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Group Boarding 2018 - first hand experiences

Group Boarding 2018 - first hand experiences

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Please use this thread to document experiences of the new Group Boarding process in airports. I think it's well known how the previous boarding system works, so just the new process please, so that other travellers can gauge its effectiveness.

For discussion, conjecture and speculation about the scheme, please use this thread: https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/brit...iscussion.html
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Old Feb 9, 18, 9:09 am
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BA418 to Lux, no real attempt at group boarding. But the passengers seemed happier to sit and wait than usual.
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Old Feb 9, 18, 10:02 am
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Shocking attempt at this yesterday morning at LHR gate A13, flight to Berlin.

A13 has the lanes set up for 1, 2-3, 4-5
people were starting to queue up at the relevant line. so far so good.

then the person from BA started walking down the lines saying that the lane signposted 1 would be for all priority gold and silver members. so people moved from lane 2 to lane 1.. as instructed.
then the call over the tannoy was for group 1 to board, so people who had been told to queue in the line by the person from BA were then told at the desk that they were in the wrong line.
then they started to board 1 and 2 from both lanes at the same time.

at this gate, the system had the perfect opportunity to work, as it has the lanes and signed set up.
it just fell down with the training of the BA staff instructing silver and gold to both queue in lane 1.
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Old Feb 9, 18, 1:03 pm
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BA952 Gate 17 today. Was in group one but behinds what seemed like a lot of passengers with additional needs.
boarding was timely certainly Group 1 called first. What I noticed was that despite being full there was lots of space in the ET overhead bins.
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Old Feb 9, 18, 2:46 pm
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Group boarding did not happen at gate 27 at LGW for ACE on Thursday am. They just called those who need more time to board/families first, then Club Europe. Although that is clearly group 1, the expression was not used.
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Old Feb 9, 18, 3:03 pm
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Originally Posted by sPaCePiR8 View Post
Experience from BA 961 MUC-LHR yesterday night: first time I've noticed "an attempt" at group boarding in Munich (I usually go there once a week). No lanes or any equipment to close off / open areas by the gate B 03), likely due to space constraints. Boarding was delayed due to snow so quite a large crowd was waiting in front and near the gate already. Announcement of group boarding by gate staff, quite a lot of people rushed forward when Group 1 was called. Grouping was enforced partially, i.e. they briefly looked at every 5th-10th persons BP. It felt like an unusually high number of Group 1 passengers just from glancing at boarding passes and the fact that there were 5/6 rows of CE on the plane but nevertheless it is good to see that they're trying to implement it in MUC as well...in previous weeks it simply was the old style CE/Gold/Silver/Bronze first and then everyone else
BA927 from Munich today at B01 was the same. No lanes of equipment. Just announcements. No checking. Seems like everyone who considered themselves important was in group 1. There was a lot! Including intra-group fighting including this gem: “excuse me, can I get passed?” “but your boarding pass is blue, you can’t be in group 1” “ yes but i’m travelling at the front of the plane, you’re in the back”

group 2 and 3 together and there weren’t that many. People in group 4 and 5 seemed satisfied enough to wait.
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Old Feb 9, 18, 4:10 pm
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LHR to Basel today. Boarding went smoothly. And they made a point of telling everyone to pay attention to the new boarding procedure. And then someone patrolled the queue in the Group 1 line- which was shorter than the priority line under the old system. If BA can do this consistently then it's certainly an improvement.
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Old Feb 9, 18, 4:17 pm
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Lacklustre attempt at Group Boarding at FRA today on the 1505 to LHR.

Group numbers clearly printed on boarding pass

Boarding by group was announced and everyone surged forward to board. The two gate agents just le everyone through. Towards the end of boarding they called for Groups 2-3 to board...I mean come on!! You could see that 90% of passengers had boarded...so why are you calling for group 2-3? And why didnt you turn people away when you specifically called for group 1 only?
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Old Feb 10, 18, 3:08 am
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​​​​​​BA417 LUX to LHR set up as photo. Boarding group announcement asking for passengers to stay seated until group announced. Amazingly, everyone has... very orderly

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Old Feb 10, 18, 6:14 am
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Originally Posted by FlyingScientist View Post
Strangely, all my QR issued boarding passes for BA flights appear to have "Group 1" handwritten on them...
May I ask who wrote this on?
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Old Feb 10, 18, 8:37 am
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Saturday 10/2 BA1307 ABZ-LHR

A pleasant surprise at my 'local' this morning. Group boarding has arrived at Aberdeen. Gate 5 has 3 tensa barrier lanes clearly marked Group 1, Group 2&3 and Group 4&5. On arriving at the gate a couple of minutes ahead of boarding it was noticeably clear of people. There was a pre-boarding announcement of the process and asking customers to check their Group number. Boarding then started with Group 1 called - about 8 or 9 of us headed down the lane. The guy immediately behind me was sent back as he was Group 3.

The whole 'experience' was vastly better (from a Group 1 perspective) than the previous melee that always occurred.

I would add a photo but it seems I don't have enough posts yet.
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Old Feb 10, 18, 9:02 am
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Not much evidence of this for flight to LUX departing from Gate 7 at T3 this afternoon- there were 2 separate queues (one for anyone bronze and up, other for non) where passes and passports were checked in order to enter the general boarding gate pen.

For boarding, wheelchairs and families with children called first. Then a call for priority boarders (Club Europe and anyone above blue I think) with no checks whatsoever- a walk straight through to the inevitable line of chairs and buggies on the jetty meaning any group could have boarded at will.
No tensa barriers, signs or mentions of specific group numbers in the boarding calls
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Old Feb 10, 18, 9:16 am
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Originally Posted by Knickam View Post
May I ask who wrote this on?
The comment refers to the fact that I always have a pen with me.
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Old Feb 10, 18, 10:43 am
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9th Feb - group boarding at Aberdeen. First time I have had it so must be a relatively new thing here. Much better system. A few chancers in the Group 1 line but got told to go into the group noted on their boarding pass by the girls manning the queues. Felt like a much speedier boarding process too.
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Old Feb 10, 18, 12:17 pm
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I'm not going to go into excruciatingly boring detail, but group boarding at T5 gate A13 yesterday (BA0988 to TXL) was a master class in how it should be done. Imaginative, clear and efficient. I'm starting to think that BA might finally be getting the hang of this boarding thing.
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Old Feb 10, 18, 1:38 pm
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Originally Posted by ThatT1Feeling View Post
CPH last night. There's a 2-stage boarding process much like many gates at LGW; the first process is two lines where the BPs are checked, with the "old" style priority line and standard line, which then brings you into a boarding area with seating etc.

Then there's a set of tensabarriers with 2 lines - Group 1,2,3 and Group 4,5 - limited to 2 lines due to space constraints.

The boarding order was announced early and then we were called in order by Group - but there was no check at this stage as to individual Group eligibility. I'd give them an 8/10
Thank you very much for your constant feedback for the group bdg procedure at Copenhagen, i was doing the departures yesterday on friday evening flights (i think you were there thursday?) and gave a big effort to check that everyone actually eligble to board when doing the group bdg. I will forward your feedback
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