The Oncologist Stops Me Flying!

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Fantastic attitude and incredibly inspiring - thank you! Like the others I wish you the very best of luck
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I'm so sorry you're going through this, and I hope you get to go to Australia, but above all, I hope you have joy for a long time to come, I admire your determination and dedication to enjoying your time with travel. I wish you well on your journey.
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Originally Posted by marshy11 View Post
Having registered and festered for a while I feel shamed into penning my first post now.

I'm off to Boston shortly via the CCR courtesy of an Avios F (first one) - that's how I found you - so Tallinn-tier-point runs and toast-rack-moans aside, I wish you many Ashes series to come.
Feel no shame marshy11, it's really good to have you here, and I hope you have a great trip to Boston too. Welcome to Flyertalk and welcome to the BA forum.
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I went thru cancer and chemo last year as well. Seriously, do not fly while you're going thru chemo. Your immune system is weak and you do not want to chance any infection.

For the first 2 weeks, I kept going to church and caught a cold. I was scared for my dear life as I fear the cold is going to kill me, instead of the cancer. Fortunately I fought it off but didn't go out until all chemo treatment is over. Another of my friend who was going thru chemo lost her life to a minor infection that she couldn't fight off for 6 months.

Those 4 months were miserable but I waited till the whole treatment is over before flying again.
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Dear OP - you are an inspiration to us all, and a reminder of how trivial and petty we sometimes are. I think that if I were you, I would see how matters transpired. Your new drug might be excellent - it is my sincerest wish that it is so.

I trained as a nurse - let me tell you thins. You really must not fly against the Oncolgist's orders. If for any reason, you did and you fell ill in flight and the aircraft had to divert for a medical emergency, should it be found that you had acted against medical advice - you could find your medical insurance void. You can imagine the costs involved - apart from ending up in a hospital in a land which might not be able to provide you with the necessary care. I do not wish to sound like a harbinger of doom - but you are clearly sensible and practical.

I wish you every good wish possible. Health is something that we take a bit for granted until we lose it. Be well soon my Dear.
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The same thing was said to my father when he was diagnose with cancer but he was 77 years old at the time. He spent 6 week as an in-patient and then had 6 week cycle of chemo treatment as a day patient, after that he flew to HKG and back 5 times in economy class!
Listen to your Doctor's instructions/advice, have the flu jab every year and you will be fit and healthy enough to enjoy more trips abroad if that is your wish.
Good luck and all the best.
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I echo what the great Pucci Galore has stated above. I wish you nothing but the best. At the risk of having my post incurring the wrath of our wonderful moderators: F cancer. Please do not fly. Itís hard enough on health people and really hard on those with compromised immune systems. Stay positive and there will be time to use those miles in the future.
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Thanks Peacefulwaters for the inspiration youve given by sharing your experience.
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Great post (and blog). from people Iíve known go through this terrible illness, positive attitude seems to be half the battle and youíre clearly winning that half.

We all wish you the best and hopefully by following doctors orders and holding out for the new drugs youíll be on tour with the balmy army sometime in the near future.
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Wish everything goes well with you. All the best.
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wow, all those places you have been, Mr Pinkcat wasnt allowed to fly full stop, we managed to sneak in a trip to the Jersey "do" in 2013 but didnt dare risk any more.
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Originally Posted by PeacefulWaters View Post
I've had a ball this year. Lots of short haul flights on budget airlines. Priority Pass lounge access. I discovered Ljublana which is a magnificent place.

Flew first class when cashing in the Avios. After all you can't take them with you. Concorde room. Boston Lounge. Treats for me.

I regained Silver thanks to Iberia and a £1,300 business class route to Chile. Oh, and LATAM getting me to Easter Island.

My first ever upgrade at the gate from LHR to LAS. More exciting than the mediocre service but there are worse things to worry about.

And just as I'm pondering my Ashes trip, with already booked Qatar flights out of Helsinki, enjoying posh seats on A380, A330 and A789, the bullet hits.

My previous cancer drug failed me. My new one is untested. Medical advice is not to travel. I could ignore, but I know in truth that I'm weak. The initial effects of the new drug tire me. The oncologist cites infection risk, drug failure risk, leg break risk (it started in the lung but it's got the bones) as reasons not to travel.

So, I'm stuck with BT sport, 120,000 Avios I can't fly with and Silver status that I can't use.

While it would be something of a shock if I'm still here for the next Ashes tour, there are new treatments in development.

Regardless, thanks to those who've helped make posh seat flying possible for me. You've contributed to a fun year despite the diagnosis and prognosis.

wishing you the very best !!
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Dear PeacefulWaters,

Thank you for being so bold & honest to share this with us. If I were there I'd give you a big hug. Since I can't be, please know that the warm feeling around your shoulders is the virtual equivalent.

Here's wishing that you beat ALL the odds!!!
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Best wishes, PeacefulWaters - I know it's not the same as doing the trips, but I hope you'll get some satisfaction by providing the practical advice I've seen you give here on FT and elsewhere!
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Sadly there’s little I or anyone else can say to help.

Your positivness is inspirational, and as you suggest there’s much more than flying.

My fingers are crossed for you and I’ll raise a glass of tribute to you later, never give up, fight the good fight and make mamories you and everyone else will remember

Please also don’t be a stranger on this forum, check-in from time to time, contribute to the many meaningless threads and use flyertalk for some escapism.

Take care me ansum.

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