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Group Boarding 2018 - first hand experiences

Group Boarding 2018 - first hand experiences

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Please use this thread to document experiences of the new Group Boarding process in airports. I think it's well known how the previous boarding system works, so just the new process please, so that other travellers can gauge its effectiveness.

For discussion, conjecture and speculation about the scheme, please use this thread: https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/brit...iscussion.html
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Old Feb 16, 18, 10:48 pm
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Originally Posted by Mapman View Post
After a promising start, BA797 turned into a free for all. Pax with infants invited to board - which seemed to consist of any family with children up to the age of 15. Then boarding seemed just to morph into general free for all. Eventually gate agents called groups 1 and 2 together (why?) but the queue consisted of pax of any group. Four G4 in front of me. No challenge from gate agent.

Not BAís finest hour just a few weeks after introduction. And yet ARN got it absolutely right last Sunday.
Whilst I'm not sure of the personal circumstances of each of these families, I'm seeing this more and more often and it's quite disappointing. In Japan they specify an age, but this can be counterproductive. I was sat next to a woman who was with her adorable, yet obviously autistic child. She didn't feel like she had the right to ask because her child wasn't physically disabled or below the age mentioned. It took a bit of convincing, but I managed to convince her to allow me to ask on her behalf if she could board early. The staff were awesome and couldn't be more helpful.
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Old Feb 17, 18, 8:13 am
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London City - Geneva 16th jan

Iím not sure if it hasnít launched at LCY yet but there was no attempt made to do group boarding yesterday. They started with the gold and club Europe announcement which was as usual everyoneís que to stand up and surge towards the gate agent and it was carnage.

On a more positive note, they did insist on sending the very persistent non status euro traveller passenger in front of me to the back.
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Old Feb 17, 18, 11:03 am
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Originally Posted by ThatT1Feeling View Post
CPH was very good last night with clear instructions and BP checks on boarding.

They're tight for space though and when Group 1 was called, it must have taken at least 30 seconds to work out that nothing was moving due to the gaggle of Group 2s blocking access to the airbridge - and Group 1s being very polite not pushing through....
Once again thank you for the feedback. Very happy to read this will forward. And i am aware of the issue of group 2 or 3 blocking entrance or already lined up before bdg starts. Trying to make it a habit for all to clear the line for non eligbles before starting bdg.
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Old Feb 17, 18, 11:14 am
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Thursday and yesterday

EDI-LHR - Group 1, 2 and 3 all together at Gate 11 with GP1 called first. Open tensa barrier and eligibility checked before boarding and a couple sent back/out.

LHR-ARN - Gate 18 - Only a small handful in the GP1 lane, regular announcements to stay seated which I'd say 90% did then calling forward.

ARN-LHR - Gate 86 - Gp 1,2 and 3 together. Separate lane for 4/5. About 20 people lined up. A very efficient GA walked up the queue, threw a few folks out and said GP1 will be called first and ushered everyone against the window so GP1 could get past when called, then GP 2 etc. GP 1 called, about 10 people through and as I loitered adjusting my rucksack (I was watching how it was going to be done ) a minute later after I went through she called GP 2 and 3 quickly thereafter.

LHR-LAX - I was SSSS'd but I saw staff checking eligibility and clear gate announcements as to the process but didn't see or hear it being called but the gate area was clear ish.

Pretty efficient overall
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Old Feb 17, 18, 12:54 pm
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LHR-BSL on Friday evening.

All lines had had their boarding passes verified before boarding started. Group 1 called first. I got on. Donít know what happened after that. Impressed.
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Old Feb 17, 18, 2:43 pm
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Before the ďholdingĒ area just normal priority vs everyone else lane. Then at time of boarding we were told Group 1 only but there was a massive scrum of people just blocking the door so it was hard for Group 1 people to get through and they did turn people away. Didnít see what happened after that. So not sure it works very well in T3 (my only experience of it thus far) as without lanes you just get the usual scrum blocking the area.
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Old Feb 18, 18, 5:01 am
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Yesterday BA 768 OSL-LHR. A rather pared-down boarding announcement. Business called, then Economy. No mention of metals or precious stones.
then BA 418 LHR-LUX. Into pre-boarding lounge. As soon as announcement began, general rush forward., Gate agents were metaphorically swinging lit torches to hold back the wolf pack. Group 1s were allowed to thread their way through.

BTW - QR issued boarding passes (at Auckland) had group numbers printed on.
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Old Feb 18, 18, 7:46 am
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LGW-MLA this morning.

Gate 31 in the satellite, so plenty of room for separate lanes yet they didn't have the new signs present, only the old one. Announcement made saying they would be boarding by group, followed about 5 seconds later by boarding group 1 and 2 together.

8 rows of club and completely full flight so not like it would have been light on group 1's. Only a few weeks in and the ground staff are coming up with their own system already it would appear.
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Old Feb 18, 18, 12:04 pm
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Gate 141

Awful gate for boarding anyway, but no pre-boarding for children called. They did announce "boarding by groups" by totally pointless when you call three groups in one announcement: 1,2,3 called in the same announcement.

That said, boarding was relatively efficient.
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Old Feb 18, 18, 12:54 pm
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LHR to Turin 17/02 Group 1 called and all others seemingly enforced on a totally fully flight. Big improvement.
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Old Feb 18, 18, 1:00 pm
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LHR T3 BA794 (HEL) today.
Gate agent had some issues with the microphone, but when sorted announced that group boarding was in place and asked people to check boarding passes. She then called Group 1, followed about 15 seconds later by Groups 1 and 2. I was heading for the aircraft by that point
Gate 1 is one big holding area, but boarding was helped by (a) not a full flight, and (b) people were mostly seated until Group 1 were called. I saw no checks of BPs
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Old Feb 19, 18, 1:06 am
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BA846 , LHr-WAW. T3 coach boarding. Free for all: people with infants, needing extra time, Club europe, gold, silver, bronze called at the same time. Didnít seem to cause much angst, but far from group-based.
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Old Feb 19, 18, 4:30 am
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Just boarded BA 93 to YYZ from gate B48. Small group 1 queue ahead of me, there were 2 chancers (apparently in club) who were sent away, while muttering under their breath. People seemed to line up in correct queues so overall must say that I was really impressed. Just walked up to gate as they started boarding so from my perspective, it was almost as good as @KARFA boards (him, and everyone else :-)
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Old Feb 19, 18, 4:42 am
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Originally Posted by LondonCanuck View Post
....it was almost as good as @KARFA boards (him, and everyone else :-)
It was a good system! Very sad that BA never gave it a chance https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/29071195-post9.html
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Old Feb 19, 18, 9:41 am
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GLA-LCY today.

2 queues signed 1-3 and 4-5. No pre-announcements to remain seated etc, just the initial call for Group 1 to board.

The gate agent was taking a good look at boarding passes before scanning them, but the two passengers in front of me, seemed to be traveling separately, were not group 1 and boarded no problem.
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