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I thought I'd dip into this eggstraviganza with my thoughts but then I'd have to soldier on while the subject is toast.
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Originally Posted by Brighterside View Post
OK - Enough with the egg jokes...
Surely une oeuf with the egg jokes?
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The topic has surely been thoroughly beaten by now!
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Enough already! Can we all please just get ova it and get back to the DYKWIA stories?
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Originally Posted by araqnid View Post
The topic has surely been thoroughly beaten by now!
Someone should be whipped ... or scrambled.

Now, where's the Mod who can get this Thread back on the rails?
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My thoughts have already been poached.
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Originally Posted by FT01 View Post
Anyone who is so desperate to consume eggs before a flight is certainly inconsiderate enough to be a DYKWIA in the making...
And yet the Galleries lounge serves up a curry. That's nice of them to do to the longhaul passengers in CW!
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Originally Posted by GrayBDG View Post
Surely une oeuf with the egg jokes?
With all these enhancements the traveller will be poached by another airline soon.
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Originally Posted by stu1985 View Post
No it wasn't! It was eggcellent!
Everyone has free range to say eggsactly what they want
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Isn't it time to close this thread and move on to DYKWIA 2019?
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Egg-sellent idea. This thread has become scrambled anyway and the yolks are way too old. I think moving to 2019 is the white decision and there is little eggs-cuse not to do it.
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This thread is being closed to ensure good housekeeping. However there is a new thread for 2019 and that can be found here:

DYKWIA | 2019 edition

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