Elemis Spa LHR - Success Rate?

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Elemis Spa LHR - Success Rate?

What has been your success rate in getting a spa appointment at the Elemis Spa at LHR? I think mine must be about 15% over the last 18 months which is pretty poor for an advertised service. Is it just me?

Also I notice that there never seem to be as many therapists to utilise all the therapy rooms.
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Over the last 24 months, 0% (out of at least 40 attempts).

i wonder if that violates some truth of advertising laws.
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I was there a few weeks back on a Friday at 1pm, they said the next available appointment would be 6pm...
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I think it is ridiculous that they "sell" this feature but rarely have openings.

I've been a few times but its because I was in line waiting for them to open @7am to book something on my layovers/stopovers.

Any other time I have never been able to get in.

Im flying First next month and am hoping to be able to use the YouFirst thing to book a confirmed appt for myself and my gf.

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Albeit the sample size is small. Walk up appointment 2 years ago (T5b). I've also booked 2 appointments for later in the month when travelling in F with OH. Got the time we wanted as well.
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T5A 10% & that is with You First booking
T5B & T3 40%
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Over the past 16 months, when flying in F, 100% (that is since having GGL and making advance booking 28 days prior to travel via email), with half of these in T3 and half in T5A south. Note that for pre-bookings, only 1 prebooking appointment is available for each time slot in T5A south and T3. There is one time we were late to the airport and missed our booking time and instead received a chair massage.

Over the past 5 years when flying in CW and not having an advance booking, and having less than a 5 hour layover, 0% at T5 and perhaps 30% at T3. When having a longer layover, 100% at both. Or when prebooking as a GGL, my success rate is close to 100%.

At T5B there is the Be Relax Spa which also accepts advance bookings.

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When flying First, I've always been successful. Occasionally I've tried to book at T-28 and been told there is no availability. I just call back a couple of days later and there is availability.

In Club, my experience is that it's very rare to get a walk up appointment. On the odd occasion we've arrived at the airport early because one of my kids want to go shopping at a particular airport store I have been successful. We go and book the spa appointment first, then go shopping.
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90% and I usually fly WT+ so all walk-ins. Arrivals is 100%
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Has only worked for me when I've been doing a b2b earlier in the day and I book for between legs at Heathrow.
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Originally Posted by jday View Post
90% and I usually fly WT+ so all walk-ins. Arrivals is 100%
How early do you arrive at the airport?
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I just returned from my first First and can report 100% success at booking spa treatments (facials, very enjoyable). Also nabbed a slot in a CCR Cabana on my return leg (LHR-BOS from T5). Disappointed to not have the opportunity to enjoy CCR during my longer layover BOS-LHR, since my connecting flight was in T3, but I did have a nice facial.

I booked these about 3 weeks in advance though!
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Originally Posted by jday View Post
90% and I usually fly WT+ so all walk-ins. Arrivals is 100%
I'll agree - there's always a slot in arrivals - it's simply a question of how long you want to wait - and I'm normally looking within an hour at most (go book, shower, eat, back for session). I find my rate there is about 50-60% (I'd guess).

T5B was always pretty reliable for me (within an hour of asking) - more like 90% - but it's been a long time since I've headed down there. T5A is a complete failure for anything other than an offer of the chair ...

I think the question about how early you're arriving and when you're travelling is also key. If you're coming through at relatively dead times - that's one thing - or arriving 4 hours before your flight that's another.
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I've never got a slot in arrivals, usually on flights landing at 6-7am at the weekend. Last time I was offered an appt in 3 hours...

Usually ok with walk ups in departures, although the last 2 were massage chair only

I agree that the number of staff is nowhere near the number of cubicles!
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I have been pretty successful on the few occasions I have been eligible. Typically these have been dates when I have had a long connection, I make the appointment while in the arrivals lounge for the SPA in T5A departures
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