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Group Boarding 2018 - first hand experiences

Group Boarding 2018 - first hand experiences

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Please use this thread to document experiences of the new Group Boarding process in airports. I think it's well known how the previous boarding system works, so just the new process please, so that other travellers can gauge its effectiveness.

For discussion, conjecture and speculation about the scheme, please use this thread: https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/brit...iscussion.html
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Old Feb 2, 18, 8:46 am
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Originally Posted by boutela View Post
Some old habits die hard, it seems.
So it seems! BA95 yesterday at LHR T5 gate B38, clear initial instructions on how they would do it, where to find your group number etc. Separate lines for each of 1, 2 and 3 and a combined 4/5.

I'm about 5th in group 1, and as I reach the front, I overhear one desk agent say to the other, that "there's no first on this plane, I'm calling for Gold and Club World together". Only a look from his colleague stopped him! Enforcement was good tho, a few people turned away for being in the wrong group, and they didn't merge the groups that I could hear.
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Old Feb 2, 18, 10:15 am
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On today's BA 1420 to BHD.
People were joining the Group 1 queue when they couldn't see the signs. Most I saw didn't examine their group so that may explain why about 50 were in that queue. No one turned away.
I was in group 2 so in the 2/3 lane. Group 2 called so EVERYONE in this lane moved forward. I heard people say that they were in Group 3 but that they were sure that no one would check. That was true as b a staff made no attempt to look at anyone's BP.
How do b a expect to have one line for two groups and that only the higher numbered will move? There isn't even room for that.
Daft! Not policed! Doesn't make any difference to boarding. Have the group number signs much higher.
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Old Feb 2, 18, 2:46 pm
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Gate 142

Set up as two rows. Groups 1/2/3 and groups 4/5. Lightly loaded flight with only about 66 on an A321.

They certainly started off boarding in the correct order and did call this so not sure if there were any issues as I was third on board after another GC holder and a passenger requiring assistance.

I suppose calling by group number makes it easier than lots of confusion for some over Gold, silver, emerald, ruby, etc. Most people can comprehend numbers.
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Old Feb 3, 18, 1:38 am
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BA388 from LHR to BRU this morning. Clear instructions on how to find the group number on BPs. Very organized boarding. But it helped a lot that we were only 45 on that flight.
No group boarding on the other 3 sectors, ATH-LHR, LHR-JNB, JNB-LHR.
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Old Feb 3, 18, 3:46 am
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Gate 5 on a 767 to GLA Thursday, full flight. Gates policed well and chancers (a lot of them!) moved out of group 1. Importantly, Group 3s asked to leave the 2/3 queue and 2s moved forward. All done by the gate agent in under 1 minute, very easy and with no back-chat from passengers.

Had one gent in group 1 with his missus in 2, neither had hand baggage but they both stood in different queues from the off. Interesting I thought - people don't seem to think they're allowed guests in the queue, having said that I don't understand why someone would split from a spouse for the sake of boarding 1 min earlier... maybe that's just me.
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Old Feb 3, 18, 4:22 am
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Originally Posted by wanderingjock View Post
Just got my boarding passes for AY from TLL to HEL and from HEL to LHR and both have GROUP 1 printed in big letters on them. Have AY always done this or is it part of the BA roll out? These were BA coded flight numbers.
AY has done it for 34 years, nothing to do with BA.
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Old Feb 3, 18, 4:43 am
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flew LHR-GLA this morning, and boarding by group number was fully enforced (well, up until group 3 anyway as I was almost last through in group 2 and heard the group 3 announcement as I was going down the escalator to the jetway).
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Old Feb 3, 18, 11:28 am
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The new system was in place at Hyderabad a few days ago, with two lines (Groups 1-3 and Groups 4-5). The lines weren't open until boarding time, so when Group 1 was called there was no one pushing past anyone else (at least once in the line). Groups seemed to make it simpler as it was clear when people should board (and when they shouldn't).
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Old Feb 3, 18, 2:02 pm
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Gatwick to Barbados today. Shortly before boarding an announcement made that we would be boarding by group and asked us to look at our boarding passes to find out our group number. Groups 1 and 2 called together but no check that only 1 and 2 were boarding. Do not know what happened later. Good flight by the way.
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Old Feb 4, 18, 11:53 am
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BA416 to LUX. Just a free for all type of boarding.
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Old Feb 4, 18, 1:36 pm
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I went to SIN out of a C gate last week and it was being policed, with people being removed from the Group 1 line (with a fair amount of huffing and chuffing from some of the evictees).

My onward SIN-SYD was also policed, though I'm not how well it was done once I got through as there was a fair old scrum building up behind me.
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Old Feb 4, 18, 3:59 pm
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BA821 CPH (the 19:55) -> LHR. Gate (c27) agent pointed out my group number (2) when entering gate. There were barriers with group signs set up, but announcement made to remain seated until group number is called. Several people rebuked (including some group 2's trying it on when it was very clearly announced as 1 only). Overall it worked very well.
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Old Feb 5, 18, 5:52 am
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DME from a B gate on Sunday went pretty well (for a group 1 at least) - and they got everyone on the A321 15 mins before STD so it does seem to be helping.
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Old Feb 5, 18, 6:05 am
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BA107 from LHR to DXB, leaving gate B43 on February 4th. Happy to read that boarding was well managed and 'policed'. Off topic, I have to say the new World Traveller food (implemented January 17th) offering was good and the Magnum ice cream a nice touch. One sunny say does not a summer make but something positive for a change coming from the back of the plane...
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Old Feb 5, 18, 6:34 am
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Originally Posted by Lord_of_the_wings View Post
BA416 to LUX. Just a free for all type of boarding.
On this tomorrow. Will report back...
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