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rockflyertalk Sep 8, 17 6:28 pm

Originally Posted by paulaf (Post 28793523)
Out of interest how did it get changed, was it thanks to this forum?

CWS Maybe the one to answer that. As AENA seem to be in control but I doubt it was FTer's! Maybe more the DYKWIA'ers!!! :D

Beaulieu Sep 8, 17 8:43 pm

I certainly had fast track access on a CE ticket back in late July and BA was showing on the sign posted earlier in the thread then.

GCab Sep 9, 17 12:09 am

Thanks for the feedback rockflyertalk. Flying today at 14.10 - is Sat peaktime for holiday scrum and we leave 3 hrs as was being advised over summer? Guess schools are back now...

Frequentflyer99 Sep 14, 17 10:29 am

Is it possible that someone at BA actually follows these threads ??

Flew back from AGP 2 days ago and checked in at 13.00 for 14.20 flight. Unbelievable experience compared to all recent trips.

4 BA check in desks, which were no longer split out with different desks for different flights (LCY, LGW). All 4 desks empty on approach, and the agent got an instant response from her computer (not the normal 3rd world sluggish inaction). Whole process for 2 pax with checked bags took 2 mins ^.

Then computer said "Yes" at fast track security ^

The lounge, on the other hand (over which BA has no control), was much worse than usual. Rammed full (presumably because of French ATC delays). ran out instantly of such feeble food as was on offer, ran out of glasses, etc, etc.

On the other hand no passport queue at all, just breezed through (as in the photo above) apart from a telling off for having ducked through the queuing tapes to avoid the completely unnecessary 100 metre hike through the empty track.

rockflyertalk Sep 14, 17 4:31 pm

My family flew back this morning. It was chaos. Security 'snaked' back to check in desks. They were unaware of Fast Track.

Passport control queued back for some distance too. Albeit in the complete opposite direction to the path of traffic. I'm not quite sure why this is positioned like this. The equivalent is starting the boarding process for A gates at B gates at LHR. Ok so a slight exaggeration but typical Spanish logic behind this, it seems.

Don't get me started on the car rental return process or the new departures drop off process.

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