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BotB Nov 22, 17 12:29 pm

Aerospace Bristol (Concorde museum) visit and DO | 24 Feb 2018

Aerospace Bristol Banner (copyright Aerospace Bristol)

As the title says, an FT BA DO in Bristol, with an afternoon visit to the Aerospace Bristol museum (including Concorde) if enough interest can be garnered!

Saturday, the 24th Feb. 2018 is the date to put in your calendar for the DO, as it is easier for me to organise then and it means people can arrive on the day or stay for the weekend.

Dates that were proposed for the DO were the following three and more people wanted the 24th than any other date...

6th Jan. 2018 or
20th Jan. 2018 or
24th Feb. 2018.

Please post your interest in attending the DO / museum tour if you can make the 24th Feb. 2018 date. I know that these are quite early in the new year and likely people wondering why this date in Feb? Well, they are before an half term dates, they are dates I am available! and it would be a great way to break up the Winter blues!

I'm suggesting we meet at Aerospace Bristol at 13:00 on the day, have an organised tour of the museum (which can be arranged but minimum group size is 20 people), and then later that evening meet up for a nice evening meal and some drinks in the city centre. Entrance to the museum is 15 / person (including guided tour if we have 20 people) or 10 (if we don't have guided tour but still need 20 people) or if the group is smaller than that, it is the normal entrance fee of 15 / person, which lets you come back as many times as you wish for up to a year from the date on the ticket.

I live local to Bristol so can help with queries.

More details on hotels, transport, follow...

Some pictures to whet the appetite: (from a visit to the museum I did today)

Concorde Poster

Concorde G-BOAF

View from the BotB!

Many People Love Concorde Display

Concorde Food and Drink Items

Concorde display

Concorde Seats

Bristol F2B Fighter

Lovely Display

Harrier and Engine

Jupiter, the first Bristol Engine

Bullet Poster

Concorde Pilots are rare indeed!

BotB Nov 22, 17 12:30 pm


BotB Nov 22, 17 12:38 pm

Obviously, I've not included everything the museum has to offer on display, that would ruin things! So, these are teasers, there are some lovely additional bits for both the Bristol historical aspect as well as the Concorde hanger area I've not posted pictures about. You can indeed board G-BOAF and have a look around. You can walk around her on the ground as well as on an elevated mezzanine.

Hoping this will find resonance for a DO. In any case, the museum is well worth a visit if you happen to be in Bristol.

Look forward to seeing if there is interest. Discuss!

tomparskate Nov 22, 17 1:04 pm

The 6th January or 24th Feb would be ideal for me.

I would 100% be up for this

KARFA Nov 22, 17 1:13 pm

Thank you for organising this BotB ^

Whilst I am pretty well booked up early next year already, I should be able to change a few things and come if it is on 20 January - the other two dates wouldn’t be possible for me unfortunately.

megaloman Nov 22, 17 1:13 pm

Count me in!

​​​​6 Jan or 24 Feb work for me :-)

PETER01 Nov 22, 17 1:18 pm

Well done for organising this BotB ^

20th January would be good for me but the other 2 I won't be able to make it. I'd probably just come for the Do and not the Concorde tour.

florens Nov 22, 17 1:22 pm

Damn. Just booked a flight back from LHR to BSL on 20th before seeing this. I am highly interested, so might be able to rebook the flight to the 21st. So please note me down as a maybe and interested for the 20th.

Greenpen Nov 22, 17 2:24 pm

I’m in on any of the three dates.

puqui99 Nov 22, 17 2:46 pm

Me & my hubbie can do 24.02. Count us in!!

Cris L Nov 22, 17 2:54 pm

Love to see Concorde
I would love to attend, but honestly none of those dates are possible for me.

At present June is about the earliest for me.

baileysserpant Nov 22, 17 3:09 pm

Yup I am in. Close to home 😀

allturnleft Nov 22, 17 3:53 pm

Dont normally do DOs but this seems a lovely idea
6/1 too soon after new year break but other dates good

Cymro Nov 22, 17 4:13 pm

20 January would be best for me, but nothing blocking any of these yet.

S_W_S Nov 22, 17 4:15 pm

I'd be interested if it was on the 24th Feb :), or later in the year.

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