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Pookynubbers Apr 21, 18 9:47 pm

AA Saver Award Not Showing on BA Site
Is this normal? I've got the dates pulled up and showing AA Saver Award on AA site but when I check the exact same dates logged in to BA - it's showing no availability. I've read there were times in the past that this was an issue - but wasn't sure if it was a continual problem or not.

corporate-wage-slave Apr 22, 18 3:02 am

There seems to be a glitch at the moment, we've had a number of threads on this recently, here is the one with the most detail (see end of thread):

What you should do is check on AA that Milesaaver is available on a particular direct flight (not connection), check, if it doesn't show either refresh or go forward a week and then back again. Or just ring up, the agents are hopefully aware of the website's glitch in this area and can waive the fee.

Tafflyer Apr 22, 18 3:49 am

There are a number of glitches right now and these are frustrating in that they are not easy to spot. As an example, I was looking to use Avios for AMS-JFK. The standard way is to look for flight availability sector by sector, except BA was showing LHR-JFK availability on AA only when requesting AMS-JFK and not when requesting LHR-JFK. I first wondered if BA was introducing married-sector logic to Avios reward booking until I checked on AA directly which then also showed even more availability including AMS-PHL-JFK which I cannot get BA to offer me. Unfortunately, I think the best way right now is to phone up and ask.

ploppsdman Apr 22, 18 7:03 pm

The entire site, at least for searching AA award availability, is absolutely broken. I searched for a flight July 3rd...4th..etc ...and found multiple options for July 5th. Continued my search to July 6th..etc...and 1 minute later I go back to July 5th and its gone, but there is now July 4th availability. 2 minutes later, search again and no availability for anything. Search 36 times, then it appears for July 5th. Ridiculous. Then I searched for flights to HNL via LAX. Nothing. But I find flights for HNL via Phoenix, with an LAX connect. What???

I'm considering just booking a bunch of flights or even using the miles for a moronic redemption of a hotel b/c these points seem to be (at least right now) a giant hassle. Basically, Im assuming I have to first see if there's saver availability online from AA and then call BA and see if they actually have seats from American? Meh. Is this going to change at all when their points program changes (I'm an executive club member - I have points from the old 100K signups)? Is AA going to remain a partner? Meh, I say.

howbigmassive Apr 23, 18 1:14 pm

I had the same searching for DFW-BNA the last few days, for flights in October/November. In the end I just kept doing the same search over and over again, waiting for seats to show (since they were showing as plenty available on the AA website). Took me about 10 minutes before the seats showed up.

Fraser Apr 23, 18 1:29 pm

I had this last night, on the first search they showed then went back a couple of minutes later and nothing. Checked on a different computer and mobile, logged in and out with no joy. As this was for a flight on Wednesday I thought maybe availability had been withdrawn within 72hrs or something. I checked and could see Milessaver availability still there so called BA and booked over the phone, the guy waived the phone booking fee.

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