BA eStore Reversals Common or just me!?

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BA eStore Reversals Common or just me!?

I use the BA estore occasionally, but always have issues with PC World. I had one in October reverse in January and the avios are taken back. I queried this with eStore CS in January and they were investigating it after I resubmitted not only my receipt but also the reserve and collect reservation. That is still not resolved after 3 months! Today I noticed another reversal for a transaction in January, the avios once again taken back. Interestingly it's exactly 2 months and 2 weeks between posting and then reversing, same as the October one.

These reversals are often hard to spot as you get no notification, and they then get lost as they reverse going back to the date of posting, way down in my list of transactions. I've had issues before with PC World, this will now be the 3rd reversal I've had. Once from 2 years ago it took 6 months to settle, and the eStore Manager had to manually credit them back.

Just makes me wonder if PC World, as I presume they have to pay for the avios, are pulling a fast one here to be honest. I know very cynical thinking, but there's no legitimate reason for them to be sneakily reversing avios to the extent they do, in my experience, and I don't have this issue with all the other retailers I use on eStore.
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Interesting : I have had this on a number of occasions ; one was with PC World. I did chase one once successfully ; but have not done this with others as its not worth the effort. Annoying though.
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I'm afraid Currys PC World is a company I cannot trust. I've made purchases in the past from them and several months after the Avios have been awarded they have been reversed without notice. My son worked part time for them when he was in Six Form and during his first year at university - the selling practices he told me of are nothing short of deceptive.
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Wouldn't surprise me if staff put the orders through as a new sale so they went against their targets, which makes it look like you didn't pick up your reserved item.
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Originally Posted by chistery View Post
Wouldn't surprise me if staff put the orders through as a new sale so they went against their targets, which makes it look like you didn't pick up your reserved item.
Yes I'd considered this also. I'm just glad that my 24th November one appears still in tact! The other 2 are minor avios anyhow, but I'd still rather like to have them back thanks!

22/02/2018 Approved 796
24/01/2018 Currys PC World Cancelled by Merchant 282
24/11/2017 Dell UK Approved 3,608
24/11/2017 Currys PC World Approved 1,998
23/11/2017 Dell UK Approved 9,550
10/11/2017 Byron - In Store Approved 144
20/10/2017 Currys PC World Cancelled by Merchant 218
29/09/2017 Dell UK Approved 5,904
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I've had issues with PC World doing this as well. I haven't chased up as 900 avios are not worth the hassle to me. I've just taken note not to use PC World if possible moving forward especially as John Lewis has always provided me a much better service with normally a broadly similar price.
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I’ve had a few including one from Furniture Village for close to 10k Avios. All I have got from BA is a standard “your purchase did not qualify” email without any further explanation.

I’ve stopped using the BA store as it is so hit and miss and use a cash back site instead.
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I've not had problems with Avios being cancelled although PC World is not a merchant I ever use. It used to be problematic getting a lot of my purchases to post and I'd guess for around half of them I used to have to use the "Claim Missing Avios" form on the e-store. This seemed to improve greatly around two years ago however what I've noticed over the last 6 months is that they are a lot stricter if there are any indications that you may not have clicked through from the BA e-Store or have clicked a refferring link on another site.

I always make sure the last link to the merchant's website I click on is via the e-store however sometimes I'll be browsing around, comparing other sites, looking for voucher codes etc. and I've had a couple of purchases declined for Avios from the e-Store and the reason given was that I'd used another loyalty/purchase bonus scheme. I hadn't and I'm not signed up to any others. What I do now is once I've finished any shopping around and price comparisons I log out of, clear my cookies and then log back in and make my purchase.

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Yes, it happens a lot. I recently had it with Majestic Wine and the explanation I got was that "your transaction was rejected as the merchant reported that your last click for your purchase was not made via British Airways Avios eStore site but another marketing source", which was total rubbish as I'd gone in via BA and completed the purchase in the same session. It does sometimes seem as if they make it up as they go along, and there is no recourse for the customer.
The biggest fight I had with them was regarding carwow. According to the eStore you're supposed to get a fixed amount of Avios if you go into carwow and launch a request for a new car purchase, which you subsequently complete as confirmed by the dealer. I did everything by the book, the dealer confirmed the purchase, but I didn't the get Avios. The argument was that there was no record of my accessing the site on the date that the purchase was reported to be completed. This doesn't make any sense as the process is set up in a way that there is no reason for the customer to access the site on the date of completion.
eStore is a scam, pure and simple.
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Iíve only ever had this happen with PC World- they always seem to claw back some Avios with me - I never get credited the correct amount and usually a few week afterwards they grab back half of the (incorrect) Avios leaving me with approximately 25% of what should have been posted.
Iíve given up with them and barely use the e store.
Argos have been OK (so far).
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Ditto in the past with Currys / PC World . Not a trustworthy company in my experience. Always track, always pays out and then always cancels and claws back the avios a couple of months later.

Also just had Payasugym cancelled for no reason as well.
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Sounds like a consumer news story brewing...
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I have just had a Trainline transaction (Promotional 3 Avios Per £) cancelled. not BA
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Iíve had this problem with Evans Cycles and itís apparently specific to click and collect orders. When I queried it the first response was that the purchases did not qualify for the full amount of Avios. I sent a grab of the T&Cs for them which only mentions bikes getting a lower rate and asked them
to follow up again. They then claimed I had not collected orders.

Iíve provided eStore with a screen grab of my order history. This shows everything has been collected but usually as a separate line on the system, rather than by marking the order line as ďcollectedĒ. They are allegedly speaking to the retailer - I chased them last week - but I donít hold much hope.

I have just stopped shopping at Evans while it is sorted. Iíll try Evans social media too if the eStore people donít respond soon.
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eStore, the equivalent and shopsaway through virgin all seem the same provider with similar rules but a different selection of merchants and earn rates. I rarely use any of them anymore due to this reversing of credits issue. Don't credit me the points in the first place if they're not due!
I read the rules and comply. To then raid my account months later is not on. I don't like not having a comeback. Hilton have come close to losing me completely for their shenanigans with estore and shopsaway nicking back valid stays, the latter 2 years later ... they both re-instated the points.
So topcashback it is, that paragon of customer service and transparency.
I too wish one of the papers or someone did a proper expose on this market; whilst much of it may be simple incompetence there is dishonesty too.
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