What's No Bedding in F Worth?

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What's No Bedding in F Worth?

I'm a leisure traveller and regularly pay to travel in F for long-haul. Sometimes things go wrong and I generally shrug and let it go. But on my most recent long-haul flight (with very nice cabin-crew) there was no bedding and I wonder what compensation others would expect.

A week ago, I flew BA SYD-SIN-LHR in F (paid ticket) seated in 1A. There were 2 CSMs on the SIN-LHR leg and both were helpful and efficient. Leaving SIN, I made the mistake of ordering a main course and a glass of wine - the steak took 1 hour to arrive and was inedible - and I then asked for my bed to be made up while I went to brush my teeth. I returned to find on the bed what looked like a blue polyester jacket with a zipper on one side (it turned out to be a crew-blanket), a thin blanket from Club that may have been used, and an old creased pillow. I told the cabin-crew member that I needed to speak to one of the CSMs, and both came separately to see me.

It transpired that on leaving SIN there were only 3 sets of bedding on each side of the cabin, tho the cabin of 14 seats was fully occupied. They made the decision to allocate the bedding on a first requested/first provided basis. They termed the lack of bedding as a "serious service delivery failure" and one reported the incident on his iPad during the flight (after he'd taken my details). BA emailed me on the morning of arrival at LHR to say it would investigate and be in touch later. A day ago I had no email from BA but an 'adjustment' of 5000 Avios was added to my account.

I find this response laughable. With the lack of the proper bedding, I had little sleep. I guess I had thought there might be a credit-voucher in recompense. But I'd be grateful to learn what others think would be appropriate.
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I have no direct experience of lack of bedding in F, but I think a credit voucher is unrealistic in the current BA compensation environment. I would go back to BA and explain that you believe 5000 avios is insufficient recompense and suggest a number you think is more appropriate

Service recovery avios have been in the doldrums for a while but there have been some reports of upward movement recently.
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Oh dear. It is infuriating when simple things such as this go wrong. There really is no excuse for it, those responsible for loading would know there is a shortfall and they should advise the appropriate people to get it sorted. That said, I don't know what Avios compensation I would expect. 5000 does appear a little mean, but but I wouldn't really expect more than 10,000 given that a pillow and blanket from Club was provided. Certainly tell them that you find their offer inadequate for the discomfort you suffered and see what they come back with.
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The whole cabin had no bedding LHR-ORD last April, but I didn't bother claiming. CSM was busy with his iPad at 1K so maybe he complained. Perhaps I should have.
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It is beyond laughable that, for a fully-occupied cabin of 14 F seats, on one of the longest flights in the BA network, only six sets of bedding were included.
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You should almost certainly be able to push another 5,000 out of them. Since you paid full price for the fare I'd probably include in the e-mail the extra 4 figures you most likely paid above the club world fare for the enhanced experience, and point out that they failed to deliver the service that you paid for. I've never not had bedding so have never had to claim, but it's certainly worth voicing your displeasure to them, even if all it achieves is them kicking the backside of the servicing company.
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I vaguely recall getting 5,000 pts for the missing beddings. They were completely missing from the whole cabin from memory, although I think this was SIN-SYD or SYD-SIN from memory, and the CSM made the arrangement for everyone in F to receive the Avios if I remember correctly.

I personally wouldn't have been too bothered as long as I had some kind of bedding even from the CW although it would have been disappointing.
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5,000 is the correct amount of compensation according to our Framework, wether it is enough I will leave others to decide.
Saying that the crew sleeping bag would be in my opinion be far superior as a mattress cover as it is double thickness of the normal one.
The pillow would have been the standard one and even though you say it was creased the cover would have been changed.
The problem would be the missing duvets which are hold loaded from LHR.
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Thank you all for the comments and info.

Just to answer CIHY, it wasn't a crew sleeping bag; it was less than 1m long, tho I guess I could have unzipped it and put my feet inside. It was the CSM who informed me that it was a crew blanket.

I have responded politely to Customer Relations that I find their response inadequate. I quoted to them what the BA website says about First bedding " a luxurious quilted mattress, crisp white cotton duvet and pillow while you slip into a pair of our wonderfully soft cotton pyjamas" as none of this was provided.
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Ok, I cannot think what you were given then as the crew sleeping bags are huge.
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Happened to me from SAN to LHR. They offered the new club world bedding. The csm came around prior to landing to offer their apologies and 5k avois or 50 voucher which I accepted. Should have asked for a bottle of lpgs instead in hindsight
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Originally Posted by All She Wrote
You should almost certainly be able to push another 5,000 out of them.
I'd second that - on a recent F flight with cabin temperature difficulties the CSD didn't process any compensation for us directly, but made a "complaint" on our behalf (after asking for email addresses). This then resulted in a very nice email with 10k avios compensation per person. The avios compensation thread shows a trend of increasing amounts of compensation for service failings.

Whether another 5k avios is worth any trouble, is obviously up to you though.
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It's a pretty poor hard product delivery failure to run out of or have to ration F bedding.

It should just not happen. End of.

Someone, somewhere, is being crap at their job.
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What would be an acceptable compensation on a redemption flight in F?
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5000 does seem laughable even in the current stingy compensation envirionment.

Crazy not too long ago they were giving out 100,000 Avios if you were seated in Old First seats on a 747.
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