WT Improvements

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WT Improvements

Ice creams and WT tuck boxes as well as snacks with the bar round to return to WT from the 17th Jan 18.
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Good to hear, hopefully it will be well received, ice cream is usually an easy crowd pleaser. On all routes in both directions?
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That's good news, thank you!
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That is welcome news. Hopefully more genuine improvements will happen in the Y cabin.
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Good news indeed.
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Good to see previous very poorly received enhancements to be reversed, irrespective of the cabin. Here's hoping there are more.
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We apologise in advance if your preferred flavour of ice cream is unavailable.
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**deleted - corrected**

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The mid flight snack you received on your LAS flight is different from the tuck box, these boxes are in the galley between meals are self help where as the mid flight snack boxes are given out between meals on out longest day flights.
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Possibly some limited good news for long-suffering BA economy class passengers, who have borne the brunt of some pretty indifferent treatment from BA for some time now.

It doesn't however start to address the problem that they are having to endure increasingly unpleasant hard product though.
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Is this for Gatwick flights as well?
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Originally Posted by MFCC View Post
Ice creams and WT tuck boxes as well as snacks with the bar round to return to WT from the 17th Jan 18.
In other news, exactly how it was a few years ago. Then, "based on customers' and crews' feedback" and, taking wastage into account, something will be taken out again.

It's the same story time and again with onboard product. Whoever works on it just doesn't understand the concept of OPEX, doesn't understand that an investment will have an ongoing cost, doesn't understand you've got to design something in such a way that it works and can be sustained. It's the same story with Club service and bedding.

All this is, obviously, my opinion and not my employer's.
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Aside from the fact that I personally love ice cream, I also think it works really well as an onboard snack/dessert. Doesn't require any prep, simple to serve (though often too hard) and a general crowd pleaser as c-w-s says. I think the American sundaes in J/F work well too.

I guess the only thing is does it cost a lot to keep frozen, but I'm guessing not given many airlines do it.
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I can't recall ice creams previously on BA WT - seems a genuine improvement. Assume they'll be in WTP too?

Nice, memorable touch for (I'd imagine) not an extraordinary amount extra.
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I wouldn't mind if they served no food in WT except for drinks and had no IFE as long as the seat pitch was decent and they had no more than 9 seats abreast on a 777.

I can bring my own food and entertainment but I can't change an uncomfortable or cramped seat.
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