really experienced this apart from in the lounge when someone asked me to move as i was sitting in his favourite seat.
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Old May 8, 18, 1:52 pm
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Originally Posted by GodAtum View Post
How sad. I've not really experienced this apart from in the lounge when someone asked me to move as i was sitting in his favourite seat.
Unbelievable..... Some people need further education they are only borrowing the seat they don't own it.
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Old May 8, 18, 2:02 pm
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Originally Posted by Saltire74 View Post
Usual race to the escalators taking us up to immigration...
This is where it all starts rapidly going downhill.
I can't help but feel that someone should have pressed the emergency stop button!
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