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Aerospace Bristol (Concorde museum) visit and DO | 24 Feb 2018

Aerospace Bristol (Concorde museum) visit and DO | 24 Feb 2018

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Bristol DO (Concorde visit at Aerospace Bristol museum and evening drinks/meal) 24th Feb. 2018. (a Saturday)

DO activities and timings: (as a guide, this isn't regimented, however, you will want to maximise the Aerospace Bristol time so arriving in a timely manner will help, and later, our restaurant will get nervous if we don't arrive sometime between 7:45 and 8 PM!

I believe we currently have just about enough people car sharing/travelling together to get everyone to Aerospace Bristol from downtown...but if anyone needs a ride or is willing to offer a lift please do post that in the thread or note it on this wiki below by your name please. Ta!

Names for the lifts to/from Bristol to the museum can be added here, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

12:10 Meet at DoubleTree Bristol car park to car share (for those that wish to, DT allows a brief entry to their car park without charge)
12:15 to 12:45 Car convoy to Aerospace Bristol (it's about a 30 minute journey in traffic)
12:45 to 13:00 Arrive, Ticket collection at Aerospace Bristol (BotB to wait at entrance for any stragglers!)
13:00 Aerospace Bristol and Concorde visit (we are registered as a group and have a discounted price but it is not a guided tour) 10 / person, please bring cash to the venue to receive your ticket.
16:00 Aerospace Bristol closes for the day
Thereafter car convoy back to DT City Centre

Then, later on...we offer two choices (the equivalent of chicken or beef if you will)...

For the livelier crowd that wants a few local pints before the main meal:

A Mini Pub Crawl being led by When I Travel The World, starting at 18:30 and going until 19:30ish so you'll be at SOTA in time for a nice hot meal and rejoining the rest of us!

The plan currently is to grab a quick beer at Brew Dog and then move onto the Small Bar http://www.smallbar.co.uk/ .

For those interested, please PM When I Travel The World to find out the secret handshake and location...enjoy!

For the rest, or should you wish to do your own thing until just before the evening meal, you can meet up with BotB at the Watershed (an easy place to find and a short walk to the SOTA restaurant afterwards)...I'll be there from 18:30 so show up anytime you like up to 19:30 when I'll take anyone that is with me to SOTA and we'll meet up with the others...


18:30 to 19:30 Pre Meal Pub Crawl for those interested or...

18:30 to 19:30 General easy to find meeting point with options for drinks for those interested at Watershed cafe/bar area upstairs, harbourside. Website and info here: https://www.watershed.co.uk/cafe-bar

In either case, at: 19:30 to 19:45 both groups will stroll across to SOTA (Steak of the Art restaurant)....a 10 minute walk maximum along waterfront to Millennium square

19:45 Evening meal at Steak of the Art (SOTA)
22:45 We'll be asked to leave! (they close at 23:00 IIRC)...
Thereafter, those that wish to...can paint the town red...

Those attending: 29, so far, some for Museum, some for the evening meal!

For those attending the evening meal at SOTA, here is a link to the form you can fill out about your meal choices, sides, food allergies and such...(thanks to nick.t.davies ^ ) https://goo.gl/forms/aDDKGIJf2Kq6fqJi1 I will post about this in the thread as well with more detail but thought it would be good to have it linked here in the wiki as well.

allturnleft (all activities) (getting lift from BotB) (staying Bristol Hotel)
bigmarley4 +1 (museum only)
BotB (local) *willing to drive others to museum (all spare car space taken) (All activities) (staying DoubleTree)
camdentown (all activities)
Cymro (evening meal/drinks only)(staying DoubleTree)
Dakota (local) (all activities)
flyingbrief (all activities)
Greenpen (staying at Double Tree, all activities)
johnaalex (all activities) (staying Marriott Royal) willing to drive others to museum
KARFA (staying DoubleTree) (all activities)
matthandy (moving so may be local by that time!)
megaloman (museum only)(getting a lift with BotB)
morges1 (all activities) (staying Bristol Hotel)
MrBambi & MrsBambi (staying DoubleTree) *willing to drive others to museum (all activities)
nick.t.davies (staying DoubleTree) *willing to drive others to museum
PETER01 (evening meal/drinks only)
puqu99i +2 (all activities) (staying Mercure Brigstow) driving the trio!
simonsmith (all activities)
squawk (staying DoubleTree) (all activities) (getting a lift from BotB)
TheFlyingDoctor (local, museum visit in any case!) (already has ticket) public transport
thundercat (staying DoubleTree) *willing to drive others to museum (3 if CE, 4 if ET) (All activities)
When I Travel The World (Local, Museum visit and organising the pub crawl bit but not coming to dinner) (has own ticket for Bristol Aerospace) public transport
Ziz (evening meal/drinks only) (staying Hilton Garden Inn)

Hotels: (the Hilton DoubleTree seems to be the hotel of choice but for others see below!)

Link to post with suggested hotels in Bristol here: https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/29180826-post32.html (besides the excellent FT threads on many of the hotels mentioned...)

Transport: (how to get here and what options are available!)

Link to post with suggested transport options; https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/29202661-post37.html

Other sites to check out while you are here:

Link to post with suggestions: https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/29202750-post38.html

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Venues Map Downtown Bristol

To help those that have not yet commented on which food venue they'd like, the following map may help and also be informative regardless of what is decided.

I've included the Watershed, an independent venue located right on the harbour front that is an small independent cinema but also has a very nice bar area (with free wifi, local beer/ale and plenty of tables) that I'm proposing we meet at and have a drink before heading over to SOTA or L'Osteria. If we did go to SOTA from the Watershed, it is within easy stumbling distance to there and back to the hotels. L'Osteria is a bit further but no more than a half mile.

Anyway, hope this helps. I've updated the time line for events on the wiki (including the 7 PM meet/drinks at Watershed, then heading to evening meal for 7:30 PM)...

Any questions please do let me know. I've only listed the DT and HGI on the map but others are very close as well...the Mercure Brigstow is very popular btw and a great location. ^
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Originally Posted by BotB View Post
Thanks for the quick replies so far everyone, including me we're at 8 for group booking (and potential guide), saving time but no return visit included and SOTA.

Just need another 3 people to chime in with those preferences (or a large group wishing for the other options!) and I'll be able to move forward.

Cheers, anyone else wish to join in for the visit to Bristol Aerospace and/or meet up for drinks/evening meal later on? Open to all!


Keep the replies coming please! ^
Voting for a group booking and Steak of the Art. Drinks at the Watershed beforehand would be lovely!
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Old Jan 15, 18, 3:39 pm
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Group booking and SOTA is fine by me, and drinks beforehand at the Watershed sounds great. Would it help with the group booking if we transferred 10 via PayPal (or whatever) in advance - happy to do this if it helps.

Thanks again for organising BotB!
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Group booking ^

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Originally Posted by Dakota View Post
Happy to pay up in advance for deposits, etc., and assist in any other way I can.
Thanks everyone for the kind words, I've enjoyed organising this DO and always a pleasure to meet up with fellow FTers. ^

Also, appreciate the offer to transfer money to me in advance but I'll kindly decline and just ask everyone to bring the cash with them to the museum and hand it over then please. Thanks again for being willing to pay in advance though. As we now seem to have a good indicator that at least half would prefer the group booking and potential of a guided tour (as well as saving a fiver), I'll phone them today and put the deposit down to secure the group booking. So group booking it is, I will have to see how we deal with the issue of them printing the tickets in advance...they may be able to just use FT handles, or say person 1 through person n, but they may insist on 'real' names...I'll find out and come back on this. (we'll work something out I'm sure).

Also, thanks Dakota, for the kind offer to help, I may yet take you up on that offer, however, currently no issues so nothing to burden you with just yet! Thanks for the offer though, I do appreciate that.

I'll wait until this evening for food venue choices as I believe we are now at 11 for SOTA and that looks the favourite but I'll wait to see if there is a 'swing' vote the other way on this exit poll...

Thanks again everyone for being interested in venturing to Bristol and enjoying an aviation day / evening together. Appreciate the replies so far, anyone else wish to 'out' themselves as to which preference they have for food? (or to join in! Open to all...)

Safe travels,
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Quick Update: I've now paid the deposit to secure our group booking on the 24th at Aerospace Bristol. We will be the 'FlyerTalk' group and can adjust the size of our group until 7 days before the visit. (so people can join in still or drop out if need be)...

The price per person is 10 for groups of 20 or more (which we'll be)...please just bring that with you in cash on the day to pay me back! At the end of the museum visit, should anyone wish to individually be able to come back within the next year again, you can pay an additional 5 and get a new ticket with your name on it (that is required to get back in as group tickets are just FlyerTalk group ticket x of n type things)...

So, no need to provide your details to me for the museum visit at least!

Anyone that wants to chime in on the food venue, you have until midnight tonight to let me know whether you would like SOTA or L'Osteria. So far the majority is for SOTA. (IIRC about 11 of the potential 23 people interested)...I start to get that finalised tomorrow based on the interest either way.

If anyone wishes to join us, whether for the Aerospace Bristol museum visit, the casual drinks or the evening meal (or a combination of these) please do...open to all.

Cheers, BotB
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Thanks BotB, I'll follow the crowd re food either option sounds good for me
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The two of us would be happy to go for something to eat , no preference; I will also check with London Canuck
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Originally Posted by simonsmith View Post
The two of us would be happy to go for something to eat , no preference; I will also check with London Canuck
Sounds good! Myself, simonsmith and flyingbrief are all in for the dinner too!
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Thanks for the further replies everyone, much appreciated. I'll get SOTA booked now and follow up with details on that soon.

I've updated the wiki with proposed timings for the day and a bit of house cleaning!

They do some stunning animations that are projected onto Concorde as you can see in the wiki image spoiler....

Anyone else wish to join us? All welcome and you can join for just the drinks, meal or Aerospace Bristol portions...
Just over weeks to go!
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Sounds great, looking forward to the meetup and SOTA.

Thanks again BotB.
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Okay, SOTA (Steak of the Art) now confirmed as well. ^

From 19:45 onwards we can have the private room in the back until 22:45 when they will want to clean up and get ready to close for the day.

As we are a rather large group, they have asked us to make our choices in advance, which is understandable and aids having the meals all ready at the same time...Hope this will be okay. So, I'll ask that people look at the two attached menu images for those that find this most convenient OR you can obviously also go to their website if you want larger images to save to your computer or phone for later viewing and deciding...

The (evening meal) menu (in pdf format): https://steakoftheart.co.uk/images/u...Spring2017.pdf

The dessert menu: (in pdf format): https://steakoftheart.co.uk/images/u...nu-2017-01.pdf

Main A la Carte Menu.

Dessert Menu

There is no deposit to pay to have access to this lovely private room, nor to order the food in advance, which is brilliant! So, you'll only have to pay on the night for the meal costs.

They've given me an excel sheet to fill out with everyone's choices...I'll do that and for now can just use FT handles for the names...but I'll need to know the following info please (and get it all back to them about a week before the DO...so you have 2-3 weeks to decide and then just PM me with your choices please so we don't have to clog up this thread or post our eating habits to the FT world!!! (unless you like that kind of thing, then please be my guest!)

Food items you'll need to inform them about in advance please:

1. Any Starter you wish to have
2. Your main course choice
3. Should it be appropriate to the main course, you'll need to state how you wish it cooked (rare, medium, etc...)
4. If you have a steak or something from the grill headings, what should that be served with (chips, salad, sweet potato fries for example, see menu heading for details please)
5. Any dessert you would like to have
6. Should you have any additional info they should know about (food allergies for example)
7. Any sauces you'd like (see the menu heading sauces for this, peppercorn for example.)
8. If you wish to have any sides, which ones...(please state, again from the sides heading as most things are a la carte unless stated otherwise)

I'll take the PM info you send me and add it to the excel sheet and get that back to SOTA a week before the evening of our DO. (16th Feb., a Friday) From experience of this type of thing at Christmas work DO's and such, I'll bring a copy of what everyone chose on the day as we'll all need reminding I'm sure!

I've amended the wiki to reflect the current timings (19:45 start at SOTA) and moved the informal drinks bit earlier (starting from 18:30) to allow those that wish to meet up at the Watershed to have a chat and a drink (alcoholic or non, plenty of choice of both)...I'll be there to greet everyone at the Watershed upstairs (to your right as you get up the stairs...where the bar area is and should be generally just to the immediate right as you enter that bar area as that is where the most room is and some stand up longer tables are. I'll have a couple of FT A4 sized printouts put on the table(s) to mark out our territory and then around an hour later (19:30 or so) we'll need to make our way slowly over to SOTA (about a 5 to 10 minute walk, 0.3 of a mile apparently) for the main evening meal. Please do feel free to just come to the evening meal if you so wish, there is no pressure to come to the drinks beforehand (or to the meal if you simply want to stop by and say hi and meet some fellow travel mad people!) I would ask that everyone that wants to eat is at SOTA by 8 PM at the latest to ensure we can all get our meals on time and that nothing goes cold!

Hope that covers everything for now, should anyone have any questions, please do just post or PM me and I'll happily get back to you.

Thanks for your help in advance for getting your food choices back to me when you can please.

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To save everyone a bit of hassle (hopefully!) with sending PM's while still getting the necessary info, nick.t.davies has kindly made a form up that you can fill out your food preferences for the evening meal at SOTA here: https://goo.gl/forms/aDDKGIJf2Kq6fqJi1

Once everyone has filled it out we'll send it to SOTA to ensure everyone can eat at the same time and also so that everyone gets what they would like! We'll also use it to print off name badges for those that find them helpful and trust this will be of use as well.

A few notes about the form and meal choices (for clarity, not trying to bend your free will! )

-I note a few people have asked if they can just order dessert on the evening, rather than in advance...I imagine that SOTA can accommodate a few such wishes on the night without issue but if we all decide we want the same dessert at that stage...well, we may have to use tier levels to decide on who gets their first choice (I'd lose by the way as a lowly bronze these days!) so if you do want dessert and know what you'd take, please do order it now as we can't guarantee it on the night!

-the starter is listed as a mandatory item to fill in, you can still say none if you don't wish to have one (and there is certainly no pressure to have one)...we just wanted to make sure we made everyone aware that many will have starters and so they may have to wait for their mains...

-to keep the number of fields you have to fill in to a minimum, the mains field is actually requiring 3 to 4 bits of info from you...again only if you want them and only relevant to some dishes but please just be aware of these points (what the main dish you would like is, how it should be cooked, if that dish comes with some extras, which one you'd like (chips, fries or salad) and any sauces you'd like (for the steak for example)...

-Please be aware that there are two very similar items that come with some meals and I'd ask that you clearly note which you'd like in such cases: hand cut chips OR sweet potato fries or you may find your fries are not chips...

Sorry, I know this all sounds very regimented but trying to get 20+ people's meal choices correct and delivered at the same time is a challenge for any kitchen so anything we can do to ensure this goes smoothly and is nice and piping hot will be appreciated on the evening by you I am sure...so once you see the form, it should be self explanatory but just in case, I hope the above clarifications are of use...

Thanks again to the very kind nick.t.davies for producing the form and asking if it would help! ^^^

Let me know if you have any issues filling it out or would rather not use it for some reason. Ta!

Not long now...Anyone else wanting to join us? Not too late and open to all...
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I'm a bit late to the game but I would love to join for the museum tour! I'm an American expat that moved to London a year ago but this is the first year I'm 'all-in' on BA for flying, so exploring the BA forum and noticed this post finally. I won't be able to join for dinner but perhaps a drink after the tour, before dinner.
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Originally Posted by bigmarley4 View Post
I'm a bit late to the game but I would love to join for the museum tour! I'm an American expat that moved to London a year ago but this is the first year I'm 'all-in' on BA for flying, so exploring the BA forum and noticed this post finally. I won't be able to join for dinner but perhaps a drink after the tour, before dinner.
Hello bigmarley4, very happy to have you join us for the Museum visit. ^

Welcome to the BA forum, the UK and the Bristol DO!

EDIT to add: Please be aware that there is a 10 entrance fee for the Aerospace Bristol visit, to be paid to BotB in cash at the museum to get your ticket (as I have to pay the whole amount in advance 7 days before we go), I'm sure it's not a problem for you, just want to make you aware of this in case you haven't yet read through the thread!

I'm sure someone will be happy to share a drink after the museum visit but you'll have to do that offsite as the whole museum closes down (including the cafe) at 4 PM. There are a few local weatherspoon type places about a mile away or obviously back in the city centre where everyone will be heading back to anyway.

If you should need a lift from Bristol city centre just let us know closer to the time and I'm sure someone will be able to offer a lift to the museum and back again...

I should mention there is quite the 'shop' at Aerospace Bristol with plenty of 'geeky' things for those that are interested, from Concorde parts that are for sale (autographed and numbered) to model planes to books and such...so do bring a debit/BA Amex to get your fill after the museum visit!

Anyone else, all welcome! We're now up to 26 (in total, less for individual events!) ^

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